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  1.  Good until the ending.....


    From the start this game was fantastic....

    The game play has been improved and it feels a lot smoother with the addition of the new 'hold down B' melee which is a great new edition.

    The graphics are also fantastic, i was most impressed with the graphics of the many different planets you can fly around in the Normandy and i was impressed with the graphics on the citadel as well. Furthermore, BioWare designed The Citadel very impressively, there are many different floors on it where there are different types of buildings on each, there are Bars, Hospitals and Embassies to explore with plenty of missions.

    I have no quarrels with the companions, they all bring there own banter. There is a couple of new companions but most are ones from the previous games e.g Garrus who is my personal favorite, Liara- the sexy one, in a weird alien blue way- and Kaidan and Ashley. The only problem i have with the companions is the first day DLC in which BioWare made 800 MSP, and i thought the plot was too important to not put in the actual game which i thought was a bad move, the companion you get with this DLC is very good though.

    The missions were all gripping and had excellent twists so i had no problem with those.

    I loved the choices throughout the game, with the paragon and renegade options which i believed would impact the end of the game, this is why i made my choices carefully and i was looking forward to the outcomes.

    I was bitterly disappointed with the ending.... all these choices i carefully chose and thought about had no impact at all. It had no impact which species you sided with or what your battle readiness was or how many fleets you had. You still ended up with the sam 3 endings to choose from, all of which were dreadful.... The 2 games before this were leading up to the very moment and it just wasn't good enough..... I just didn't care what happened to my Shephard or what happened to the Reapers or Earth because it just didn't make sense and the ending just flew over my head. I put 40 hours into this, explored every room and planet possible and this all counted for nothing in the final battle. It also, doesn't tell you what happens to your companions or Shepard after the battle. You just see them getting out of the downed Normandy and then it finishes.

    I thought the ending to Mass Effect 2 was fabulous and i completed it 3 times, each time with a different outcome, i don't think i will complete ME3 again because i just don't care about the other endings because im just not bothered.
    Very annoyed with BioWare with this unfinished and rushed ending to the greatest gaming trilogy of all time.....

  2.  Game of The Year


    This game is stunning.

    Everything has been improved over Oblivion, the combat is stunning with the ability to duel wield spells and weapons.

    There are 9 major cities in the world which all differentiate from each other, from snowy towns to swampy town.

    The dragons randomly spawn around the world and attack you which makes a nice feature.

    There are TONNES of quests which will keep you entertained for well over 100 hours.

    Every time the player uses a weapon or a spell or skill in Skyrim, their profiency with that item or in that talent goes up. Once their overall XP hits the next level, they're able to assign a talent point to the skill of their choosing.In this way, the game rewards the participant for playing in exactly the way they want to. If you want cut your way through the land using just a sword and shield, the game will ensure you become more proficient in doing so. If magic or sneaking about in the dark are more your things, you'll get better at both the more you do them.

    On top of weapons and spells, the player has an edge over most opponents in the form of their Dragonborn "shouts". These are magical powers that are acquired by reading runes carved into the walls of dungeons and caves the player will encounter, and which are unlocked with the souls of the dragons they've killed.

  3.  Ok but not as good as cod 4 !


    The single player i have no problems with,the graphics are fantastic,the best ive seen,there are new guns and new add ons like heartbeat sensor which add a new experience to call of duty. The spec ops was good as it was new and refreshing BUT (big BUT) the multiplayer.... Ok first off the ranking system and some of the perks are bearable but some such as commando ruin the game completley they can be 2-3 meters away and they super jump at you and kill you,painkiller is way to powerful,noobtubers are back(grenade launches) there are very nooby guns which alot of people use such as FAMAS and model 1887. Its just so noob friendly and the game just makes you soo mad, you can get spawned killed all of the tim and ramdom grenaded !!

    Its Ok but will make you tair you hair out !!

  4.  5 words " The Best Game Ever Made "


    The title says it all,this is one of the best games every made. The graphics are sublime, the free roam and how you can explore planets is second to none and how you can interact with the characters and depending on how much they like you depend on how the last mission ends !!

    Honoustly pay up to 30 pound for it , its that good !

  5.  5 words " The Best Game Ever Made "


    The title says it all.This is the best game ever made ! The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is just right , the voice acting is tip top and the missions are just the right length and leave you hanging and are not boring. The online is fun,unlocking different horses and guns etc every rank. Game of the year, no wait , game of the century.

  6. Risen


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £12.53

     Fantastic !!


    The graphics are ok , but they look nice and colorful, the range of quests are fantastic, some of the voice acting is wooden but unoticable. The weapons and ranges of inventory equipment is mindblowing, after the first half hour of boringness, you do start to get into it. I am 3 hours in and still doing quests and the first town !!

    Dont listen to harsh reviewers, the have NOT played the game long enough , to see how good it is !

  7.  Great!


    The graphics on 1080i on HD tv are jaw dropping. Loads of side quests and the main quest is a good 15-20 hours long. Good acheivments and great voice acting . Get it !!

  8.  Wow !! WOW !! WOW WOW WOW !!


    One word , Amazing. The graphics and outstanding and i would say better than MW2's. The destruction is great where if you shoot the fence it breaks, not like MW2 where a little black mark appears. The sniping is the best feature, there is sooooo many good spots and you don't have to hold your breath ( LS) so its easier. Also you have to take the distance into account, if they are miles away you have to aim above his head due to the wind.

    In my opinion better than MW2.

  9.  Breathtaking !!


    Absolutley fantastic expansion. Gets you right in to the action the minute it starts !! The new characters are fantastic. The armor and weapons go up to tier 9 and some of the new armors and weapons are fantastic. Lots of side quests to keep you entertained and very funny ! Worth a buy !

  10.  really Not That Bad !


    Ever Played Viking ? Well its like that. The good old hack 'n' slash !
    Why so low reviews its not bad. Well after you get past the tutorial.Voice acting good , ray winstone and Brendon gleeson !

    Good game !