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  1.  Pure amazing


    i like many others read the reviews of this game saying best game ever etc and just had to buy it to see for myself.
    obviously when a game gets as much hype as this it is hard for it to live up to the standards everyone expects and when i first put it in my xbox and started it up i'l; be honest in saying i wasnt impressed. the first few missions are simple tutorials but they're rather long winded and seem pointless in all fairness. i refused to let it beat me though and carried on playing for a few more hours and really got into the game play and then it hit me, the game really picks up and you dont want to put the controller down! the graphics are second to none, the voice acting is very good aswell its deep and dark and light and humurous when it wants to be. the controls are fairly easy to get used to and you'll soon be picking off headshots from long range. now the story, one of the best ive seen in a long long time, it had me gripped from start to finish you really connect with the character and really root for him throughout the game. my only nag with the story was that it was on the same lines as GTA IV "character with a dark past travels form land to land trying to help his family' etc etc but its done a little bit better than GTA apart from the fact that its ALOT shorter. i completed this in about 10 hours and that wasnt serious gaming either and with the story being as good as it is you dont want it to end!

    multiplayer - im still undecided on this you start off with crappy weapons and a crappy horse, thats fair enough i got no problem with that however i do have a problem with it when you enter a deathmatch and you play people at much higher ranks than you and get gunned down with ease because you spud gun isnt fast enough, also in free roam i kept respawning in the right next to where i died and the same guy of a higher rank was waiting there for me every time picking me off so i couldnt do a thing which lead to me throwing my controller at the tv a cursing the player.

    over all it is a truely amazing game and is worth every penny so if you have any sense you'll buy it ASAP

  2.  amazing game but its doesn't match the first


    as said in the title, this game is spectacular, the graphics are stunning and the gameplay is smooth and doesnt feel awkward as i was expecting it to when i heard that you would play as the big daddy, the story that i have gotten to grasps with so far is interesting, one of the best I've played in a long time HOWEVER, apart from the graphics this game does not live up to its predecessor. for 1 it isnt half as scary, the fact that you're the big daddy see's to that, its not so much a survival horror when your the strongest thing in the game (apart from mabey the big sister) but either way i dont get the feeling that i dont want to go around the corner because im afraid of whats on the other side because i know i can drill it do death easily

    the multiplayer is ok, it doesnt live up to the standards of top games like halo and COD but its playable, it reminds me of time splitters for some reason

    i know this sounds like a negative review but its not, it is a truely amazing game and definitly worth the 40 pound asking price

  3.  doesnt get much better than this


    firstly can anybody PLEASE!!!! tell me when season 5 will be airred in britain?!?!?! I NEED TO KNOW

    this is, most certainly, the best tv show i have ever seen

    i've been hooked since day one and never missed an episode
    its amazing theres a bit of everything to keep everybody entertained, drama, horror, sexiness, comedy which i think they went a bit far with in this season. made it too funny like the episode when dean has the disease which scares people to death, that was hilarious but i dont think thats what it should be about

  4.  not exactly sure


    ok so like thousands of people i couldnt wait for this game to come out, i had not been on the demo so i was going on my idea that it would simply be an improved version of fnr3.
    the graphics are deffinitly better, you can see the muscles flex as boxers reach out to punch and the sweat spraying off as you land a punch and the movement seems fluid enough
    career mode has been greatly improved giving you more choice on when and who you fight etc

    a downer is the controls, and not for the same reason many people have been complaining about. i for one HATED button bashers and always used the stick for punches. it says 'new total control' however you are a hell of a lot more restricted for punching with the anologue stick in round 4 than you are in round 3, in round 3 you had to roll the stick back and then fling it forward to land a good hard haymaker. in fnr4 all you have to do to land a hook to the body is lean forward and push the stick to the side :S how is that total control???
    but other than the controls this is a really beautiful game an a must for your collection

  5.  Can anyone help?


    Hi, i'm just wondering if you can use the eyetoy from the ps2 on the ps3, because i only want to use it for fight night 4 to put my face on a fighter
    can anyone help please?

  6.  CLASSIC!!!!!


    I've been waiting for a ufc game for aaaaaaaages and its finally here and WOW!!!
    the graphics are amazing i didnt think much of the whole 'ripple' effect when you punch or hit someone though the only time you see that is when it does the close up slo mo after you knock someone out. but anyway...
    the general fighting is insane, i was expecting the ground moves to be rubbish press 1 button to finish them kind of thing but with the stick movements it works really well and once you have your skills up and have a good practice at it you would think your watching the world champ on tv!

    the career mode and online however is why it only gets 4 stars.
    how the HELL can you have games such as call of duty etc where ther are a large number of people on the screen at once and it flows perfectly. you get two guys in the octagon and they screw up!

    its glitchs so much that i end up losing the fight because the screen freezes and then starts again and i get like 10 kicks to the face without being able to move!
    the career however is great but short, i became champion within 20 fights, and the training is v.v.v repetitive, it would of been better it you could fight through the ultimate fighter series instead of just the one fight at the begining of the career kind of thing before entering the ufc as a contender

    if you stick to the offline play and simply play a mate the game is awesome

  7.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!


    this game is unbelievable, the graphics are awesome, the story line good i suppose it would be eaier to follow if you played the first game which i havent but everything about it rocks
    I've read a lot of reviews though claiming that the online os better that cod4, it is NOT better, sure the online is great and up in the top 3 online shooters. cod has better upgrades as you go through the ranks and you have hardly any ammo when you start on killzone which i fould annoying but its no reason to avoid the game
    definitly a game to buy... now... go on click buy

  8.  3.5 to 4 stars


    I lent this game of my friend a few days ago as i wasnt sure if i even wanted to rent it let alone buy it and i have to say it wasnt that bad a game!
    The graphics are pretty good and i love the new camera angle thing which i thing many games are going to take on in the future, anyway along with the graphics and camera the freerunning is easy to get used to and once you get going is very smooth a a load of fun. The down sides were the combat, i found that when i had to disarm people etc. I found this rather tedious and difficult to do, i dont know whether this is just because i suck or not but anyway overall this game is kinda cool

  9.  Not Impressed


    I recieved this game yesterday from play and as i said in my title i was not impressed.the first half hour - 45 minutes of the game is basically cutscenes (which you cant skip) it wouldnt of been as bad if the graphics were a bit better and the voice acting didnt soud like a year 3 childrens play.
    What irritated me even more was the fact that within the first 30 seconds of me actually being able to play the game it jammed, i got stuck on nothingness. Also i dont know whether its just me but does anybody else seem to be able to shoot a bad guy in the face 3 times without hurting them atall??? And to drag on when you run up and down stairs its like suer mario or something.
    Anyway i really dont like doing this because i'ver always said not to match up games like this and moh to call of duty 4 & 5 but in this case im going to have to, if you after a real wwii experience buy call of duty 3 or 5 or the medal of honour series seriously this game isnt worth the money, the only reason its getting 3 stars is because of the slow mo action view things, those are cool!!!