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  1.  Has a few good points about it, but it's nothing special.


    My dad has this phone, and seems to go on and on about it, but the thing is, it's nothing that special, the iPhone && Nokia N95 8GB are way better. One bad point is the looks, it's very big and the keys are tiny, not very good when you need to phone someone in an emergency. Also it's got a scroll button which wears off after too much use. Anyhow the good points are that the internet runs smoothly and that it has a big screen apart from that, it's an average phone. I would personally get the new Blackberry or go for a Nokia N95 or iPhone they look much more attractive and have many more features.

  2.  Good Film, But Could Of Been A Lot Better.


    Seth Rogan makes this film so much better, but it did lack on the storyline it was all about drugs, there wasn't much else to it. But apart from that, it made me laugh which is a start. I would buy it, but at a reasonable price.

  3.  No Panda Eyes For Me, This Film Made Me Smile =]


    I saw this at the cinema and it got me laughing so much. It's full of laughs and is an all round film for the family. Jack Black makes this film spectacular. 8/10

  4.  Why The Bad Ratings, I Really Enjoyed This Film.


    I went and saw this when it came out as it was recommended in a few magazines. One thing that I didn't like was that there is a lot of sexual scents which were very explicit, but apart from that the film has a big twist and the acting is really good. It was one of those films me && my boyfriend couldnt stop talking about, I hope to buy it one day.

  5.  A Lot Better Than The 1st.


    I really like this game, it has amazing graphics and is a lot more different to the 1st whatever people say about it. It has great online play like "Horde" which is where you and players have to kill loads of creatures wave after wave, it gets difficult though! Anyways it's a must have game, go buy!

  6.  Great Game For The Family But...


    I bought this game last week for £34.99 and can't get enough. It's very addictive and fun for the family but it does lack on song choice, you get about 40 tracks which after a while get a bit annoying. Its good that you can add your own tracks but it doesn't make it fun without the subtitles not everyone knows the lyrics to their fave songs! Anyways I like the fact it comes with 2 mics, they both flash different colours you can choose a theme for them, it has the music videos for most of them, and you can play games whilst singing like "Kiss" or "The Bomb" there is a lot to do and each time you sing your rank gets higher. If your looking for something to do with the family and like singing this is the game for you, it's way better then Singstar hands down!!!

  7.  They look cute, but they look too fiddly.


    I like the colours they have released this year for the Nano but I still think that they look too small and that the quality of the product lacks. I have the Classic and it feels heavier and better made whereas the new Nano looks plasticy and a bit fiddly. But...
    I like the fact it has a wide range of colours, a nice new layout and a bigger screen but I still think they need to sort out the quality of this product no matter how small it is.

  8.  I haven't got this phone but...


    I don't have this phone, I have the N95 8Gb but I have heard that it's a good phone but it has it's problems such as memory loss and also the internet is very slow. It looks good but I don't think it wins against the N95 no matter how new it is, it still doesn't beat the N95, the N95 has so much potential.

  9.  One of my favourite Little Britain series!


    I loved the Little Britain USA series, although there was only 6 episodes it left me laughing and wanting more. Not only is it situated in USA it also has some of the old characters like Bubbles && Carol. There are also new characters which are just hilarious such as the big muscly men in it (forgotten the names) , the old woman with the dog && the man who went to the moon. There was so much laughter in this little series but there is 1 thing pulling me away, is the price, I can't seem to find it any cheaper.

  10.  Great Horror With A Twist!


    Absolutely loved this film, it's so good I could watch it over and over again. It's based on true events with all the Knife crime, which is on a rise in the UK. I found the film to be very jumpy which I like and it has a very good twist to it. Its well worth buying.