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  1.  Not For Me


    I hate these headphones. They have a horrible fit, they dont stay in for long and they keep making my ipod pause for no apparent reason. I don't even think the sound quality is all that amazing. I've bought cheaper ones in the past that have worked better than these. The only real positive i found was the little case they give you with it which is where i keep them, in a draw incase my new ones ever break.

  2.  Excellent!


    I loved this. I think it's amazing how Stephenie Meyer seems to pull a reader in so quickly. I felt myself getting so involved in the story and the relationships that were formed between the characters. I was advised to read it before watching the Eclipse film, and i would give the same advice to anyone else, as it gives Bree's character a background and lets you see her in a different light. A must read for Twilight fans!

  3.  Breezy Reading


    I read the blurb of this and thought id get it as it seemed a like it would be a nice, easy read. I really enjoyed it! it wasnt completely as i expected and it went deeper than just a book on a girl, boys and the way she looks. it would have been 5 stars, had i not finished it within a few hours. I'l most definately be buying the next in the series so i can find out what happens next!

  4.  5 stars for Kelley!


    Spells and trouble aplenty, this book sees another character working her way in the supernatural world. I'm skeptical when reading a new Kelley Armstrong book, because i dont see how she can make them better that her last, but somehow she does. Yet again i was deeply involed, this time in the land of Eve and Krsitof, enjoying the involvement of new characters, and seeing that the old are not forgotten. I had the next book in the post before i'd even finished!

  5.  Great for little kids


    These little hamsters are a bargain! My neices and nephews go crazy for them with all the little noises they do and the way they run across the carpet banging into things and reversing out of the way. Cute and entertaining for young kids.

  6.  Laugh out loud funny!


    One of the best comedies i have seen in years!
    This movie had me in stitches from start to finish. Such a brillaint set of actors. The main characters were well cast, but even people like Martin and the king and his guards, who didnt have the biggest roles were given lines that just made it such a memorable film.
    I enjoyed it so much that for once i watched the special feautres and theres one where they describe their characters and even that was hilarious.
    i dont see how it could be rated for less than 5 stars. Higly Recommended!

  7.  So Gooood!


    I bought this album the day it came out, and still listen to it all the time. I find songs can often get tiresome after a few plays, but as it is, i'm still not bored. I definately recommend it. Even my non JoBro fan friends love some of the songs. Very addictive and a great CD to sit and sing along to!

  8.  5 Stars!!!!


    I love how many unexpected twists and turns there are in Kelley Armstrong books. You never know who the baddy is and what they are going to do next. I also love how the characters from the other novels pop up from time to time, as if no one is forgotten and hinting at further books that involve them. Recommended to any lover of supernatural reads. Actually I'd Give it more than 5 stars if i could!

  9.  Kelley Armstrong does it again!


    Yet another amazing Kelley Armstrong book, this time with Paige, Lucas, Savannah and the world of wicca and sorcery. You can't but help hating the "baddies" and loving the "heroes", which at times is hard to grasp who falls in which category. Definately a worthwhile supernatural read.

  10.  Fantastic Read!


    I'm always worried that the next book in the series isn't going to live up to the first as many fail to do just that, but with stolen i needn't of worried. Its fantastic, just as Bitten was.
    I Love the intensity of the bonds between the characters and can't wait to get my hands on broken!

    Move over Edward. Clayton Danver's is hotter, more loveable and so very sexy :-p. My favourite male lead!