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  1.  Addicitve, Fun & Frustrating at the same time.


    For addictiveness and concept, this game would get 5 stars, for it's ability to frustrate the hell out of you, no stars!

    Don't get me wrong, I love this game. Potentially endless hours of mindless gore and zombie mashing with as many different weapons as you can imagine. However, what ultimately lets this game down is the constant battle against the clock and poor save functions.

    Death results in you have to restart from your last save point, no continuation. So from leaving the safe house to get to a mission on the far side of the map potentially could have seen you kill 100's of zombies using many different weapons, only to run out of suitable weapons and die within inches of reaching the mission start point, massively frustrating! The fact you can only save your game after completing a mission or finding a toilet is massively frustrating!!...

    With the constant ticking clock and required mission elelments to the game (failure to do these results in the game ending immediately), leaves very little time and room to free roaming (think GTA).

    Online element is fun, competing in various events against people earns cash for use in the main game. The Bike slicing event is top notch and great fun.

    In summary, great fun, but could and should have been better!

  2.  Simply Brilliant!


    Played this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and all I can say is WOW! The demo does not do it justice.....

    First time round, ended up with the worst outcome possible.... However once you have reached the end, the game gives you the option of replaying any scene and already by changing one thing, I know the final outcome will be different.

    For me, this is NOT a game, more like an interactive movie that you direct. It challenges your ability with the controller and to think fast and every action has a consequence.....

    My wife hates video games, but even she has taken an interest in how the story is developing. The 1st thing she said to me when she woke up last week was "have you found out who the murderer is yet?"

    All my other games have not had a look in since I started playing this, soo engrossing. It's not perfect, but it's probably about as close as you will ever get!....

    Simply Brilliant!

  3.  Big size at good price, but may have compatability issues!..


    I transfer a lot of files between work and home computers, and for this task, this product does the job perfectly. Big storage space and fast at a very good price.

    However on the downside, long term durability of the plastic loop could be an issue. I also believe there maybe some wider compatability issues when trying to use the drive with other usb equipment depending on what format the drive and equipment use. This drive was not recognised by my 60gb playstation3 when the drive was re-formatted to NTFS, I reformatted back to FAT32, now works perfectly. So it might be advisable to check format capabilities of the equipment you wish to use it with.

  4.  Paradise by name, Paradise by nature! Must buy game!


    You have arrived in Paradise City!

    Paradise indeed, crash and burn!!....

    Bought my 60gb PS3 a week ago and hooked it up online Friday night. First thing I did was download the demo for Burnout Paradise. OMG! Instant addiction! Hours of fun guaranteed!

    Even though the demo only gives you a restricted map in "Freeburn" mode, there is still plenty to get your teeth into and to wet the appitite for the full version.

    Always been a fan of the previous Burnout versions on the PS2, but this looks something very special.

    If you have never played Burnout before, you have been missing out. If you like "pure" racing games and pimping up your ride with the latest racing colours, then this may not be for you, but if you like something off the wall and a bit different where the emphasis is as much on "taking down" the opposition as much as racing them, you will love it!

    The slow motion scenes of crashes and "online" demo game are excellent. Upto 8 people simultaneously battling against each other for the best "takedown", drift, jump etc.

    For me, This is a must buy game! (Pre-order already placed by yours truely :-) )

  5.  A must watch! The most Original series ever made.


    This is the most original TV series ever written!

    This show has everything.

    A day split into 24 episodes, each representing an hour of said day. Series 1 involves A complex plot to assassinate influential black senator David Palmer who is running for the White House and the California division of CTU's (Counter Terrorist Unit) efforts to save the senator....

    Episode 1 kicks off with a bang, literally, with the bombing of a 747....

    24 keeps you guessing as to who is involved in the plot and to what extent.

    Kiefer Sutherland is in outstanding form as the Special Agent in charge of CTU, Jack Bauer. Bauer's job is made harder due to family and work collegue frictions.

    I have met so many people who have said they have never seen 24 and er ummed about seeing it. Don't be one of those people, if you like TV, THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!!....

  6.  It's 24, but not good enough!


    Ok, let's get one thing straight, I love 24. Most original show ever made. The premise of each episode being an hour of the day, split screens, "gap filling episodes" vitually non-existant....

    However, as good as series 6 was, die hard 24 fans who have followed it from the beginning (like me) have seen it all before... OK, so there are only so many types of terrorist attacks that the show can cover, but series 6 was almost like a highlights series of everything we saw in series 1 to 5.

    On the upside, it finally cleared up the Chinese business that first started in series 4 and revealed the identity of the "company" conspirators.

    I fear 24 has run out of steam, series 7 has to come up with something special. No more "moles" inside CTU/government, no more attacks on CTU (would their internal security really be that rubbish).

    If you have not seen 24 before, I strongly suggest you start at the beginning and follow the series in order to fully appreciate and understand the on-going story lines...

    As much as love my fix of 24 and can't get enough, in someways, Jack starring into the sunset from the cliff top would have been a great way for 24 to end completely....

  7.  Top Notch


    Great Stuff!

    Series 3 finally started answering some of the questions series 1 & 2 posed, but never answered..... Still not made up my mind about series 4 yet.

    Much like 24, you need to watch the series in order to fully understand and appreciate what is happening.

    If you like time travellling/alien abduction type sci-fi, then you will love this.....