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  1.  Jame Camerons Avatar


    To quite simply put it.

    This is one of the best movies i have seen in a very very long time i was just blown away by the whole thing.

    James Cameron just has a great habit of perfecting movies, The Visuals just left me speechless, I am glad it took this long to make the movie because it was worth the wait, Great Charactar Development, Great Story, Great Characteristics, Great Action Sequences, Great Pace, Great Camera Shots, Just GREAT movie.

    If im honest i would go see it again, Its a big jump in Technology and the Movie industry, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED = FACT!

    a 10/10 from, If you dont see this your honestl missing somthing very VERY Truly Magical

  2.  You NEEEEEEEEED This Game!!!


    Word cannot describe this game just goes beyond awesome The Single player keeps your heart racing the WHOLE way through (expect for the missions where you play as Private James Rameriz, I just didnt like them as much as the missions where you played as Gary "Roach" Sanderson) The Ending Mission is Best Way To End a game! It goes beyond awesome.

    Spec Ops mode its very very good with regards to Co-Op its very well done Like were you have to Disarm Bombs in a giving time or Killing X amount of hostiles with minimal civvie injuries, The ONLY issue i have with it is that the Maps use the exact same Geometry as the Single Player so its nothing you havent seen its just the same as the levels you have played before.

    Multiplayer on the other hand just blows every single Multiplayer game have played out of the water chops it up and eats for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner!, The amount of depth put into the Weapons, the Perks, The Challenges, The Emblems. It just rocks.

    And the game has No Lag!!!

    Finally i game that has NO LAG!


    Get It!!

  3. Doom



    22 New from  £2.18  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.26

     Ummm What?


    Good movie yeah dont get me wrong on that

    i loved Doom the game and the movies good its a good time passer.

    My real complaint is the story...i mean what? yes its straight foward : Go here kill them get back.

    But the way its told its just terrible.

    The actors didnt really do a good job either i thought the overall experince was very very bland

  4.  Batman Arkham Asylum


    Can not wait for this game.

    I hate Batman i really do just never got the jist of him.

    But the demo of this game was just great.

    Ran very smoothly, Great Combat System, Great Work From Mark Hamil.

    Cant wait!!!

  5.  Xbox Live Vision Camera


    This review is based the product itself.

    the camera for its price is very very good.

    But its longitivity is very limited theres only so many games it can be used with and them reasons arnt for the best.

    The game You're In The Movies uses the camera to the best it can but it doesnt really even do that good.

    For taking pics and sending them to your friends it really really good

  6.  Xbox 360 Chatpad


    Very Very good product.

    When your wanting to organize a game of Halo 3 or Gears 2 or even COD4.

    and you have to message everybody.

    This product does the job its just like using a keyboard so you can send all your long messages to your friends at ease

    it feels very very confortable on the hands and works a charm.

    Cant Recommend it enough

  7.  Great DVD For My Daughter


    My daughter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

    This DVD keeps her entertained and keeps her quiet for an hour or 2 lol

    Great Buy

  8.  Ace Ventura


    A Classic.

    one of Jim Carreys best performances to date.

    its a very very funny film, Very silly in a way but also very very good.

    give it a go you will not be dissapointed

  9.  A Very Sad True Story


    Im a 19 Year Old Man.

    I will admit i did cry at this film.

    Johns live has been turned completely upside down because of his disease, No one will accept him.

    Fantastic film.

    Very Sad....And Very Very Very True

    R.I.P John Merrick

  10.  One Of The Best OST's Ever


    Steve Jablonsky you've done it very very well.

    While playing Gears 2 this music just fits in flawlessly.

    Every edge of your seat experince, Every cliffhanger in the game, Good old Steve has made the perfect song to go along with the atmosphere