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  1.  Good for a licensed shooter....


    A good shooter (1/3 shooter) overall. It has three albeit short campaigns which lets you play as a marine, an alien, and a predator. The latter two has some neat tricks and ideas which keeps the game interesting but the marine campaign is a typical average shooter. Graphics are a mixed bag too, with some nice textures here and there. Audio is not bad either! A good title but not to buy for the full price if not for those really hardcore AvP fans.

  2.  Good but....


    The game is good overall, it has good visuals, good audio, good gameplay particularly the adventure and puzzle solving but the fighting system is too weak and limited, and therefore can be quite repetitive. It's strange to have a Prince of Persia with a weaker fighting system than its predecessors..but worth a try for fans!

  3.  Great game!


    Darksiders is a great game overall! It has sort of cartoon style visuals complete with blood and gore, and a nice plot to keep you hooked till the end! Gameplay is solid enough although the fighting system is not as deep as GodofWar but it has some quite interesting moves. Audio is good overall, particularly the voice acting is top notch! Overall the game is worth playing and the series seems that's going in the correct direction!

  4.  Divine Beauty!


    Heavenly Sword is an awesome looking title with excellent voice acting and great fighting system. The only downside is that it's short :( It's such a beautiful piece of art that's over too soon! Still a must play!!!

  5.  A great title that just needed a little extra polish


    The first thing that strikes you are the great visuals of TheDarkness. Everything looks super crisp. Gameplay is good overall especially the Darkness powers. Tha audio is one of the best out there. Voice acting in particular is flawless. It's a great title that will surely satisfy the gore freaks!!

  6.  A great shooter!


    Resistance is a shooter with an interesting story, nice graphics and cool weapons. The multiplayer is very robust too which kept me hooked until recently when resistance2 came out. A great title that's highly recommended especially if you plan on playing the 2nd since the story continues directly from the ending of fallofman.
    Also it's platinum now so, it's really worth your money!!!

  7.  Hardcore gaming at it's finest!!!!


    I got dmc4 when it came out and continues to prove that it's one of the best hack n slash series with the exception of number 2, which was a bit boring...... Then the 3rd came and it was brilliant and now dmc4 which while not as brilliant as the 1st & 3rd is an awesome title all the same.
    Visuals are gorgeous and super slick. The gameplay is fast and frantic and looks really cool in motion. The sword/guns/powers combination never ever gets tired or boring. Then there's the boss battles which are such a sight to behold!!! And also a blast to experience. The story is also interesting this time with cool and well directed cutscenes (similar to mgs, only shorter....duh..).the audio although not perfect is good enough throughout the game, the sound effects are sharp and solid, voice acting is at least better than it's predecessors and the music is what you'd expect from a dmc title -grunge/heavymetal/electronic sort of combination which is fitting with the world of dmc, but there's not many variations during normal fights.the same track plays for every fight.... Later stages force you to backtrack quite a bit and lets you fight the same bosses again & again :( but the game is simply awesome overall and is highly recommended, now that the price is ridiculously low!! Go get it!!

  8.  Fun!


    Saintsrow2 is fun. It's what sanandreas was, there are lots of crazy things to do such as driving a truck and spilling drainage on private property to lower their prices and running around naked and bothering civilians! It's simply hilarious. The graphics although not as good as the brilliant gta4 are quite nice particularly when you're running around during daytime. The best thing has to be the super robust character customization. You can choose to play as a male or female and then edit nearly every part of their body. You can even choose from three different voices for each gender. The best thing is that they appear during cutscenes the way you made them. So basically you have a game that plays like gta which enables you to create a character from scratch and play the story with that particular character. There's a lot to do and play with. The only downside i saw was the not so good car physics, maybe because the ones in gta4 are so good and realistic, but personally i think that the cars aren't that much fun to drive in the end. It's a fun title packed with lots of stuff to do that will keep sand-box fans busy.

  9.  Has anyone ever thought that MGS4 would fail????????


    This game is mind blowing. Its' the best in the series so far! The graphics are simply gorgeous. The audio is brilliant, voice acting is great, sound effects are as good and as sharp as it gets, and the soundtrack is fantastic as always composed by the talented harry gregson williams.the gameplay is familiar (which is a good thing)but has new twists such as the brilliant octocamo which lets you practically copy every textured surface to your body and blend with the environment.
    The cutscenes are awesome as always and very cinematic and oh! The ending is one of the best ever. Mgs4 is simply astonishing and brilliant in every way. I already finished it 7 times and i'm still playing it to get the extra goodies.
    Add an online multiplayer to the already superb title and you ll' get a masterpiece that should be in every ps3 gamer's collection!! You just can't miss the gameoftheyear of 2008!!

  10.  Fans only


    Degeneration is quite entertaining but it's most appreciated if you've played the games particularly ResidentEvil2 and 4. The CG quality is not the best I've seen, but still is quite good in certain scenes. Final Fantasy games have better CGs overall. The dialogue sometimes feels a bit forced and cheesy but that's a DNA string of Resident Evil I guess so......I recommend it only for diehard fans of the series.