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  1.  A view on the world, Motorworld style


    In the time I've had this book I have read it countless times, either on journeys or just at home. Clarksons wit and unmistakeable humor throughout as he highlights his and his crews journey to motoring capitals the world over.

    A brilliant read, and to those I've lent it to have given the same great feedback. I'd recomed to anyone, also the "World according to Clarkson" collections and many other titles.

  2.  Their ammo consists of nothing more than feathers and peas..


    The 4th installment in the Devil May Cry universe, in this episode a new main hero named Nero joins the players.
    Nero begins in the story as a member of a religious order called the 'Order of the Sword'. You are drawn in straight away with an ingame video showing the assassination of the Orders leader, Sanctus, by Dante the previous hero of Devil May Cry. Nero confronts Dante in a great fight with you in control. This tutorial brings you into sync with the new character and the new style of fighting with Nero's 'Devil Bringer', his right arm which is Demonic in form and wields great power.
    For 13 missions you play Nero in an a story which engrosses you in to a story with plot twists, intense fights and bosses which are all unique in style and moves, offering you great challenges.
    But Dante is not forgotten and is controllable for 7 missions of intense fighting. Although lacking a Devil Bringer he still packs a punch with multiple choices of weaponry and stunning combos should give an interesting slant of play which will bring in those smiles of achievement and satisfaction.
    Bonus features such as leaderboards, harder difficulties and the fighting gauntlet 'Bloody Palace' will keep everyone playing for months to come. The only feature missing is online multi-player and downloadable features which have already been confirmed are not going to happen as Capcom set their sights to pastures new which is one of few downsides. But because of these few disapointments are the only things holding this game back, and for this reason it deserves a 9.

  3.  Men in white coats getting away with murder


    Altair, arabic for 'flying eagle', a name has never fit so appropiatly in any game. What many now refer to as free running, altair does just to wake up in the morning.
    As you may of now guessed, altair is the main character of the story, a story set in the times of the third crusade. This area of time saw king richard the lionheart crusade to the holy lands of jeruselum, acre and damascus to reclaim them from the control of the muslims and for christianity.
    Altair comes into this after your first mission fails very badly, resulting in the death of an innocent and a fellow assassin, with one injured badly. You are saved from the penilty of death by your assassin order leader al mualim, who instead stripes you of your high rank and weapons. These are only earned back after completing the set tasks. Al mualim has given you the chance to redeem yourself by completing 9 assassinations.
    These assassinations are meant for 9 kingpins on both sides of the crusade so you can quell each side of the conflict. Each figure head has their own... Anti social problems you could say.. Like killing guests, friends and just random executions..
    The area's you are able to travel into are five main areas, damascus, acre, jeruselum, masaf and the traveling area (inbetween the areas) the kingdom. The graphics of the environment are something of amazment, very stunning. The ability to move about in towns was also great, free running to your objective made the journeys shorter and also more fun. The selection of weapons was pleasing and mastering them was a task what was achievable by just normal killing.
    The people who have already played this game will notice i have missed a huge part of the game out, this is due to the idea people who have yet to play the game can get just an idea about the game without spoliers.

  4.  "Bandits..." .... no wait it's an orc..


    South Peaks new view on Elder scrolls, this game boasts large open environments, large assortments of weaponry and armor and old English dialogue.
    So it should be great yeah? Well.. no, for a starters, the graphics left a lot to be desired, as textures were incredibly disappointing, the character creation was very little more than name selection and height, offering little in customisation. Also I can't help but believe the dialect was a bit unnessesary in the ammount of translation to Shakespearean English, to the point where the Novelty wore off and it took about 2 minutes longer to explain everything when in modern English it would of took just 20 seconds.
    What this game can be proud of though is the vast outdoor space, in which exploring is vital to get anywhere. If you can get over the annoying attacks of pathetic Wolf packs every 10 seconds, you will eventually find a decent fight with Orcs, Golems, or even the odd Dragon or two. The Storyline can be completed in multiple ways, although with a level 35 character I found it reasonably easy to take the quick route for two artifacts and kill anything what got in my way (The Relic frame for example, where you can do one of two sets of questlines or just kill the guard at the gate, kill the leader who puts up no fight at all and take the frame). After being warned that my character is too low to finish the last bosses, I completed the game at level thirty six with ease pretty much.
    Yet despite the lack of a challenge I found it to be pretty fun after ignoring its other flaws (a task harder than completeing the game). After taking my character to level 42 to get a good view of the game, I still believed that perhaps it could of been better, it could of been great really, but someone somewhere had just lost all hope for his/her game and only half finished it. And that is exactly what this is, a half finished game and a let down for all.

  5.  Wall-e not, because you're in for a great ride


    Just to remind you/inform you this is coming from a 17 year old lad, so at least you can see the age range doesn't just include the old and the young. Infact this film attracted my sister of 13 years and Dad going on 46, we just came in, sat down and expected something to drown out the next 1 hour and a half of boredom, and I came away wanting to watch it again.

    Wall-e is one of those rare gems which occur with such unpredictable frequency, it suits no genre but it appeals to all interests and ages. The humor, love and intrigue, all perfectly match a great plotline, ensuring your eyes never leave your TV.

    I'd recommend it for anyone, this is a great pick-me up and you're guarenteed a good laugh or four along the way.

  6.  The Xbox isn't an Xbox without it


    Well, here it is, the final to a series that has defined gaming over the period of two consoles. A feat in itself.
    I have been an avid follower of the series, enjoying every moment I pick up the controller to the moment the credits begin to roll. Heck I've even base my name here (As well as other games and sites) loosely on the Covenant (Not exactly but for other reasons, it's a story in itself).
    Now, Halo 3 was to be the ultimate of the 3rd generation, at least at its time period, unfortunately I don't think it went that far. I don't know what the actual problem was, maybe the developers rushed the overall product, purhaps the technology may not of been on par to cap this gaming giants final burst onto our shelves. A final reason what has arose was the people who have believed in this game and the series; the fans, and how they may of over-hyped this game beyond what was possible and eventually convinced the casual gamer and even themselves that this would be something that was not possible.

    But you know what, I really don't care. Yes, the games visual appearence may not be life like, but it's not exactly Two Worlds either (In fact for it's size it's very good), the little kids who plague the online rooms do annoy you and maybe those times when ou've hit someone it should of been your kill.

    Yet still, I don't care. I will be out there, with my battle rifle to hand, enjoying a great, customizable online experience with my friends. We have and will continue to make maps that will make you think, some that will just make you laugh in one way or another, then play them with our custom modes. Driving vehicles won't be an issue either.

    The campaign I have to wonder could of been more fleshed out possibly or alltered at some parts, but once more I don't know what is wrong with it, so who am I to critisize. Although with the option for 4 people online I was pretty happy.

    This game has even spawned a new type of entertainment known as Machinima, one of the most famous examples named "Red VS Blue" and another "Duex Ex Machina". The use of Theatre Mode in Halo 3 has now not only making file sharing of some of your favourite moments easier, but inspired hundreds of users to entertain friends and internet lurkers.

    In the end, I know that this game isn't perfect, it may not be what was hyped, but you'll be having so much fun you won't notice. To miss this is not just to miss the hit of the season, it's to miss a part of history, so join it while you still can.