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  1. Rhydian


    Rhydian Roberts - CD

    11 New from  £3.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.11

     Rhydian's my star!


    An outstanding singer, he has a voice to blow millions away!

  2.  Free - Roaming has never been so fun!


    Roam and explore the adventures of Hogwarts in this pretty easy game. I literally mastered evrything , learnded everything and this game does have alot too offer!!!!!!!!
    Much better than HP AT GOF!! thats awful!

  3.  Dont Bother!


    This game is far too hard and too hard to control, as always you need cheats, but how long will it take before your PSP breaks because of the cheats?

  4.  Brill!


    I think the Pro Evo team still has alot to offer, but this game is still the best of the series.Slightly weird graphics and the commentating is awful, but nonetheless this is a better game than FIFA 07 - because of awesome gameplay!

  5.  Boohoo! Honestly I woz nerly crying wen i completed it!


    yeh! i woke on christmas morning and eventually i got to open this game! it woz the most present i ever wanted (im not a girl) tht year i woz strate on it wif me bro! we cudnt help roamin the school and it was 2 hours before we got to the principals office!

    i dont say this often, but this is the best game ever invented, Rockstar are the best gaming company also!

    (and btw the game is nout lyk gta)

  6. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07


    1 New from  £3.97  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.00

     Somehow, It cant reach Pro Evo standards!


    I used to hate Pro EVO SERIES, but now ive realised tht the gameplay is much better than Fifa's even though the graphics arent as good

    Personally, I think Henry is unstoppable on this game (I just herd he signed for Barca) he shoots (If you have higher thn Semi-Pro) and all the shots are on target, forget Ronaldinho and Rooney, the endorses, hes the best by far! Purchase him!

    And the manager mode is newerand better!

  7.  Glitzy, but in a subdued way!


    This game has spectacular graphics, but I meen - the Playsattion 3 has a mega hardrive, The gameplay is slightly differnet to the Playstation 2 version but really it's very much the same.

    However, I cant understand why it doesnt hav the health bars in the fighting mode, anyhow the game is ok, but similar 2 the ps2 version.

  8.  Tricks - A - Plenty


    Dreaming of becoming Ronaldinho, Henry or C.Ronaldo? Well, with this game you fell in control of the player as you use outstanding trickery and ball skill, to outsmart and outdo your opponents, this is the beautiful game at it's best!

    There is only a limited number of tricks;
    The game can become boring as you do the same thing over again, winning cups, when really there's only 1 thing any1 ever has in there mind when they start this game;
    how long till i can get Ronaldinho?
    None the less, Fifa Street is a great game, and a must buy for those skillful players ou there!

  9.  Interesting read


    This is a great book for kids who can read independently and have a good imagination. Let it take you off into its worlds of faries and amazing creatures, it'll be hard to put down the book once you get reading. Three kids move into an old house and hear things in the walls. They discover a new room in the house and find wonderful things, such as a book which uncovers a world that's closer than they think....

  10.  Classic


    This is a sonic classic and has all of the original characters, realms and music. Although there are loads of new games coming out, you can't beat a game of good old sonic. The only down sides are the graphics, they're not excactly wonderful. Dont let this put you off its a fun game and can have you hooked for hours trying to complete one level!!!