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  1.  Hmmmm....


    Not as EPIC as the first one, but better than the second release. It's a cool game nevertheless. If you have a 3D TV it gets more awesome! For less than a tenner, cheap as chips.

  2.  Still...


    One of the best games ever....and one of the longest.

  3.  Great!


    I can't really add to the other guys on here. So I will just say, It's a must buy for this kind of money.

  4.  Awesome!!!


    It takes a lot in a game for me to stay till the end and finish it. This game kept me glued to my seat. I finished it once and then did it again with the new military suit and then again on impossible. I love the game and will keep it forever. First time round you will be scared to death...you will be......you will be......

  5. Singles


    Alison Moyet (Yazoo) - CD

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    All the songs are great and sung beautifully. I love the woman and my fav track would be This House for sure.

  6.  Superb phone but....


    If you drop it once while using it like me, it's gone forever. The top part of the slide phone is extreamely flimsy like the ribbon attaching it to the bottom part. The xenon flash is absolutely no good at night but the 5 mega pixel camera is very good. Large area for txting and good size screen. But for this kind of money you would be quite mad not to get an iphone.

  7.  Great! but...


    Let's hope Vol 2 (whenever that is released) has See You,Meaning of Love,Leave in Silence and all my other favs. This DVD really shouldnt of been put together in this way and only caters for half a depeche mode's fans thirst. Ah well....going to see them on 18/12/09 at MEN arena!

  8.  Family Fun


    Awesome film to watch with the kiddies. A Christmas treat!

  9.  They got it right this time!!!


    I bought NFS shift, Colin Mcrae Dirt2 and Supercar Challenge. One of these titles is the best fun I've had in years one is very good and Supercar Challenge is a pile of garbage. Now you know what to spend your money on. Racing at 160mph on the straights of an A-B track is awesome and I love it. There are many cars and tunings and paint jobs to keep your car looking good. I just bought a tier 3 Lambo and it looks cool in black and it's tunes to perfection. I've been on the game all weekend and I just want to go back on it. It really is the only realistic driving experience out on the market. I usually have to find faults but I can't with this title. The online gaming is fun when the kiddies arn't trying to crash you. Go buy it now, you don't need to look at the others. Congratulations on getting it right!

  10.  Unfinished Rubbish


    I went out and bought this game last friday foolishly for £39.99. Soon as I saw the first car with the intro I thought "This looks like an unfinished ray traced car" and it just kept getting worse.Over a 5 day period my friend and I tried every car on every track we could and compared notes.The sound of all the cars is pretty much exactly the same except if the car is supercharged and it's very annoying "bang bang" at the wrong intervals. The handling of nearly every car is the same and tuned cars seem the same too. There is no excuse for unfinished cars which are not PS3 standard. The tracks are mapped correctly but unfinished too. The online server is a joke. We waited 30 mins for people to join our race and the max we joined was a french server of 5, totally crap.I am 42 and I love my racing sims and have every console you can think of, I wouldn't write a bad review if it wasn't warranted.This game is a prime example of a team that were rushed to get it out into the shops on a deadline.No doubt they intend to update as they go and wanted to get it out there before NFS Shift dominates the shelves.This game has no shelf life at all and thats why I sold mine today on Play.com for £27 throwing money away basically.I compose music for video games for a living and sound effects too and this game has nothing good or original.One track and bad effects,apart from the odd tire screech.If you know your onions stay away from this game.If your 17 and have half a moustache and think your a boy racer, buy it.But.....saying that the game has no real speed you feel like you are standing still on the straights.We tested this game to it's limits and it's a no race contender. In my top 5 biggest disapointments ever.