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  1.  Back on Top and showing he still has it


    This is really a return to form for the Coop. Along Comes a Spider was a great record but this really sounds like the REAL Alice, and a brilliant follow on from the Welcome To My Nightmare (original, 1975). He has a great cast of musicians and guests and Kei$ha made an appearance which actually works well, who knew she liked Alice. This is is definately the strongest album he has done in year, probably since Hey Stoopid and I really hope it does well.

    If you are familiar with Alice or are just starting out, then you should definately buy this.

  2.  Fabulous Heavy Metal


    This is a brilliant album. Musically it seems a little tighter than Holy Diver, although the majority of fans would probably say that Holy Diver is a better album which to an extent is true as it has more on average good song but, this in The Last In Line, and with songs like the title track and Egypt (The Chains are On) this is a brilliant album that can really rival its predecessor. An album i would seriously recommend.

  3.  Awesome film


    I know a lot of Seagals Direct to DVD films may go unnoticed but it was this one from 2003 that really sparked my interest in his movies and since, I have become a big fan of his movies. I fell it is up there with some of his best work. It has some pretty good choreographed moves there and at the same time, I would recommend it to those looking into Seagal's movies.

  4.  Scorching Album


    Took me a while to buy it as I was looking at numerous other albums but, when i did, I thought it was brilliant.

    AOR heralds the return of Rob Halford, and The Priest have created a cracking album, the opening track Judas Rising is my favourite, and really shows the band on top form.

    Although it isnt their best or strongest album, there are some really classic sounding songs here. Definately the best album since Rob's return.

  5.  Rising to Greatness


    I personally am not sure whether this is Rainbow's best record, considering the 3 records Dio did with Rainbow all had amazing song. But, if you really want to start off with Dio, or indeed Rainbow then this surely is the album to get. Seriously, its fantastic. Though it isnt strictly 'Heavy Metal' it does have that flavour and influence, Ritchie Blackmore's amazing guitar work, Dio's voice, and all the other musicians too.
    Seriously, buy this record!!

  6.  Cracking classic Metal


    I bought this, admitadely second hand yesterday, but I listened to it, and I was impressed. I have been meaning to buy a Doro record for ages, I bought this on the off chance. The guitars on this are fantastic, drumming too. You don't see many Female lead singers, other than Girlschool, but Doro is a great band.

    Word Gone Wild for example, has cracking lead guitar, and of course, Doro sounds brilliant. Germany always seems to churn out great bands, Scorpions, Accept, Helloween and Doro are numerous example. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll.

  7.  80's Metal at its best.


    Its such a shame they havent got the recognition that they deserve, although at the moment I am not willing to pay the 11.99, I do hope in future, that I get it.

    All they need is a top 40 hit, a decent world tour, and some recognition for all their hard work. Also, they need a good record deal, after all, if you can't get their record on decent sites like this, then it willl hinder sale. Anyway, Buy It!

  8.  Glenn on Top Form


    Admitadely I was only aware of Glenn's DP stuff, I had never listened to Trapeze or his Solo Stuff. I have to admit, I thought that this woulnt have been as good as the Chikenfoot record but, its better. I am not familiar with Jaron, Joe or Derick's work but, Wow what agreat record.

    Definately has a mixture of Blue, Rock and Metal in there, and some of Joe's guitar work is fantastic on here, Black Country has a great solo, and One Last Soul, Medusa for exaple, are amazing songs, something Id highly reccommend.

    Any rock fan, should get this, Im kinda glad I went out on a whim, (I went into HMV in Cardiff to look for Dio's Donnington record, and came out with this) and, I am glad I did.

  9.  Jimi Hendrix at his best!!


    I wasn't sure hwat this would be like initionally, but it is a fantastic album. The re-makes of the older stuff he did are fantastic, with additions of covers like Sunshine of your Love, originally a Cream song. If you are a blues rock fan, and a Hendrix fan, then I would highly reccommend this album!!

  10.  Definately Screaming!


    This album is up there along with Paranoid, British Steel, Number of the Beast, Last in Line, Headless Children, Ace of Spades, Overkill and many others, being among the best albums in Heavy Metal History....and Screaming for Vengeance is an essential for any Heavy Metal Fan...