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  1.  Awful


    To be honest, this is probably the worst Fifa game in the series. The gameplay has gone sharply downhill, and there are no real additions in terms of features. The menus are also horrible.

  2. Brink


    Xbox 360

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     In Theory...


    In theory, this should be a great game; brilliant innovations with regards to objectives, customisation, and movement - but somehow the game seems very "thrown together". The single-player campaign is short, and very sporadic, there isn't really a "story" to it, at least not a very good one. The single player gameplay is more or less a massive disappointment, the AI is clumsy and useless at the objective-based side of things, and to be honest the "parkour" aspect is very clunky and doesn't fit in well with the setting of the game. The campaign is playable, and even exciting at times, but this is short-lived as you will find yourself finishing both campaigns in about 2-3 hours. As for the customisation, it is better than the likes of Call of Duty or Medal of Honour, but it's still nothing to write home about, and as far as the weaponry goes it leaves a lot to be desired, there is no variety, and the attachments are poor to say the least. I can't say the online aspect redeems the shortcomings of the singleplayer campaign, because to me it seemed more of the same.

    I had wanted to give this game 3 stars, and truthfully I still do - the game does have it's moments of excitement, but these were only momentary and don't speak for the rest of the game. Unfortunately I had many more bad things to say about this title than I do good things, which is a shame - it had so much potential. I wouldn't spend more than 20 pounds on this game, you'd be wasting your hard-earned dosh! Feel free to give this game the benefit of the doubt and give it a try if you see a good price for it, but for me it was nothing short of a disappointment.

  3.  Worthwhile


    I'll not talk much about the multiplayer in this review - because we all know what to expect from CoD multiplayer now, saying that it is very good.

    As for the single player campaign, I actually thought this was one of CoD's stronger games. The game play is exciting and appropriately difficult - though I haven't tried veteran yet. As for the plot, it was enjoyable, certainly, if a little disjointed. I don't feel the story flowed terribly well, and without the excellent game play there isn't much to this game. The visuals, however, are fantastic. Explosions, gunfire, water, vehicles - they all look and feel quite realistic.

    Had it not been for the excellent game play and visuals, I would have given this 3 stars, but they really are a merit to the game and make up for a mediocre plot.

  4.  Despite the bad press...


    Despite the bad press this game received from critics and players alike, I found myself enthralled. I was a huge fan of Bioshock when I bought this, and was well aware of the mediocre reviews, needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.

    The story, as in the first game, was brilliant. A few less twists and turns than the original, but still engrossing. The introduction of new weapons added a whole new angle to the game play, and despite people saying that playing as a big daddy made the game less enjoyable, I couldn't disagree more - you harness a lot of power, but not too much, this game is still very challenging. The people who are saying that being a big daddy makes you "too powerful" and makes the game less challenging - perhaps you should try the next difficulty because this game is actually a lot more difficult than its predecessor.

    The level design, as we've come to expect from 2K games, was flawless - I can't say much more than that about it.

    Over all, in my opinion, a brilliant game that takes innovation up yet another level. Well worth buying.

  5.  What an album.


    In my opinion, one of the most explosive albums of 2010. Bye Bye Symphony and Teenage Demon Baby would have to be my two favorites - but trust me, all of the tracks are good. There doesn't actually seem to be any filler on this album, from the first song to the last, they're all very good.

    With an extremely talented vocalist at their helm, and an enormous sound from the other instruments - this band will go far.

  6.  Brilliant


    In my opinion, you will find no greater Aerosmith album than this. I have listened to this CD over and over countless times, and I still keep listening, it doesn't get old. There are some sceptics of this album, mostly due to the fact that it followed after Aerosmith first achieved commercial success. But I, for one, could not recommend this CD more. Best tracks for me are: Eat The Rich, Livin' on The Edge, Crazy, and Fever.

  7.  Worthwhile for a fan.


    If you're a Parliament fan, then I would definitely recommend you add this to your collection. However if you are not a fan of Parliament, I'd probably recommend buying a different CD to begin with (like Classic Parliament, which I also bought of Play). The songs themselves in my opinion aren't Parliament's best, but there are still some great songs, like the title song (Gloryhallastoopid), and May We Bang You?. So if you're a seasoned listener looking to expand your collection, this is a great purchase. Otherwise, I'd look at some other Parliament CDs.

  8.  Top Quality CD


    This album is an essential for any primus fan, or an excellent starting point for anyone else. From what I know, this album achieved more commercial success than any of the others, and justifiably so. Some of the best songs for me are BOB, DMV, Mr Krinkle, and The Air Is Getting Slippery. Primus have a very unique sound, sort of a heavy funk-metal sound. It may not appeal to everyone but it definitely will to at least a small crowd. Great CD, good price.