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  1. Contra


    Vampire Weekend - CD

    26 New from  £6.35  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.19

     Utterly Brilliant!


    This has got to be one of my favourite albums of all time!
    Every track is amazing including 'Giving Up The Gun' and 'Horchata'. The band take a new approach to music and have produced some great tracks which are just breathtakingly good!

    The album is a great bargain and I would recommend that you buy it immediately!

  2.  Not What I Expected!


    This album did not follow up to its expectations. The songs are quite good when you hear them for the first time, but the songs are repetitive.

    There are actually some tracks which are awful, including the debut single 'Stylo'!

    I would not recommend buying this album unless you are a massive gorillaz fan!

  3.  AMAZING!


    I strongly agree that this could be one of the best albums of the year!

    My favourite tracks are 'Kings & Queens', 'Night Of The Hunter', 'This Is War' and 'Hurricane'.

    There is not one track on the album that will bore you, the vocals are amazing and it is an amazing bargain.

    I strongly recommend buying this album!



    This album is extremely good. It collaborates all off Snow Patrols greatest hits on 2 discs and there is hours of music on the album.

    For 3.99 this is probably the best bargain on play.com at the moment. And I agree, it is a great album to play in the car!

    I strongly recommend you buy this album at such a low price!

  5.  Quite Good!


    Some songs are really good, and some arent so good (jedward, gramophonedzie and glee).

    Disc 2 definitely is better than Disc 1, it has more catchy songs.
    Disc 1 has a few good songs like 'TiK ToK', 'In My Head' and 'Meet Me Halfway' are my personal favourites.

    I would strongly recommend that you buy this album, not the best now in history, but still worth a listen.

  6.  A Dissapointment!


    This could have been so much better.
    The gamplay and graphics were... alright, but could have been done with a bit more dusting up before release. It would be a good game if it was only 15 pounds but, for the retail price, totally not worth it, it is just way too short and gets boring after a while!

  7.  OK Piece of Equipment!


    This accessory is just OK and nothing else.

    What is the point in spending 15 pounds on something that makes your character move at the same time as you, when you could buy a game or a better accessory.

    If MotionPlus wasn't confirmed, then this might have been good, wait for Wii MotionPlus for around the same price.

    Not a totally bad piece of equipment, but not worth the asking price!

  8.  What Is All The Fuss About!


    I just don't get this at all.
    There have been 11 other Star Trek movies, all with different names, the first one being Star Trek, so why have they created another one called Star Trek?

    That's just one down point!

    Everything else in the films (characters, storyline, effects, visuals)
    was just plain boring. Nothing new what so ever.
    Don't waste your money on this film, it is REALLY bad!

  9.  Unbelievably Awful!


    Just read the title.
    The graphics are awful, especially on DS.
    What is the point in tapping a baby penguins foot, that is basically it.
    The gameplay is also awful.

    This is just the biggest waste of money ever. Do Not Buy!

  10.  It was quite good!


    I went to see the exclusive preview of this.

    The film was quite good, but it wasn't any better than the first one.
    I would personally say that the first one was the best, but it had a good storyline and awesome effects, so I would say that it is quite a good film, but not better than the first one!