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  1.  How am I only hearing him now?!


    Ask me 4 months ago who Plan B was and I wouldn't have a clue.
    I seen him Chase & Status's video for "End Credits".. and I just stupidly thought he was acting in the video because I'd seen him in films such as "Adulthood", "Harry Brown", etc...

    So I researched him a bit after I heard "She Said". And boy, I'm glad I did! I then became addicted to "Stay Too Long", and decided it was time to buy his album.

    I stuck it on in the car straight away, and didn't skip any. I think the reason it works so well is that the lyrics are just so witty and he's telling great stories in his songs.. and that's what it's all about. And not a lot of songs are like this these days.
    And he's just like nothing we have around at the moment! He's so unique, in the fact that he raps but is also one of the best singers I've heard from the UK. (And is also an actor!)
    I'm still in shock in how talented he is.. As a young person, I feel I can really realate to his songs... going out, arguments, love, heartbreak, etc etc.
    Best tracks are....

    Writing's On The Wall (think this is my fave... just can relate so much, before a breakup)
    Stay Too Long (oh.... we've all been there, i love it when his rap verse kicks in on this!)
    She Said ("cause she can't seperate the man from the music".......... oh, brilliant)
    Welcome To Hell (this has a bit of a jeff buckley - hallelujah feel to it... in the sense of his voice sounding a bit haunting)
    Hard Times (we all go through them, so everyone can relate)
    I Know A Song (if i ever see you again... i know a song... i know a song, i can sing. beautiful)

    Smashing album! Can just tell it's gonna be called a "must-have classic" in a few years.

  2.  Love it a LOTT!


    So Pixie brought out Mama Do and Boys & Girls, and to be quite honest she didnt interest me in the slightest. I thought she was one of these one hit wonders thatd be about for a short time.
    Then slowly I heard more of Cry Me Out and then Jack and become COMPLETELY converted.
    I bought the album, still not holding out too much hope but I liked two songs so chances are I might like the rest of the album.
    And it was one of those albums I bought and it turned out better than I ever imagined. This girl is actually really really REALLY talented and great at writing music.
    I bought 4 other albums and havent really played them because Ive been so besotted with this. It is definitely a females album though and any girl can relate to the lyrics.
    I recently came out of a relationship and to be honest I think this album helped me more than anything, I always have it blasting singing along.
    The two songs Im not really fussed on is Mama Do and Boys & Girls, but even then I still sing along and enjoy them when they're on now. The rest of the songs are amazing though. The lyrics in Jack are so unbelievably creative, Cry Me Out is also a belter and Turn It Up is another great one!

    Best Lyric:-
    1. Mama Do .... Why should I feel ashamed? Feeling guilty at the mention of your name.

    2. Cry Me Out .... Mate, youre too late, and you werent worth the wait.

    3. Band Aid .... When I met you I didnt really like you, first impressions were you were somebody whod walk by when I waved at you and said Hi.

    4. Turn It Up .... Have you heard theres this thing that heals, and its called time, clock can tick away, happy will fall in place, and though, my heart will break, a new me will fill the space.

    5. Boys & Girls ... I can see the silhouettes dancing up against the wall, it sure feels good, feels good, yeah were gonna lose control.

    6. Gravity .... When all my family, they always telling me to be through with you, And I know that deep down I'm callin time on you.

    7. My Love .... Running in circles, lets get it past the hassle, it aint worth it and this cant work baby.

    8. Jack .... And I cant get over that, baby after loving Jack, there aint no going back, going back!

    9. Nothing Compares .... They say if it doesnt kill you itll make you stronger. Oh, but I cant be without you any longer.

    10. Here We Go Again .... I need my medicine and the cure aint aspirin.

    11. The Way The World Works .... Theres so much in life thats undecided, theres so much trouble thats uninvited.

    12. Hold Me In Your Arms .... Dreaming of soft cotton clouds, I feel close to you now.

    Cant recommend this enough guys! I cant wait for her next album already.

  3.  Fierce!


    5 Stars.
    What an album! This is an album that will always be remembered. It's fantastic. And what a good idea to have a cd with slower harmonious songs and another with faster 'fierce' songs.
    Like beyonce herself said, it's annoying having to skip songs on an album so it makes a lot of sense to have 2 different cds.

    I like beyonce, her last album was good .. But this is another level. Every track is brilliant, honestly.

    My favourite cd is the 'i am' simply because i enjoy her slower songs. Ave maria sends chills up my back everytime i hear it. It's the stand out track for me, closely followed by broken hearted girl & if i were a boy.

    Although, 'sasha fierce' is the perfect cd if you're getting ready for a night out... Single ladies, is quite obviously one of the biggest tracks of the year for a reason. You hear the first few beats and you're wanting to get up and jump about. So single ladies, in my opinion is the best track on this album followed by diva & sweet dreams.

  4.  Couldn't give 4 and a half ... so 5 shall do :)


    I heard of Chipmunk just before he released Chip Diddy Chip and became a big fan then and there. It was the way he spat his rhymes and his voice. He's like the UK's Biggie in early years .. which is a massive achievement quite obviously.

    I bought Tinchy Stryder's album and it comes nowhere close to Chipmunk's. I seen them both in Concert (Chipmunk was supporting Tinchy) and to be honest Chipmunk totally outshone Tinchy Stryder in my eyes, and he had the crowd singing along and dancing straight away. He's amazing quite basically.

    Anyways, back to the album. It's a little gem. Really worth waiting over a year for to be honest.
    The ones he's released are good but there are, surprisingly, better tracks than Oopsy Daisy & Diamond Rings, such as "Lose My Life" (featuring N-Dubz), Look For Me (featuring Talay Riley) & Somtimes. Those tracks are fantastic!

    My other two favourite tracks (that've been released) are Beast (featuring Loick Essien) & Chip Diddy Chip.

    This album is actually better than what I expected and it's definately worth the money! No regrets with this one :)

  5.  So funny.


    If you don't enjoy chick flicks... don't bother with this.
    Cos it's 100% chick flick fun.

    This is unbelievably funny, Rob Schneider just has that kinda charisma to pull off a camp man (or in this case... a girl in a mans body). His facial features alone will have you in fits of laughter nevermind his pathetic llittle quotes!

    So basically, a popular cheerleeder (Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls) and a slobby robber (Rob Schneider from The Animal) get their bodies swapped.. and then havock runs loose.

    Recommend this completely. SOoooooOoOoO funny!

  6.  PS. This is brilliant.


    I like my little romantic films so when I seen this coming out I was over-joyed to say the the least.
    Watched it with my Mum and after 30 seconds I was hooked.
    Gerald Butler ... with that irish accent of his. Oh! Verrrrry nice.
    You'll definately laugh, you'll definately cry... its just such a good film.
    It's not even predictable either.

    Just take my advice and watch it. Hilary Swank plays such a lovely humorous, girl-next-door and Gerald Butler is unbelievably sexy (he's not even my type... it's the accent!!).

    Give it a watch. Any girl will love this!
    But might go through a phase of only being attracted to Irishmen for a while :)


  7.  Good story.


    Mega film.
    It's a little predictable, not going to lie. But it's an easy to watch film that any romantic can get a cheap little thrill out of.
    I don't want to give too much away but it's a subtle little love story, and the quote where one declares their love to the other person.
    Awhhh! Sweet film. Most definately a chick flick, Mandy Moore is such a loveable character who just wants freedom, love her!

  8.  Awwwh.


    I was in the tape shop a few years back and picked up this just for a little something to watch..

    WOW! I was watching along contently, then the story totally FLIPPED, nothing like I expected. Which is good. You remember films better when youre shocked by its unexpectedness.

    It's a total tearjerker, just to warn you. If you've ever lost someone or felt lonely or shy or like you don't exist, you'll be able to relate.
    Cracking film! You'll fall in love with the characters, and their strong bond.

  9.  HOV!


    Jay-z (HOV) - best rapper alive.
    And if you don't believe me or agree with me, then just listen to this album.
    I'm into rap in a big way these days. And if you like rap or are just kinda getting into it then you need to have this in your collection.
    Classic tunes. Amazing lyrics.

    Jay-Z is the highest payed rapper. And from listening to this album, it's clear to see why!

    Two of my favourite Jay-Z songs just happen to be on this album, IZZO (h.o.v.a) and Girls Girls Girls.
    Get this, quite a bargain for a tenner!

  10.  Lazy Girl's Review.


    Okay, I am a total sloth. I eat far too much and I'm allergic to exercise.
    I got this as a present from my Mum for my birthday, which I was quite happy about because I'd seen it advertised and it looked pretty good!

    I'm always trying new ways to get exercise.
    I say I'm going to start going to the gym regularly, so I go once then don't go back for 6 months.
    I say I'm going to try a new workout dvd. I do it once then get bored, so I don't go back to it until New Year (after the pounds have really piled on!).
    So, although I was excited about this new "exercise opportunity", I had the feeling I might get bored quickly or lose interest as I did with the others.

    But NO! It's amazing. It's so fun it doesn't even feel like your exercising. And it calculates your BMI + your weight perfectly. I'll never use my crappy scales again!

    It has different parts, there is Yoga, which is great for improving your posture. It shows you which muscles you are using and what it'll help to do, by showing diagrams and giving tutorials.
    Muscle exercises are shown similar to Yoga. Although, I haven't tried any of the muscle workouts yet as I still want to burn a lot more.

    There's Aerobic Exercise which is my favourite, best for burning calories! My favourite games in this are Step Aerobics, and Super Hula Hooping.

    There's also Balance. Which helps improve your posture by giving you balancing games. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Wii Fit also calculates your COG (Centre Of Gravity) to see how evenly distributed your body is, because if it isn't even it can lead to putting more weight on, on one side of your body.

    And as you improve your scores on games, and expand your times you unlock new games in each categories so there's always something new.

    This is worth every penny. You won't regret it. Whittle away the weight in weeks. Seriously!!
    Although, if you're a hardcorde gym-goer or are into exercise in a very big way, this might feel a little amateur for you?