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  1.  The world's first "Genocide 'em up"


    A hauntingly entertaining game where no-one wins, but you must try to lose the least while raking up megadeaths as you nuke your enemy into oblivion.
    Utulising retro graphics that give it that arcade-y feel and reminiscent of "big boards" from various war rooms give it an air of Cold War nostalgia, it's very beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

  2.  Awesome times awesome equals awesome squared


    Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two of the greatest games to have been released on the PS2, a perfect argument to how video games can be art with their gorgeous graphics, brilliant gameplay and minimalistic approach to storytelling, and their sales figures are a perfect argument to how many gamers won't try something different.
    Hopefully, this HD remake will introduce this gems to a new generation, because these are truly fantastic games, that no gamer should be deprived of.

    I highly recommend to any one who wants to be reminded that for all the game industry's flaws, it is still worth defending.

  3.  True historical fiction


    This atmospheric film is quite similar to Amadeus; a real historical setting with real historical people but fictionalised events, in this case, the non-existent rumours and suspicions surrounding actor Max Schreck.
    The acting is superfilious, especially John Malkovich as the determined director F. W. Murnau and Willem Defoe as the mysterious and eerie Max Schreck.
    The film also creates a wonderfully haunting and foreboding atmosphere, much like the Nosferatu film and it brilliantly recreates the scenes from Nosferatu so well, you could barley tell the difference.

    Buy this DVD.

  4.  Annoying and purple


    This film is so ANNOYING, don't watch it. There are better Stephen King films out there, especially The Shawshank Redemption, which is by the same director as this test in human patience.
    The acting is subpar, the horror is bland, the special effects are just amateur and out of about 15 characters, I only liked one.
    And the twist ending is so bloody obvious, M. Night Shyamalan could make a better, more subtle one

  5.  Shakespeare in Space!!!


    Even if you don't watch Star Trek or consider it 'geeky', you should give this film a try. Filled with Shakepearian concepts like betrayal, love, friendship, power and ,of course, the awesome monologues of such power.
    Ricardo Montalban plays the villainous Khan awesomly well, and his deathly last monologue makes you fear his every word.


  6.  Oh yeah


    Judd Apatow's directorial debut film is awesomely funny. Some of the jokes may seem crass and immature, but they're cleverly exploited and just made both clever and funny.
    Watch this films and hold your stomach, as you'll throw up from laughter.

  7.  made no difference


    This damn product made no difference to my problem. My PS3 is having problems reading Blu-Ray and leaves a line of dirt, and i have used this to clean the lens twice and has made no difference. Please help.