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  1.  From 1st minute to 90th minute this game impresses!


    My first ever game was QPR vs. Swindon, and as soon as the game started the new improvements blew me away! The graphics have been vastly improved since the last outing, and in general the game is a lot better than FIFA 10.

    The new personality+ system is great, you can definately tell the difference between some players, especially playing as Man Utd, Rooney is constantly running after the ball covering every blade of grass on the pitch, while Berbatov is just waiting for everyone to do everything for him! The only problem with this new system is that only the top stars look like they should and play like they should with their signature traits, when you play with lower league teams like QPR for example (my team!) they are all generic and do what everyother player does, take Jamie Mackie for example, he is like Dirk Kuyt, runs, runs and does more running! with a good shot on him too! but the game does not seem to emulate this. All in all this new system is great, and hopefully EA will continue to make each player have their 'own personality'. Even if they cannot add personality+ to all players in the prem by FIFA 12, I am prepared to wait untill FIFA 13!

    There is now a vast number of new celebrations and animations that add to the overall realism, and so far after playing well over 150 games, I have not noticed 1 glitch! The best new animations are the players movement, shooting technique and balancing techniques as the top stars do play like what they would in real life. The new FIFA certainly has improved on the realism front.

    Another great feature is the new passing system which I think works great once you get the hang of it! At first, it is defenately harder, but when you get used to it, you can make more effective passes into space and create more chances. A thing that EA have taken out is the 'ping-pong' passing, which has not only made the single player slightly harder, but it works most efffectively online, because now you have to build up like a real football team would, not just pass at every given opportunity.

    The AI has been much improved as skillful players will actually try to take you on when playing amatuer difficulty, where before they would just let you take the ball away from their feet, and also the defenders actually have brains, they don't just let you run past and score. The goalkeepers have been improved, they now charge at the right moment and the saving animations are a lot more realistic.

    Overall a great improvement on the previous FIFA, and well worthy of 5/5, and after playing the PES demo (which I think is the worst PES yet! and thats saying something!) I can truly say FIFA is the best football game out at the moment, and with the improvements that are still to be made, it could stay the best for a very long time!

  2.  Good, but not perfect!


    For general fun, and 20 minute blasts this game is very enjoyable, but if you play for a good period of time you recognise the flaws with the game, for instance square cutting a full length ball for six just would not happen! for someone who plays and watches cricket very often, you realize that the game could be a lot better, the bowling action isn't brilliant and the batting stance looks weak.

    One of the main problems for me is that there is no difference in batsmen's stance for different players nor is there any difference in the bowlers action for different players. This makes the game seem a little unrealistic, as when you watch Pietersen live or on TV, his stance is very wide and he looks to get on the front foot every ball, and the game does not emulate this. Also when Anderson bowls he gets quite tucked in, and he runs very quick up to the crease, whereas in game, he just trotts up and launches the ball towards the batsmen. This could be added to the next cricket game Codemasters release.

    The new action-cam is a good addition, giving a fresh view, and making you feel more like you actually are batting and bowling.

    They also need to improve on the licensing front, and try to get as many cricket nations kit and stadia as possible to further imprive the realistic side of the game.

    I think they need to totally recreate the system they use for batting and bowling actions rather than using the Ashes Cricket 2009 system, to also further improve the realism, and try to create separate stances depending on the batsmen or bowler.

    Overall a good fun game, that hasn't had much changed from Ashes Cricket 2009, but its simple to play and fun, which is what matters, if they can include all of the improvements above for the next installment, it might be worthy of 5 stars!

  3.  Very Enjoyable but slightly more arcadey than simulation


    I enjoyed this game, it takes a while to get used to the bikes but after that it becomes easy, and that is when you start to realize its more like an arcade game rather than a full MotoGP simulation, which is ok for the newbies and people who have just bought the game for fun, but if you like me actually watch Moto GP and ride motorbikes you will find this game average and not very realistic, i think there should be different modes for the newbies and arcade type people and a mode for the hardcore motorbike fans, as just making it a simulation game might not attract as many people to the game so having two types of game mode would help the game increase in success, this could be a feature for the new game, if and when it comes out.

    I liked the idea of making your own team, hiring your own staff etc, but it was very basic and did not have much depth, researching the bike and improving it made no real visible difference and was just there to make it look like you were controlling the bike, the actual designing of the bike was very basic too, with not many designs for the liverys but there was a good range of colours, the man doing the voice overs made the game have a "Nintendo" feel to it, like playing "Mario & Sonic at the..." games, the actual depth of the career mode could be better, the idea of ranking up your reputation does nothing to your rider and has no affect on anything in career mode.

    Although there are many downsides to this game, once you get used to it, and look past the drawbacks the game is very enjoyable and fun to play and should keep you interested for a while, overall a good core game with a few improvements on the last outing but the add-ons to last season have no impact on the game what so ever.

  4. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    9 New from  £2.73  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Improved and realistic


    I got this game on release date, and when I first played it I thought to myself, is this any different from FIFA 09, at first I thought no not really, but thats only because I had only been playing it for 30 mins, then as I went into manager mode, I thought wow, what an improvement, the transfers are so much more improved, and the whole career aspect of manager has improved, there's friendly matches before the real season, other teams actually sign players and put them into their starting XI, the board area has improved as they give you proper feedback and so on.

    As I played a few matches (like 10 or 12) I started to notice how much this game has improved, although not straight away noticeable, but after a while you realize how realistic this game is and how well the smooth the gameplay is.

    In virual pro mode you really feel as if you are an immerging player going into the lime light.

    I could go on for ages about the great new features FIFA has this year but I don't want to spoil things for people who are looking to buy this, (which I would really recommend!)

    Truly worth it's money!

  5.  Possibly the Greatest Fighting Game you will ever Play!


    This game is fantastic, and very addictive, the quality of gameplay and realism is outstanding. I'm not a WWE fan but this game is incredible. I thought well the demo is very addictive and lifelike, so I thought I should invest on buying it. I was not dissapointed, the graphics outstanding, realism perfect. The main reason I like it is because of how addictive it is, I absolutely love this game. Definately the best fighting game I have ever played, the demo was great, the game is outstanding, apart from CoD 6 I don't know if there is another game as good as UFC. The career mode may be short but just as addictive as exibition mode, and having all the equiptment licences makes the game feel more realistic. If you have the money, please buy this game, you will not be dissapointed!


  6.  Not the best shooter, but very enjoyable!


    This game is made by Call of Duty developers, Activision and Treyarch, so I had high expectations for this game, I mean don't get me wrong this is a good game, but I feel lacks the finesse and smooth gameplay that Call of Duty captured, the online play is no where near as good as the addictive Call of Duty, the story is good though with thrilling shootouts and very good graphics, so if your a singleplayer type person this is the game for you, if you like singleplayer and like to play online with just as much quality as the singleplayer I would personally buy Call of Duty or SOCOM: Confrontation as the online play is so much better than Quantum of Solace.

    Overall though although many negatives, I still really do enjoy the game so I give it a 9/10!

  7.  Very Enjoyable and Cute! :D


    if you, like me like big animals like Lions, and Tigers, this is the perfect DVD for you, Craig Busch (The Lion Man) made the show very interesting to watch, its a very good way to learn about the animals rather than watching them on a nature program as watching the Lion Man gives you the chance to learn about the Lions and Tigers in more detail by being able to get close to them, this programme is very interesting if you like Big Cats, I really enjoyed watching Craig Bond with all his Lions and Tigers. A real heartwarming series with a man trying his best to save the animals he loves.

    Very Very Enjoyable, from the 1st to the last episode, really good series.

  8. Skate 2

    Skate 2


    10 New from  £13.36  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.81

     Improvement on Skate


    Recieved it today (23rd january-release date), real good game, good improvements from the original Skate, walking is good although can be a bit inaccurate, using the R1 button to move items can be a bit fiddly, the story mode is much better than the original, more things to do, the graphics are better and gameplay is alot smoother, still a few improvements to be made, but it definately is the best skateboarding game out to date, fun for non-skaters and skaters, the map is better designed with more detail and depth, the control system is slightly easier to get used to, overall a well designed, well produced game with lots of noticable improvements, a must have sequel!

  9. Skate



    11 New from  £13.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.67

     better than Tony Hawks!!!!!!


    This game is AMAZING, sooooooo much better than Tony Hawk, and I love the control system, much more thought than X for Ollie, Triangle for Grind (when by a Grind Pole) and Square for Grabs (air), the trick stick is much better, maybe not precise but theres always Skate. 2 for that, I do prefer the story on Tony Hawks, but for Gameplay GET THIS GAME, MUCH BETTER.

    Skate 2 will ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  10.  Great Driving game!!!!!


    I really like this game, the car movement speed and physics are precise, which makes the gameplay brilliant, Codemasters made an excellent game in Colin McRae DiRT, which also nailed the spot on racing games, Colin McRae R.I.P, when GRID came along, it just took the whole racing scene by storm, with thrilling graphics, excellent gameplay, and I hope Codemasters Keep Going!!

    Cant wait for Colin McRae DiRT 2!!!