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  1.  Super Fast Next Day


    Very Nice Headphones
    These Headphones are really Great, They're very comfy and sit nicely on your head.

    The sound is crystal clear and it really catches that music feeling, they're not overpowering and the bass is just right. Very clean sounding and the hi's low and mids on these baby's is just outstanding

    Getting what you paid for, Very clear sounds and nice high and low ends. Fits really snug on the head and ears

    I can't find anything other than it could have came with foam headphone covers to give people a choice if they want the original or a foamy feel around the ears... - but other than this, i am very happy with my purchase and they're worth the money

    A must buy they have even got a better review in sound quality than Dre beats

    5 Stars for the nice and very comfy fit, the sound quality and musicmatter very fast next day delivery

    Thank you. - Dave

  2.  Best 3DS Game yet, Great Purchase!


    I have been a big Dead or Alive fan ever since i got Dead or Alive 4 on the xbox360, i have still got the 360 version and its one of those games i will never ever sell !, i still play it alot online when i get the time, this new one is really good, no REALLY GREAT ! 5/5
    Not only is the online fun but there is also a story mode called "Chronicle Mode" with really nice long Video Sequences and great story depth, its worth the money and you're missing out if you do not purchase this game ;p, feel the REAL GFX of the 3DS !

    Also a small note
    They're adding items and costumes everyday for your character, you can also collect figures and stands on the game, it really is a fantastic game :)

    So yea, if you like Fast thinking fighting games you will love this, this is fast, fun and full of hardcore girls, whats not to like?


  3.  OMG 3D


    Thanks Play, i got this on the 24th then got a game on 26TH SF4, now at first it was hard to adjust the 3D but after awhile of playing street Fighter 4 in 3D, its amazing, it pops out the screen, not to your eyes but good enough and it looks like your viewing it through a box, its very clever and i'm very happy with my Purchase, Great product worth every penny, i would have been happy to pay 230 original asking price in most retail shops, 196 is a great BUY, Buy it now you wont Regret it, this is going to take off really fast and sell Thousands in its first week, maybe Millions.

  4.  Great Product but...


    Right, Before you buy this you need "ALOT" of space to play it, i have a big bedroom and i had to stand way back near the door, its good and fun and i see the potential in it, however i was dispointed you don't get the Kinect Sensor Power Supply with this but you get it with the kinect stand alone edition, so i ask how do i take this to a friends and play it on my normal xbox360?, well i have to take the xbox360 slim, xbox slim powerbrick & Kinect itself, in america they are already selling stand alone Kinect Sensor Power Supplys but here you can't buy them as of yet, i hope soon you will be able to because its just stupid how you have to take the whole lot to a friends, sort it, good product, very easy and very enjoyable 9/10

  5.  Very good Anime "Adult"


    Watched all these last year, altho its very violent and so totaly awsome ! Its also very sad and the best love story you could ever watch in an anime series at first i thought wow nude n blood u can tell this is going to be boring, boy was i wrong :) its awsomeness. Nice video.

    Before i buy this on dvd can anyone tell me is it full uncut like the jap version with eng subs? Or have they made it a 15 and cut alot of it out :(

  6.  OMG "MUST BUY"


    I bought this tv and the picture is super hd, its 1080p and its got this thing called dynamic contrast and when you turn that on "welcome to the future" it makes your tv very vibrent, colouful and great depth. The ps3 and 360 are both amazing and the picture is crys clear. I'm happy i got this tv. Trust me get it !!!! You will not be disapointed !!!!!! Imo better than samsung !!