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  1.  ok but not brilliant


    It was alright but as a horror fan I have seen better, also there were so many mistakes that you could clearly see.

    The bald vampire was thrown into a rubbish grinder , torn into pieces and yet you see him again at the main bit at the end.

  2.  Funniest man ever


    I first heard about Stewart Francais when I saw Ricky Gervais live and he was his harm up act. He is extremely funny and very orginal with the jokes he tells.

    I highly recommend you check this man out and I hope he becomes popular and there some truely terrible comedians around but this is guy is a legend.

  3.  Favourite horror movie as a kid


    I 1st saw this when I was a little kid,I kept bugging my dad to buy the video tape because I wasn't old enough. The bit when the father gets torched freaked me out abit.

    As im in my early 20's now I still love it as I remebered it. The remake is terrible but you must see this.

  4.  Old skool classic


    If you like old skool monster movies then you will like this. I saw this on tv ages ago and happy that i finally managed to grab a copy.

  5.  I love this


    Another great movie from Studio Ghidli. Better then any of those trashy disney films.

  6.  boring and over rated


    I went to see this after all the hype, man it was so gimmicky and boring I eneded up leaving.

    I hate that where ever you go now there is some kind of theme based around avatar. just makes me worry what cinema is going to be like in the future :(

  7.  Best norwegian horror film ever


    I didn't understand a word but film was so good I didn't need to. If you are a huge horror fan like me then you will love this.

  8.  This film is amazing from start to end


    This film is a breath out of fresh air, lovely tale of a student fed up with life and leaves his city life behind. with no money he trecks up to alaska to get away from his busy lifestyle but was the adventure all worth it.

  9.  Freaky!


    This film was pretty strange & It did freak me out in some bits but overall It isnt bad. This is not a film for the faint hearted.

  10.  A secret masterpiece


    This is by far my favourite comedy series. They should show this on Dave or GOLD because it would attract a massive new audience.