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  1.  Funny Film


    This sequel leads straight on from the first film and delivers its first laugh within the first minute from a toilet related joke so straight away the tone is set. Of course though, not all the jokes are juvenile and the film delivers on gags. NPH makes a great return to the film and is even better then in the first film. There are no real slow moments of the film and even when it tries to be serious a gag or two always creep in to make you laugh even more.
    The second disc contains an interactive version of the movie and allows you to change the outcome of the movie which is a brilliant touch to add to the watchability of the film and more often then not the selections that stray away from the original film are funnier then the scene in the actual film, (although these alternate outcomes could not be used in the film as the film would not work) making the film even better in my book.
    This film is funny throughout and if you are a fan of films related to this genre, it is definatly worth a watch, just make sure you watch it till the end of the credits!!

  2.  Addictive Game


    I came into this game thinking it would be a good old fashioned button mashing sport game, like International Track and Field on the PS1 but I was wrong. Instead you have to wiggle or rotate the right stick depending on the event. At first I hated the controls but ten minutes in I had the hang of it and it was no longer a problem.........until I tried to play it the next day. As you have to the wiggle the right stick, it takes a lot more physical excertion then if you only had to tap two buttons so if you play it a lot like I did you will find that your arm will ache A LOT and your performance in the game will drop but nevertheless I was completely addicted to the game and couldnt put it down. The multiplayer is fun aswell increasing the life of the game.

  3.  Impressive Demo


    From the demo the use of deforming the ground to solve puzzles, create cover from attacking enemies and reach places that would be otherwise unreachable is pretty impressive but as the touched upon by the previous review this could become boring and losing its effect as the game progresses. When I played the Timeshift demo I loved it and couldnt wait to get the game but when I did I found the timeshifting ability to get old very quick and the game became extremely repetitive. I hope this does not happen with this game as it has the makings of a great game.
    The combat however seems a little unconvincing and the screen blurs slighly when you zoom and try to switch between targets quickly making it harder to shot accurately and this lets the game down a bit but overall this game has a lot of potential.

  4.  Get Smackdown Vs Raw instead


    The difficulty of this game is rediculous, even when put down to the easiest difficulty, towards the end of the story mode the computer counters nearly every move you try yet when you try and counter a move you have literally half a second and it is tough to do on a regular basis. It takes quite a long time to fill your impact meter whereas the computer is able to do it within a minute.
    There are not enough game modes and there are not enough moves, meaning you will end up doing the same move over and over and not gaining impact for it.
    The ultimate x matches are far too easy, all you have to do is get straight up on the cable then keep kicking the opponent off till u get the x. This match was one of the games unique selling points yet it really doesnt bring anything exciting to the game.
    The multiplayer is quite fun and ganging up on one computer player helps to relieve the stress of the countering but by no means makes up for the rest of the game.
    The story mode is boring and is linear instead of having branching of stories like SvR and you are forced to play as one person instead of chooseing who you want to be.
    All in all, if you want a wrestling game, it is well worth waiting for SvR 2009 or Legends of Wrestlemania as this game will result in hours of frustration.

  5.  Best Band There Will Ever Be!


    This album is punk rock at its best and Blink 182 are the best punk rock/ pop punk band there will ever be. This album is so good that even if you are not a fan of the genre, you will still like this album, a must have for anyone who likes music.

  6.  Killer Album


    I first stumbled across Zebrahead while playing a wrestling game for PS2 (I think) and two of their songs were on the game. I thought one song was amazing so I decided to get the album and Im glad I did because every song is better then the last and I often find myself trying to listen to only one song but end up listening to the whole album. If you like catchy guitar riffs and awesome lyrics pulled off with great style this album is a must have.