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  1.  Brilliant


    Seriously what are you waiting for? At this price they are an absolute steal. At home I use AKG K601's paired with a dedicated headphone amp and DAC. While the goldrings by no means surpass this, for the price they are excellent. They provide a pleasant high quality sound and are plenty comfortable enough for long flights/travel.
    At this price and considering they are very portable you can't expect the world, but the sound is nice and adequately detailed.

  2.  the king of pop!


    a must see for anyone who claims to like music, here we have not only a glimpse into what would have been the greatest show ever created but also some of the best music the world has ever seen, in 5.1 suround HD quality!

  3.  such a shame


    EA finally cottoned on and gave a proper physics system so we could put are items wherever we want (instead of sticking to the grid) and they also gave us that cool customization tool, but unfortunately, as the previous reviewer pointed out, they took away most of the cool items and stuff we had in sims 2 (after buying countless expansions obviously) just so they could sell more expansions for this game to us in the future,

    i dont see why they couldn't give all the stuff we had by the end of sims 2 (and more obviously!) and then use sims 3 expansion packs to add yet more to the game, buuut oh no that would involve thinking of new things to give us, much easier to take loads of what already had away from us and then sell it back to us again!

    i'm not saying don't get the game and try it, but don't get your hopes up and be prepared to be selling it soon after.

  4.  Brillian€


    with these i was looking for a set of earphones that were comfortable, didn't fall out and that would actually sound nice. I bought them for traveling and out and about use, and they're excellent sound fantastic, and you just forget your wearing them most of the time, and they come with a nice fairly sturdy case to protect them, and even a plain adapter if you desired to use them for the "in flight entertainment"

  5.  One of the best metal documentaries ever


    for a start its iron maiden, so that means that no matter what its gonna be pretty decent, but this is far more, its a film following the greatest metal band on the greatest tour in history on the coolest plane ever created and on the BLU RAY!!!, looks and sounds fantastic. If your a maiden fan you cant go wrong with this, its a very special thing to see a Boeing 757 with eddie printed on the side of it flying thround the sky in HiDef. Buy it now you wont regret it

  6.  Great Hard Drive


    this looks great on my desk, it is pretty much as fast as my internal HDD, very easy to set up, quiet and the shutdown function is very useful.

    i have experienced no issues and do not expect to, and finally i can confirm that it works perfectly with Ubuntu Linux and therefore i would expect it to work with most other linux distro's

  7.  Brilliance


    Every song is just fantastic, this is metallica at they're best,

    Nice long songs, blisteringly fast solo's, and some truely great lyrics,


  8.  Awsome!!!


    Just quite simply brilliant, everytime i listen to it i love it more, buy it now you will not regret it

  9.  good game, dissapointed with play.


    Mainly this is a very good game, allot of fun to play and so on, however, i was slightly disappointed, that certain unlockable aspects of the game are not available to be unlocked after the main story is completed.

    Though this makes the game more realistic, it is irritating and, mercs isn't meant to be realistic, its all about blowin stuff up.

    Finally it seems that play have let there delivery slide, as it now seems to me that they are not dispatching pre-orders early enough to ensure they arrive on time.

    But don't let this put you off the game as it is allot of fun and though the unlockable issue is annoying, this is the sort of game that you could happily complete again.

    I would also like to to comment on some things said by others,

    Firstly the aiming system is very good, sure its not as good as cod4 or the likes of that, but its third person so what do you expect,

    Also there are a few glitches and minor things the makers of the game have overlooked, but however these are not really a problem as they can be quite amusing for instance when jen (the female merc) is refered to as "he"

    Overall, good game, fun to blow stuff up with your mates online.