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  1.  Good Quality


    Excellent quality, in fact probably the best quality lamb of god shirt i own.. I have had it for about 6/8 months ish and the print has not faded at all, neither has the cotton started wearing out, which is pretty good for a shirt...

    Overall its a really nice shirt, looks great and seems to last a long time...

  2.  get the trial


    codemasters are offering a 14 day free trial via download. im sure someone has mentioned it already but hey. If you like WoW, then i would say you should give lotro a try, the majority of elements ingame are much better, and the community isnt made up of children, therefore you wont get abused when you ask a question.

    as with all MMO's its very addictive, i started playing in the summer last year, since then ive got one character at cap (lvl 65) and 2 more on their way around 30-40. it really is a great game, and i would say before you decide you dont like it, level up your character a bit, the endgame is second to none, radience armour is something to work towards :P

  3.  why is no one listening to them?


    Graveworm are amazing, probably one of the most underrated bands ever. Basically if you like cradle of filth, your nearly there. There kinda like cradle and a bit of bring me. Collateral defect is definatly one of their best albums in my opinion, and im sure if anyone takes the time to listen to just this album alone, they will apreciate graveworm a lot more, if not already then at all.

  4.  better than 360


    definatly a better game on the PC, runs a lot smoother, textures look a lot better and obviously the resolution difference is astounding, gameplay seems to be the same and does work with the 360 pad.

  5.  Lobby Scene


    Without a doubt the best scene in the trilogy is the lobby scene, i wont spoil anything for those who have not seen it, but the transfer to blu ray is astounding. i honestly have not found a better looking image on any of the 20 or so blu rays i own. absolutely amazing

  6.  no problems


    Ok i know the majority of reviews on here look bad BUT.
    In order to burn data to these discs you have to understand how they are manufactured, conventional dual layer dvd's (verbs and ridisc etc), the big brands, use a more expensive way or manufacturing, where the layers are created already together, these are created using 2 separate layers and then those are stuck together. it is because of this that some burners wont like burning files to these DVD's.

    i have burnt varying types of media and files over the 25 provided. i will say this once
    they are designed to be burnt at 8 speed. if you are trying to burn at 2.4 or 4 etc. your success rate will not get any better. i have already explained the manufacturing process in the simplest possible way and i hope readers can understand what i am trying to say.

    these discs are as good as any other dual layer media, and i believe that these reviews do not do them justice.

    (discs tested on:
    Sony optiarc 7201S
    Sony optiarc 7200A
    Sony optiarc DD4500A
    LG GH22NS40
    LG GH22NS30)

  7.  good i suppose


    lets start with the negatives first
    i have had 12 Xbox 360's since launch. all purchased seperatly from different places. i currently have 3 working Xbox 360's and another 2 dead ones. the rest have been sold off as spares and repairs. HOWEVER. not one of those 360's has broken on its own (i have encouraged every one in some way or another) my launch box is still working along with a 2 month old Lite On and a 1 year old hitachy FL79.

    Good points.

    If you are torb between this and a PS3 go Xbox 360. You will not regret it. i have owned 1 PS3 and that melted its self. enough said.

  8. Amped 3

    Amped 3

    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £45.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.04



    having played amped 3 through 3 times i would say its a pretty decent game:P there are some parts that you may get stuck for a short amount of time but those are easy to figure out. very compelling ish storyline where every cut scene is comprised of something different such as a scrapbook or a sock puppet. completely random and the singing pars is the best scene you will ever play in a game.

  9.  shabatastic


    i really didnt know what to expect when i ordered this. i just thaught it would be something to have a laugh with. well now my wrists are completley numb and i am struggling to write this sentance :) i have been using it all day even though the reccomended is 5-7 minutes a day. try 5-7 hours lol

  10.  great


    if you read my other reviews you will see that i have made a very positive comment on the sata version te 7200 s.

    The data transfer speeds are identical to the SATA version due to the limit of read and write of optical media. Very foolproof to install. no instructions included but also not needed. reccomended you know what your doing but you cant go oo far wrong.
    Windows recognises it as an optical media drive when 1st turned on and after that as a dvd dual layer writer.

    I am currently running:
    2 optiarc 7200A
    1 optiarc 7201S
    (not a sony fanboy at all)

    and they serve perfectly for media backup, using an external blu ray drive as the reader then writing to all 3 at once via nero.

    As i mentioned in my previous reviews this is the most reliable drive ever created.