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  1.  Great value!


    I bought this during a recent Mega Monday deal - exceptional value!!! My first generation PS3 suffered a second YLOD and I figured it worked out better buying a new PS3 slim (as I needed a new controller anyway).

    I also plan on selling the Resistance 3 game that came with it (not interested in it) and should make a return that means I will effectively have bought this for less than a price of a standalone PS3 160GB model.

    The reason I gave it 4 stars is because...well, I didn't want the Resistance 3 game and because the Battle: LA blue-ray movie (which I did want) is in the Resistance 3 case. I would have preferred to have had the movie in its own case. FYI, the game case is for Resistance 3 but it has a small thumbnail on the cover indicating that Battle: LA can be found within. It's also a shame we can no longer play our PS2 games on this version of the PS3 - alas, they will now be put up for sale :o( .

    All in all, my son and I love playing on the PS3 - hours of weekend fun and for this price (even without the Mega Monday deal) having done my research, this comes highly recommended.

  2.  Great fun!


    I'm not a games expert so I don't know about the finer gaming details of life (e.g. graphics) but I do know I had an absolute blast playing this (except for two exceptionally frustrating levels that needed to be completed - one where you need to chase down 4 cars in around 8 minutes and the final level where you're chasing a helicopter in a sports car and have to shoot it down - mental...fun...but exceptionally frustrating - it'll make grown men cry and nearly give up!).

    The downside: There seems to be no option that allows you to select past levels that you may wish to replay once you've completed them. Having completed the game I can no longer play any of those levels. This means I have to start from the beginning. I have found no cheats that access the different levels so I suspect this is not possible. Once the game is over, there's not much to do - a few street races and some jobs around the city (taxi driver, hit man for hire, stealing cars and getting robbers to safety) but once they are accomplished that's it...other then kill innocent people....drive the other way up a one way road and beat up a Police Officer and then take his car (and then shoot down the Police helicopters and SWAT team that comes after you). It'll get all very redundant but then I guess that's what happens when you complete a game. One final point - I bought this for my 5 year old (yes...I had no idea it was rated 18). He loves playing it but there's excessive swearing in the game so unfortunately he has to play the game with the volume down - lets ignore the fact that the swearing isn't needed (and also that I'm a bad parent and he should not be playing a game rated 18) but it would have been nice to have an option where the talking can be muted while everything else remains.

  3.  Fresh, exciting, realistic & with it's changes, quite bold!


    Yes, it's very different (but not quite an alternative take on it). Harry's a blonde and MJ has short hair and like the Daredevil movie, Kingpin is black (one of the few Hollywood comic book changes that I think worked out great). However, I really did like all the changes introduced to each and every character and this is coming from a US comic book Spider-Man fan from the 1980/90's. The changes in this series are certainly no where near as insulting as the changes/treatment Venom was given in the recent Spider-Man 3 movie. In any case, following on loosely from the first Spider-Man movie, each episode was a treat to watch and the final two parter was 'kick ass', right down to its very depressing ending (so Spider-Man!). It's much more adult orientated (in terms of language, humour and sexual content) then the series from the 1990's and certainly (for that reason) more realistic (e.g. unlike the 1990's series, the Police are not equipped with laser guns! People bleed...they also die and on many occasions Spider-Man, after intense fight/explosion scenes has his classic costume torn/shredded look). My gripe with the series would be (aside from the final two parter) that each episode was a stand-alone (no season long story arc), lack of established super villains (though the new ones and altered ones were by no means poor) and the bizarre tendency for Parker to turn into Spider-Man in a blink of an eye but really these are very minor problems for me and I've only included them in order to make this look like a balanced critique. All in all, an excellent series and a very damn shame there are no plans for a second series.