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  1. Escala


    Escala (Britain's Got Talent) - CD

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     All Covers Blown Out Of Proportion


    Well, having been a fan of the electric violin for a long time, i thought escala might be quite a good group to listen to, as on britian's got talent they were seen doing a rock adaptation palladio...(i'm aware they don't play electric instruments).

    The production on the album is no piece short of excellent, but every song is a cover, and some of these, such as "clubbed to death" are better on the original track...i mean the cover of that song doesn't sound immensely different to the original anyway.

    Some covers, such as kashmir and feeling good are pretty good. But they are just generic string adaptations of normal songs. They are jumping on the band wagon of covering good songs with strings - as done for so well by vitamin string quartet.

    The two songs worth getting are "palladio" and "kashmir"... I kinda just got bored of most of the rest. And it's not because i'm "not caring of true music" my music range is wider than most. But why are there no original songs?

    I don't understand why everyone thinks they are entirely origanal. Perhaps it's true that we're in an age where classical music is being entirely forgotten...perhaps people haven't heard of musicians such as the aforementioned vitamin string quartet, emilie autumn or apocalyptica.

    Either way, this is a pretty average cd...one that'll be in the "£5" offers at shops soon...

    The one most disappointing track of the album is "adagio for strings". Not because it isn't played well, but because it's just another group playing the song moderately well.

  2.  Sirenia Are Back


    Sirenia are one of the founding gothic metal bands, along with Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy and The Sins of Thy Beloved (femme gothic metal of course). People are comparing this album to Nightwish and Evanescence far too much, as niether of these are gothic metal...

    Sirenia have a unique sound, with gregorian choirs sprinkling heavy guitar work and epic drumming. The live violin adds a much needed emotional element that compliments the Spannish vocalists voice. I don't understand wh people slate this album; each song is unique, perhaps not as grand as Sirenia's original work, but far more grand than NDAAD. Perhaps it's the fact the lyrics run far deeper than Evanescence's teary lyrics...or that they arn't as "cool" as Nightwish (and before you comment, I love BOTH bands).

    The only weak track really is Lost In Life, but the nice doesage of choir and twinkling symphonic elements make this song dark but fluffy...pleasent. Another good thing is the return of Morten's famous growls. They were somewhat un-present in NDAAD but are back now, in 7 or so of the songs compared to the earlier's 3.

    All in all this is a pleasent and brilliant album.

    Welcome back Sirenia.

  3.  Germany Always Gets It First...


    Gothminister. Sound familiar? Yes, these guys are huge in mainland Europe. Playing at M'era Luna festival several times and getting into the charts in Germany, this band are bound to become huge in the British subculture soon enough.

    Darker than their previous opus, Happiness in Darkness has more orchestral parts and a much darker feel. However, it retains it's industrial gothic edge.

    Some have complained about Gothminister's vocals, but they are just aittle less harsh now. They expanded into a combination of their first two albums. Dusk Till Dawn sounding ike it's from Empire of Dark Salvation, and Beauty After Midnight sounding like it's from Gothic Electronic Anthems.

    Overall , a stomping example of why you should turn your back on your career to follow your passion.

    There is happines in the Darkness...

    For fans of : Mortiis, Deathstars
    Avoid if : You hate goths

  4.  Deathstarrs Return With More Bliss


    Deathstars; an up and coming band in the mainstream, whom have already have shared a fair amount of success withint the gothic and metal community. Sharing a sound similar to both Gothminister and 69 Eyes; Deathstars combine gothic tendencies with aggressive industrial metal.

    This album sounds more in line with Termination Bliss, but has interusting twists. The opening track sounds like Mein Hurz Brennt (by Rammstien) mixed with Mr Crowley (you must know who thats by). It's an imense opening track and captures the retro-metal blast of the album.

    I must admit the title track lacks the umph of Blitzkrieg or Cyanide but the remix (bonus track here) has a very EBM / Industrial feel about it and is a lot rawer than the metal version.

    Other highlight tracks include Venus In Arms and Via the End.

    Definatly a fantastic third album!

    For Fans of : Rammstien, Gothminister, Mortiis
    Avoid if : Industrial metal and repetativeness flips you off.

  5.  She's Back in, no, not black! But Grey!


    Emilie Autumn is the most lovely person I have ever listened to and met. I've been a fan for a number of years and have seen her live / met her once too!

    This EP is turning a happy pop song into a anthem for the "dark and gloomy" (as she so well said). Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is marvelously interpretated and turned into another asylum song, in which we can all dance to without reprecussions.

    The remixes are also worth while. 2, (teatime remix and harpsichord rendevouz) are by Miss EA herself, and are boht delightful...the Asylum mix is a bit...eh...sketchy, but the Bad Girl remix is absoloutly fantastic!

    Her cover of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody is also splendiforus! It's a reall hard song to cover, but Miss Emilie has broken out her electric violin, and is playing her heart out (again!).

    The bonus track that she has given us Muffins, "Gentlemen Arn't Nice" is a great song. Like a jazzed up adams family theme, it depicts how evil gentlemen (and this is a male reviewer) can be.

    Great EP!

    For fans of : Emilie Autumn...no, I really don't know!

  6.  The Best MP3 of the moment


    It's a shame that Apple insist on conning us by releasing a new iPod so frequently, but alas, it does mean that we get some good iPods...

    To the comment below, 25 months? That's better than MOST mp3 players will ever last mate...

    Anyway, for the review. The iPod classic boasts 80gbs memory. People complain that in actuality you only get 75odd gb but thats due to the softwere. And, if your buying this version, chances are you won't fill it up anyway.

    The sound quality is excellent, providing you have good headphones. As usual, the ones in box are...well, pathetic. I recomend getting a £25 pair of Sonys (thats what I did and they are lovely) or some Skullcandyz.

    The picture quality is also brilliant - I often just watch a slideshow whilst listening to music on the bus to college or town. IT's a good use of the device. There is also the option to rip your DVDs and put them on here, or buy them from the (rediculously overpriced) itunes store...

    Coverflow is nice, but if you have over 100 albums, beware, it will take a while for the album art to load up...and it will also take a good few mins to find what you want anyway.

    The games are also good - especiall the new improved music quiz.

    I've played about on the 2nd gen iPod nano, 5G iPod and iPod mini and this is definantly the best...I even prefer this to the iPod touch!

    Well done apple =D

  7.  Addictive Black Metal?


    True, it did go Number 1 in Norway - but this is in NO way a sell-out album...the only thing I dislke about the album is the artificial orchestration, but that's easily forgiven when one is pelted to the wall with rifts and blasting drums.

    The vocals are the same as any black metal if I'm honest - but there is only one band that has unique vocals to me, and that is Cradle.

    Anyway, back on the good points.

    The presentation is luxerious. One could simply explore it for days, the mirror, the symoblogy, the way it is written - priceless!

    Moreover, the fact that the album has complex song structure and is, indeed, a GOOD concept album (the only other I've heard by black / extreme metal is Damnation and a Day) makes one see this is an achivement.

    For Fans of : Cradle of Filth, Emperor, Gloomy Grim, Gorogroth
    Best Track : Sacroligious Scorn

  8.  Symphonies of Deathcore Madness?!


    Thats right, symphonic deathcore. Now we've heard everything! Ok, except maybe a metalcore album that is *extremely* original.

    This album is interusting, combining the symphonic melodies that fans of Cradle of Filth, Sceptic Flesh and Nightwish woul be familar with; with the brutality of Annotations of An Autopsy, Despised Icon and Eternal Lord. Insane mix, right?

    But it works. I must admit, I was sketchy at first, complaining the album lacked true depth upon a first listen, but after the second listen, I was changed in opinion.

    It is pretty unique - as far as one is aware, the only symphonic deathcore album availible at the moment. Well, probably the only one that went anywhere - as we'd have heard of another otherwise =].

    I would recomend this album to any deathcore fan who is getting tired of the same old formula!

    For fans of : Cradle of Filth, Sceptic Flesh, Bring Me The Horizon
    Best Track : I couldnt decide on one =S

  9.  Hope its not an early grave...


    This band has a future; only if the deathcore scence continues.

    They seem a bit one tricked, each track flowing into each other to create one (sometimes monotomous) album.

    However, this is good. I mean, look at Dragonforce, thier albums are *all* the same, and they are predicted to sell millions due to having a good publicity.

    Perhaps this is all the band needs to be inspired : interaction with a more varied crowd. Maybe it's just experiance they will gain with age.

    Overall this is a good deathcore debut.

    For fans of : Bring Me The Horizon, Misery Signals, Killswitch Engage
    Best Track : Dead to Me

  10.  He Wasn't (Bad Inspiration)


    Thats right, Avril's ex was great inspiration for this album.

    It's a great punk rock album, featuring some of the anthems of the 90's.

    The best tracks are the ones that deal with bad relationships. "My Happy Ending" and "He Wasn't" being perhaps the best on the album; of course "Slipped Away" is great...it moves me to tears every time!

    This is a great album!

    For fans of : Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Paramore
    Best Track : He Wasn't