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  1.  Good old movie from the 90's


    I love this movie and have been waiting a long time for it to come out, now its on dvd again, finally that can come true!! You do have to be open minded as it is slightly quirky and very old school effects. But i love it. Must have for my collection

  2.  HAHA insane in the membrain


    This movie is nuts, I feel clinically insane to love this movie but i do. I giggle so much at just the thought of 500 DOLLAR!! The plot...a boy who lives in a bubble..Brilliant! - wish I was there when they went to audtion for this, to see Jake Gyllenhaals face when they pitched it. Jake is too cute in this too

  3.  It was good, but not fantastic


    Leonardo Dicaprio was amazing and I personally believe that he should have won something for his performance, Kates accent seemed forced and slow, while Leonardo's acting was so powerful. I prefer Kates Winslet performance in the reader, or maybe I just expected too much from this film. I could see the love both characters held, and they loved to push each others buttons which can be seen in many relationships - this one just had dire consequences. A good movie with wonderful performances from supporting cast too, but I advise read the book its far more compelling

  4.  Ahhh its okay


    At first I found myself hopeful, someone who loves the era of 1960 - not living through it myself, it was a much darker take on the American Dream then I envisioned, one of which seemed more true to life. After the 6th episode I found no connection to any of its characters, no sympathy, I cared less and less for the lead Draper- which made it hard to watch, the more I dislike a character, the less inclined I am to want to see the outcome of his life. All in all, some stellar performances and brilliantly written- I just need more humanity within a plot, maybe some fluffy kittens and butterflies in season 3.

  5.  Amazing


    This movie is Brilliant, Captivating, engaging and shocking with its hard subject matter. This is one of the best crafting movies since for me, Atonement. I was truly moved, and the end even made me cry. It's been a long time coming that a movie of this standard came out. But be warned its not for the faint hearted, it has some very brutal scenes within.

  6.  Hated it!


    I know I have a lot of people out there who would disagree with me, a lot of die hard fans, but I truly hated this movie.
    I thought Christen Bales performance was weak, his ''Batman'' voice became unbelievable ridiculous! Although I generally adore Maggie Gyllenhaal her performance was pointless and feeble, she looked more ill then a glamorous love interest, Having 2 face underplayed was silly, he's a main villain in the comic books but was over shadowed by the Joker. Now the one opinion that's going to get me into a lot of trouble, the Joker was not that good, and not that special...in a movie that bad its not that hard to be good, his performance was mediocre and the most overrated performance I have ever seen, this coming from a girl who didn't enjoy raging bull (another overrated movie/performace) so what do I know? All in all, I wouldn't buy this movie, its up there with the Indianna Jones 4 of disappointments. :)

  7.  Brilliant!


    Amazing ITV drama! Wonderful from start to finish, and needless to say I developed a large crush on Tom Minson (what a hottie) his comic timing and his every movement conveyed every which emotion that one character can convey. The cast was simply marvellous!

  8.  Ahhhh this movie is wonderful!


    I remember seeing this when I was 12, and I was transfixed on the storyline, like one reviewer said, its not overly complicated, but it doesn't shy away from impact. This movie captures every preteen's fears, worries, joys and tribulations. I related to this movie in everyway, each character brings something to it. The soundtrack was immense too, I loved all the oldies! This movie is as pure and heartfelt that a movie can be. Safe to say I still love it 10 years on.

  9.  One of my personal fav's!


    I can't give this movie a 5, although its one of my favourites of all time, I find the acting is in places slightly wet. Wonderfully casted movie and Liv Tyler was one of my idols growing up because of this film. I have to say, you leave watching this, a little envious, well because we all wish we worked in such a cool place!