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  1.  Good little shirt, Color is a little off.


    The shirt itself is great quality, the material is nice and thick-ish, and the print is great.

    Only gripe about the shirt is that its Kelly green, would have been more suiting if it was a hunter green as i dont ever remember seeing a green lantern in a Kelly green costume.

    Other than that recommended.

  2.  Beauty of a shirt


    Great shirt for gamers and batman fans alike.
    Very comfy, nice fit with room for a long sleeve underneath.
    The artwork of gotham in the backround is brilliant.

  3.  Awesome!!!


    Awesome retro batman tshirt, great for the summer and fits nicely over a long sleeve for the winter.

    Highly recommended.

  4.  Retro with a new age spin


    Great shirt, great quality.

    The print is nice and big and feels very well done, the tshirt is comfortable.

    Highly recommended.

  5.  Zoom, Zoom Zoom!


    The picture doesnt do this tshirt a justice, its a nice thick material so you know its great quality and the print is more glittery and not plastic looking as in the pic.

    Highly recommended for any Comic book fan or Big bang theory fan.

  6.  Great design, but the colour is way off.....


    The hoody itself is very snug, its confortable and very soft on the skin the logo looks great but the colour is way... way off, it should have been hunter green.

    Either way 17.99 for a hoodie, you cant complain.

  7.  Best game since WWF No Mercy on N64


    I usualy buy these games every year, and they are usualy good for a few weeks but then i get bored as they are pretty much the same every year.

    But WWE 12 lives by its name for sure, Bigger, Badder, Better its brilliant, its smooth as anything the graphics are immense (apart from the cutscenes which have never been great) and the the controls feel much more right than they ever have.

    Now dispite how great the game is i only have a few problems with this game.... The bonus DVD was very misleading, they said when you had to vote on facebook that whoever won the Collectors edition war we would get a package based around them including a dvd of them featureing there best bits well the bonus DVD is just a disc taken from a 3 disc set and it only has 1 Rock match on it, its rubbish in other words.

    The road to wrestlemania's are boring now, i would prefer just a WWE game that purely focuses on the WWE universe mode, because especially the custom Superstar road to wrestlemania was freaking boring as hell.

    The online at the moment doesnt work, the servers just arent there they dont work at all, And im guessing as it goes with WWE games every year the online is delayed and laggy as hell, its been the same since WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006, so its not exactly something i miss as its never really been there in the first place.

    Other than that for the single player side of it, and for fun with mates this game is a blast and definatley the best game Since WWF No Mercy.

  8.  Just cant fault it


    This game just hasnt recieved the praise it deserves by the media, its probly the most realistic game your gonna get at the moment compared to its modern warfare nemisis.
    The single player is noway as good as modern warfares epic 2 parter but its enjoyable but the online is were the heart is for this game and it really does shine through compared to most shooters on the market. There are no glitches or hacks that im aware of and certain glitches that did creep from the shadows were patched instantly so you know you can rely on support for this game unlike other titles (namely mw2). If a good clean realistic shooter is what your looking for then this game is for you, cod fans dont be put off it may be different but its a better different apposed to bad.

  9.  Better than the first


    I didnt have high hopes for this game to be honest because movie tie in games suck most of the time which is a unwritten rule in the gameing world, but this game is surprisingly fun, the part i like most is the fact it isnt based stricly on the film it has its own story and the flight mode has been improved.

    If you are a Iron man fan then this game is for you, forget about the first game, this one is better with better graphics a better combat system, flight mode is easier and more fun, and its got more unlockables and trophys :)

    Have fun, hope this review helped :)

  10.  Beautiful Full screen 1080p Picture quality!


    i was put off by the person that reviewed it and said it was a dissapointment, but then i thought screw it for £9.99 its gotta be at least half decent, Well..... put it this way for £9.99 you get a amazing film for starters and its one of the few blurays that is complete full screen (16x9, 1.85:1) and the quality and the colours are just out of this world. If you liked this film when it was released you will love it even more on bluray, hopefully this review helped you with your decision and i know you wont regret getting this amazing bluray.