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  1.  Brilliant, Funny, Dark, Realistic & A Must See !!!!


    Season 1 introduces you to The Sopranos in fine style. Brutal, funny and stylish ... & it's not all about mob hits. I first discovered The Sopranos when they were in the middle of season 2. I have since watched it all the way from the opening scene outside Dr Melfi's office, to the final scene and the excellent Journey classic a few times now, and i will NEVER tire of watching this gem of a drama/dark comedy.
    This has the best actors and characters you will ever find, each one of them brilliantly acted. The best part is there is none of the expected glamour that you get in your usual Mafia movies. Well, maybe a bit glamour, but it tends to be tongue in cheek. This shows that each and every character as flawed in some way. At times this can be brutal, then at times it can have its nice moments, and a lot of the time can make you laugh when you know you shouldn't laugh. Very cleverly done.
    Truly the best drama i have ever seen.
    Sadly missed, but always watched.

  2.  Top Class Music From A Top Class Show


    The best thing about this, or any other Sopranos soundtrack cd for that matter, is that when you hear the great songs again, they can take you back to an episode, or a certain scene. That's the beauty of The Sopranos, you can always go back and relive "the best drama/dark comedy of all time"!!! Tell me i'm wrong..... Also, look out for some classic dialogue at the end of Disc 2, classic Junior & Walnuts in amongst some great clips!!!!

  3. Catch 22

    Catch 22

    Tinchy Stryder - CD

    13 New from  £2.90  Free delivery

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    I have only heard two tracks from this album, but if they are anything to go by, the album is gonna be very very decent !!
    This boy is the epitomy of cool and quality !!