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  1.  Not very impressed


    Well i was really looking forward to this game.Loved the first game soooo much. Could not wait until this one arrived. I orderd it the day it came out and started playing.I soon lost all my positive points towards the game. My biggest problem with the game is the storyline is too SHORT. An if your not careful you can miss alot of achievements with the side missions. Cat women in the game made it refreshing and fun but again way to SHORT and the downloadable content made things difficult too.The challenges are ok but repetitive. Things for me were not as enjoyable as the first game and well disappointed.Wish i saved my money and waited. At least i have the shiney tin version, at least that will last longer. he he! Im hoping things will improve next time IF another game is made???

  2.  OMG great FISHER!!!!


    I have never really fancied playing a tom clancy game before(i have played previous splinter cells before,and did not enjoy).So i thought i should have a little whizz.at splinter cell conviction.It turns out the game gets you hooked and you feel like the game is short when really your soo hooked you have been playing it all day.I agree a few extra chapters would be good on both single and co-op.I cant stress enough how fun this game is.So people out there are great fans but i believe that this game has come along way.I used to play splinter cell on xbox and i just could not get the grips of it.I feel this game is suited for anyone who loves to sneak in and suprise.My boyfriend is findingit hard to keep me off it.lol!! I would love if they made another one in this way as i feel this one makes all the difference.

  3.  Educational


    Great game to play anywhere any time.I play this game alot when im travelling.It makes you think but at the same time you enjoy it.There are many puzzles to play and you can get medals in all of them if you get better.You can take a test to.See how heavy or smart your brain is.There are all types of puzzles.To make you think hard or to get you to work quicker.In time you will be bale to get high mars/medals and a better test grade to.

  4.  Great!!


    This game is just a laugh.You can whip and fly across places or you can grab a gilr for a kiss.Its soooo funny.Its great that when you walk by snakes he is scared or when you are a women you can scream the others away.You can break almost everything.A great game to play with others to.

  5.  Fab!!


    This game is really fun and great for all ages.I play it with my friend and we both enjoy it.It makes us laugh with all the different bad guys and costumes.I really like this game and all the other lego games.It fun and easy to play.Some thigs you will need to search for or you can just pick up and play.

  6.  Great


    At first i was little worried as alot of the time after a good album a not soo great one will be near.I have shock value and then i bought this one and i thought it was GREAT!!! I have listen to the album soo many time.My fave song is "tommorrow in a bottle".If you liked the last album and loves it then i would say get this one as its SUPER!!!.

  7.  Not that great


    If you buy the sims 3 thinking that it will be a follow on to the other sims then you will be wrong.They have changed it sooo much that its likes playing a new type of game.
    Im not that impressed as i was half exspecting it to be a great follow on with much more to do.But they have added a few things and have taken everything else away.
    Yh so your sim has a few more traits and a more exciting view but there are less items and more rubbish hair styles and clothes.

    I have playing the sims every since the first ones cames out.To be honest i played on the sims 1 and 2 alot more then the sims 3 and it is just come out!!

    I will be unistalling this game anf going back to the sims 2 as i feel there is more to that.

    To me the graphics are that great and you can not do much with the neighbourhood.To be honest you can not do much with the sims themselves except go out but they get rired fast anyway.I was wanted soo much more.