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  1.  A legend in the making


    All songs on here are brilliant! - If you're yet to preorder this check King Charles out via youtube and you will be back within minutes. Can't wait for my signed copy!!
    Saw him in Doncaster last night and he was brilliant, live his voice was literally album quality, this man has raw talent!

  2.  Don't worry, Be Happy!


    Don't panic if you have no other HDD to back up to first. Yes this may be recommended but like me you could just as easily backup using a 128mb pen drive - and who hasn't got one of those!!

    I was worried at first as my 500GB external HDD cannot be read by my ps3 as it isn't formatted as FAT32
    I decided to backup only my game saves to a small usb device and about a hundred saves was only 100mb, the only downside is that this is time consuming.
    when i changed the HDDs over (taking 2 mins) the ps3 STILL HAD my user AND all of my online info, in-fact it was the latest firmware. So all i did was copied the saves across, re-synced trophies and went to the downloads section at the top of the PS store - Same old PS3 in a matter of an hour, the only difference is that i don't have to delete the old to play the new.

  3.  Did i just watch mean machine?


    All of the characters were based on exactly the same characters as mean machine and the plot was step by step the same. Even the team is called mean machine xD

    I not saying this is a bad thing as mean machine is amazing but from a personal note if you haven't seen either go for mean machine. This may be funnier but mean machine is much much cooler.

  4.  I didn't think it'd be this good


    At first I had a few concerns about the game without the sands that we're now used to and the dramatic change in visuals. I absolutely loved the other games... but this is even better.

    With brilliant graphics, simple and impressive gameplay this is very good fun and I for one keep going back for more.

    At this price wether a fan of the old prince of persia games or new to the franchise it's definitely worth a go!

  5.  Great series, started off something special


    Even though skins has never been the same since the first series it's still great to watch, but this is what started it all off. I biught the DVD after watching all 3 series (up to last weeks series 3) and I would go back and watch this one repeatedly.

  6.  Mixed reviews from the cinema


    This had possibly the worst story that I've seen in a film, when I saw the trailers and thought 'the unborn twin is haunting his born sister' I had a feeling it could be really good, but the story is actually about a demon from another world trying to possess her but the only thing is... where is the sense?
    It follows her and possesses everyone she loves but doesn't actually bother with her?? What?
    Not only that but there is a big exorcism near the end, are we forgetting that the demon isn't possessing her?
    Sorry about all of the question marks but this is a very undecided film, it feels like they came up with the story too quickly and didn't actually realise how contradicting it was.

    In all fairness I did have a good time when I went to see this at the cinema but only really because if you watch it with a friend it is hilarious.
    This however is just one guys opinion, I was in a group of 10, 3 of which said they enjoyed it, one of which screamed twice and the other 6 (including me) just laughed through the non scariness of it and wished they'd used their money to go and see bolt.

  7.  Amazing title, but does the fun never stop?


    I am afraid it does...
    This game is amazing. Graphics are crisp and colourful, controls are great and the game play is even better but unfortunately if you are to play on your own it does get a bit boring quite fast.
    With friends the fun does not stop and the four player online is brilliant and once the story mode is completed there are many levels to keep playing, some of which are extremely impressive.

    Aside from this you can make your own levels with simple tools at your disposal which I have to say after you have made a few simple things these really are easy to use to make some impressive things. You can have hours of fun just making different things and yes this literally anything that you can come up with. After this you can upload the levels to the community and they can be played by any other little big planet user which can then be hearted if liked which is a nice feature.

    All in all I would say that the concept of this game is very original and is definitely worth a try!
    Although it may look like the game may be aimed at small children it is perfect for people of all ages.

  8.  Don't listen to the hype...


    Experience it yourself.
    I have now played through four story missions and am the 5th rank online so I now have a good feel for the game. I have to say when I first played this game I thought it was the best game that I've ever played and now it is certainly still up there, definitely the best FPS I've ever played.
    At first you feel over whelmed with the great story mode, superb graphics and the immersive online play but after a few hours play you start to feel the glitches, however there is not enough wrong with it for it to lose a star.

    The graphics are the best yet seen in a game and will probably be the best for many games to come, once you get a good feel for the controls they work surprisingly well and this is the first game that I feel has used to motion controls so that they are actually enjoyable, have a point and are not just frustrating and included for no reason.

    I own all three next gen consoles so I am not just here as a fan boy, however I must say that my Playstation is my pride and joy and is much better than my 360 or wii. I am also a fan of the halo series but I have to say in my opinion this does beat halo, hands down without a shadow of a doubt.

    All in all I would say that this game is a must own for all PS3 owners, especially fans of FPS games. If you are not sure about buying then it at least worth a rent.