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  1.  Definitely not traditional


    Now, I see other people have criticised this movie for not being a typical Christmas film. It doesn't have a holly jolly Christmas day with loving relatives around the fire. It doesn't feature ghosts, angels or much about Christmas at all. But something about it does make me feel Christmassy. I guess it is almost a little realistic about families at Christmas (in some respects any way, not the slapstick humour).

    I think what people didn't like is that it isn't really a Christmas film as such, just that it's set around Christmas time, if that makes sense. Witherspoon and Vaughn vists their respective family households around Christmas time and it is kind of interesting to see how each celebrates it.

    It's almost the transition within Witherspoon and Vaughn is the true Christmas tone to this movie. They start out as people who don't even want to get married, then by the end, completely entranced by the idea of family and finally realising that they want to finally become a family and no longer want secrets from one another, this is when the film finally sets its Christmas tone. It's a (mediocre) Christmas miracle! It's not quite It's a Wonderful Life transition, but it's definitely along those lines.

    I understand I am a little bit generous with the scoring here (3*) but to be honest, it's still a Christmas film. I will always rate those a little higher. I guess it's worth a watch if it's Christmas and you need something to do for an hour and a half. A few laughs here and there and a sentimental ending. It's not a bad movie but it certainly isn't fantastic either.

  2.  a must for any paramore fan.


    i am a size 10-12 and a medium fits perfectly (if you like the skinny fit). the white also isn't a seethrough white that you get with some white tops nowadays. perfect fit all over.

    a perfect purchase for any paramore fan :D

  3.  Don't look at it as a GTA rip-off.


    If we were to compare everything to GTA, most games would look pretty inferior (although I must say, I couldn't get on with those controls on GTA4). I have played GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas. Yet this game still has something they didn't.

    Yes, the plot, characters and scenarios are not realistic. But why would you want realism in a video game? Escape it. This game is fun. The dialogue is humorous. Heck, even the characters are likable (with celebrity voices I might add).

    Yes, the graphics are inferior and not as crisp and realistic as GTA but in this game, you are given the chance to CREATE YOUR OWN CHARACTER (that's right, a big selling point to me). You are given the ability to create anyone you like. You can even create females (which makes it a bit funny when your character takes on crime lords). So obviously, to incorporate the character you make, the graphics are not gonna be excellent, but they're still pretty decent (higher standard than PS2).

    And the money you spend is definitely not wasted on gameplay time. My file is currently 50 hours. This is not because this game is impossible to beat or I'm an awful gamer. It's because there is so much to do, that if you don't feel like doing the assigned mission, you can do another activity, including: Hitman, Mayhem, Insurance Fraud, and the Septic Avenger.

    You can even co-op play over xbox live (which you will need to do at some point to get some of the achievements).

    Bottom line: This game is worth it.

  4.  Don't expect originality.


    It's decent enough. I mean, I wanted to watch this movie because it was a chick flick. I got what I expected.
    Don't go into this film expecting something new.
    It's the same thing you'll see in most chickflicks, so there isn't much point in highlighting key characters and areas.

    I laughed, I cried and l cheered at the end. It'll get the same reaction out of you as any other chickflick. Good enough if you're in the mood for one.

  5.  I fell asleep.


    Yes, it had a somewhat okay storyline. Yes, the cast was decent. Yes, it was "supposedly" an action packed thriller.
    Yet I still could not keep my eyes open. It just did not work. The word that springs to mind is mediocre.
    I rest my case.

  6.  Who is that man dancing with the Blue Badger?


    Gosh, i have to admit, i truly did underestimate this game.
    Utterly fantastic. At no point was i bored.
    Clue in the title, you are phoenix wright, a new defense attorney. Now, right there, people are automatically going to say "wow. Fun" with a sarcastic tone, but hear me out. While it sounds lame, it's one of the best games i have played on the ds.
    The storylines and cases keep you on the edge of your seat, so much so that i couldn't put down my ds. The soundtrack is also fantastic. Just adding to the emotion and tension.
    Buy this game.

  7. Teeth



    4 New from  £5.95  Free delivery

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     Not to be taken too seriously.


    I must admit, i adore bad films. I often find them as fun to watch as good films. If you do decide to watch this film, don't watch it expecting something fantastic. Watch it for its sheer badness. It's so bad, it goes from bad to brilliant. I personally thought it was an amazing film, just because it was so bad.
    Firstly, you have to think about the plot itself. It's a silly plot. It was never supposed to be a serious horror movie. Just enjoy it at face value. It's fun to watch. Don't take it too seriously.

    If you want a comedy to watch, then watch this.
    (Warning to men: You will feel their pain)