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  1.  Oh my god


    One sentence describes the Company of Heroes experience. 'Oh my god....'

    Trust me to say this. It is ace. Cinematic experience.

    Ace story. 4 unique sides for any RTS sides, American Able Company/ British 2nd Army, Wermacht/ Panzer Elite. Each have their own stories to play through. Ace units, nicely designed and created. Skirmishes keep the game going, never get bored with it.

    Frantic WW2 style action, never a quiet moment in this game. Good for hour evening plays such as skirmishes or a mission. Doesn't last too long, just right. A must have if you are an RTS fan.

  2.  Ignore bad reviews


    Ignore any bad reviews, it is simply pc luck. You either have the right rig for this game or you don't. I have a mid end laptop and it can benchmark this game in high fine. Massive unit selection for Soviets, NATO and US Army. Amazing game. Real time and full of action with ace what if Cold War story worth experiencing. Each map is full fo things going on, your units, pc controlled units, and enemy. Good checkpoint capturing systems and each unit type are so unique with ace tactical weapons to assist you. Ace tanks, helis, fighters and no base building required, just collect points, buy units and have the dropped into you maps via large Hercules planes or the Soviet/ NATO alternatives. Everything is in your control as a commander. Ace camera controls if you rig can handle it and everything is pure eye candy. Like playing a movie as well as watching one. GET IT NOW no regrets unless you are unlucky with rig. One of my fave RTS's.

  3.  WOW (capital W, capital O, capital W!)


    Now this game is awesome. One of my fave RTS's. Good camera controls, ace units, no story but not needed as is the ways it plays. Awesome graphics and decent FPS even in lower end systems. Playing it on a laptop no issues with Entrenchment that adds starbases that can hold off an entire fleet when fully upgraded. Ace capital ships, ace frigate and cruiser selection and battles complete with fighters/ bombers. Fully moddable, lots of maps to choose from up to 10 sides, 130 planets, 6 suns, etc. Similar to Supreme Commander in terms of camera controls. Visually ace and fleet battles are entertaining with no end. Good selection of planets and occupy able system types. GET IT NOW YOU WON'T REGRET IT. I don't. Slightly steep learning curve but a breezed once you understand it all. Never get bored with it. 11/10.

  4.  Not dissapointed at all


    This is the most exciting Codename Panzers I have played. More action, explosions and eye candy than1 & 2. The graphics, especially in DX10, are delicious. BUT this game is power hungry and you need a decent rig to play it with satisfying graphics. One of the only 4 favorite RTS I have in my laptop; WiC Soviet Assualt, CoH full set, Sins f a Solar Empire and this, it is up there as the only four games I will keep. Tank battles are great, great mission layout, great skirmishes for continued fun, and play in hard settings or higher for satisfaction. The explosions are awesome. Important to keep an eye on your units as experienced units are worth their weight in gold, they can be used in the next mission. Good selection of units and infantry with upgrades, and ability fo build relocatable temporary bases to heal or repair squad before moving on. Did not have to patch the game and am playing on a laptop, no issues so far. Get it if you like Codename Panzers but with bigger tanks and explosions, similar to CoH gameplay wise with squad selections. You can sell units, buy units, no base building but can set up defenses when needed. AI quite smart in my opinion.

  5.  Awesome, epic, very true to Middle Earth feel...


    Where can I start? There are so many good points about this game if mentioning a few minor negative points that there isn't an ideal way to start saying just how good this RTS title is and should satisfy critical demanding RTS fans and Tolkien fans alike.

    Okay, here we go. This is a sequel to the first TbfME. However, unlike sequels this one does not disappoint and also gives you an experience that differs from the first game. If you liked the first one you will like this one better.

    If you are after epic battles, you will be satisfied. If you are after gargantuan leviathans tearing their way through armies, you will be satisfied. Just try the Balrog, exploding from the deep, scattering everyone into the air. If you are after RTS gaming with some tactical thinking required and graphics/ animations to satisfy, then you will be glad you brought this. If you are after yet another Tolkien experience that stays true to its feel, add this to your books and DVDs.

    This game has new factions based on the battle that takes place simultaneously to that between Gondor/ Rohan and Isengard/ Minas Morgul, the drawves, elves, rangers against Mordor/ goblins of the Iron Hills. The factions of the original game are present but in a more rounder form i.e. horselords of Rohan have combined with Gondor soldiers to form Men of the West. Spells are more awesome as are some larger creatures. Armies have more detailed bodies and varied bodies in units.

    The ability to customize your heroes to fight alongside those of the story is a cool feature. You will enjoy this. An experience worth saviouring. Treat yourself to this, you deserve it.