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  1.  [SR-125i] simply put, amazing.


    Let's keep this short and sweet. These headphones were not my first dip into the audiophile pool, but these impressed me so much they will keep me going for the foreseeable future!

    They look great with their old retro looks! Brilliant construction and quality, extremely light on the head with lovely flat pads for added comfort. Combine all the aesthetics with a simply pure, brilliant, and FUN sound signature it makes me wonder if i can ever purchase another brand after Grado have simply spoiled me with quality.

    These phones let you truly hear what the music should sound like, do not fall victim to Monster Beats claims (or any other brand for that matter). 5* all the way!

  2.  A step up from Incredibad!


    This album is very good. I felt that there first album has about 5-6 good songs, which is fine in an average 10-13 track album (less so if the album is 13 tracks) but when you realise that the entire album is 19 tracks long it is kinda disappointing.

    As with the predecessor this too is 19 tracks but a FAR better selection of songs can be found on this album. Some great singles have already been released off this album but there are several gems on this album too which will no doubt become chat success. Unlike Incredibad, i would so only 4 tracks on this entire album are poor. A great and funny album that will entertain anyone, the big name artists they've managed to collaborate with on this album is insane!

  3.  Simply Delightful!


    I admit i have not heard anything of Plan B prior to this album, but going from this album i think the man is simply brilliant.

    Every track on this album i would not skip, each song has a different tempo and sound which keeps every song unique and enjoyable enough to hear its whole duration. This man has a great voice, this is an album you can just sit back and simply enjoy!

  4.  Different, but in a good way


    I was not the biggest fan of Chris' first album, but i really liked the new direction he took with his following album "Graffiti", this new album is also pretty different from it's predecessor but i think it really works

    Prior to hearing this album i had only heard one single (Yeah x3) and fortunately i liked that particular track, i figured i would give this album a good listen too.

    This album has a great opening track, i am a firm believer that an album needs to give the listener and good opener in order to establish a good vibe for the duration of it, and this album does that very well. My favorite song on the whole album is undoubtedly "She ain't you" with the song sampling Micheal Jackson's "Human Nature" LP (this happens to be one of my favorite MJ songs). Other good tracks are the opener, the song with Ludacris (Wet the Bed) and the song with Bieber (Next 2 You).

    At 13 tracks long this album is the perfect length in my opinion. The tracks contain a good variety of up-tempo and slower jams. This is a very good listen, Chris is getting my vote more and more!

  5.  Brilliant


    I must admit, i was a bit sceptical about getting this album, i have heard Drake in a lot of other artists where he is featured on the track, so i was not entirely sure what his actual sound or style of music would entail, all i can say is i am glad i took the gamble.

    This album is brilliant. I cannot actually fault a single song. The album is an excellent mix of upbeat songs mixed with slower, chilled out numbers, combine this variation with an impressive selection of featured artists and this makes this album a very good listen.

    I would recommend this album to anyone who is thinking of getting it, Drake is definitely an artist to watch out for. At play's price this album is an absolute bargain.

  6.  Simply Brilliant


    I own Kanye's previous 3 albums to this newest one, and this is the best without a doubt. What really shocked me with this album was it was consistently good throughout its entire duration, i found with all of Kanye's albums it's got some really good songs then truly rubbish songs, but this was just fantastic throughout. Upbeat songs like "All the lights on" to the sublime chill out of "Blame Game", this album has it all. A definite must buy, good to see a musical genius like Mr West back on form once more.

  7.  Simply blown away.


    If i try and write a review on this system now i don't think my words could possible do it much justice. First off i was sceptical about this system, a lot of expert reviews seemed to suggest this system lacked any musical clarity, it was just power and muddy bass, this i believe is complete rubbish, but i'll talk about that later.
    This system looks stunning, the large black grill and silver satellite speakers compliment any desktop, and the monsterous size of the subwoofer really does reflect the power and sound it can produce. The system specifications say that the speakers are 40watts x 2 and the sub is 120watts, even with the sub turned off the speakers sound very powerful and detailed and sound great, the sub is merely an added bonus. The clarity and sound reproduction of these speakers are fantastic, no matter what the genre of music you listen to, and once the sub is on you FEEL the music as well as hear it, it will make your trouser leg move if you are even close to the sub once turned on and with the volume high. Me and my friend had a laugh and played "welcome to heartbreak" by Kanye West, with the sub turned to half way with high volume and the washing machine a floor below was moving, not to mention the glasses on the shelves also started to vibrate, they are not exagerrating when they say this system has thunderous sound. As for movies this system is equally, if not better than when playing music, the THX certificate is well deserved and explosions come to life around you, as you feel them as well as watch.
    Overall a great system, and for the price i honestly think you have no chance of buying anything that is better value for money. One thing i will strongly warn buyers before purchasing, these speakers need a good soundcard, i cannot stress this enough. If you plug anything like an iPod or a computer with a poor sound card in them will make these speakers sound pretty poor, the punch in the bass dissapears and becomes very laid back, and unfortunately there is a great loss in clarity, making them deserve the criticism that there is no detail in the sound. Have a good soundcard, and truly reap the benefits of this system :)

  8.  Sennheiser have done it again :D


    Prior to purchasing these headphones, i had always tried to steer clear of 'in ear' headphones, opting to have the traditional ear bud that sat on the outside of your ear. A lot of my friends have products from Bose, Klipsh and even Dr Dre that were all in-ear buds, and after them constantly telling me that i "didn't know what i was missing" i decided to get myself a pair, after researching a lot on the Sennheiser website (must declare i have a bias for Sennheiser products), these looked like the real deal.
    I wanted an ear phone that was going to give me a balanced sound, i didnt want it too heavy on the bass, but at the same time i didnt want it to be treble heavy with no real warmth of power to the music, and these phones deliver just that. Upon first opening the box, you get a great variety of different ear pieces you can fit onto the ear bud, and once you find the right one (when i say right i mean most comfortable) you put them in your ears and a lot of sound is blocked out straight away, allowing you to hear pure music. These ear buds sound great, a real sense of clarity is heard (although not at first, but once they've burned in a few hours) throughout all genres of music, but there is also a serious level of bass presence too, with even demanding frequency bass found in R&B/Hip Hop songs sounding superb and full of richness.
    If you are looking for an headphone that is non-intrusive, great in sound and build quality and simply looks neat in appearance then look no further, the integrated sound control is a great extra too!

  9.  Response


    "Beforei fork out for these i prefer having my music in mp3 format, i read in reviews of the earphone versions of these that the music quality can suffer a bit unless its on cd or vinyl, is this true?

    Ty for any help"

    There is an element of truth behind that yes. MP3 is a lossy audio codec, its very nature means that when its converted to MP3 it loses alot of the 'unneccessary' parts of the audio file. CD quality is far superior to MP3, consdierably better tbh, if you think about it this way, the highest MP3 bit rate a file can have is 320 kbps, a CD that would be in 'Redbook' format (standard audio type for CD's) would have a bit rate of 1412 kbps per file, thats over four times more bit rates per second, just think of all the 'unneccessary' stuff the MP3 file is getting rid of, its an awful lot to be fair. Even other Codecs like .wav and .flac are far superior to MP3, with FLAC being the huge preferance as far as im concerned. IF you have expensive, top end Hi-Fi equipment and then plug these level of headphones into it them (well they claim their monitoring headphones so...) you will hear the difference between an MP3 and a CD quality file. If you dont, or you're listening to an iPod then you probably wont hear the difference. Hope this helped :)

  10.  Different, Great.


    Even though its only 8 tracks long, it does come with the added bonus of giving you the previous album in the box as a 2CD set, but that wasnt really a bonus because i already had the Fame! I had heard "Bad Romance" prior to getting this album, so seeing it as the first track really got me raring to go when listening to her new material, and with songs like "Poker Face", "Star Struck" and "I like it Rough" to follow up from she had set the bar high as far as im concerned, and she managed to do one better, match it and then beat it. "Alejandro" is a great follower, very catchy and different, but really worked. To be honest i loved all the tracks, with the weakest imo being "Speechless" and my favourite being "So happy i could die". SImply put, if you liked "The Fame" you will like this, and although it isnt very long it defintly is 'short and sweet'. Give it a listen, 5 Stars!