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  1.  It's off to work we go...


    Visually, this is probably one of the most impressive films I've seen in a long time. The FX work is tackled with a level of realism and physicality that lends this fairytale epic a certain edge that makes it a cut above the rest. Performances are solid all around, Kirsten and Theron representing light and dark with an equal amount of gusto (although it's always more fun to play it darkside - animal slaughter and the like). It may not be able to hold onto the thrilling momentum of the opening half, but this is still a seriously good fantasy flick nonetheless.

  2.  Awesome assembled.


    Throw a handful of awesome superheroes together, topped with a truly funny script and some dazzling visuals, and Joss Whedon's Avengers is easily the best Marvel film released to date. Fun, frantic and packed so many badass moments, any scene where the hulk steals the spotlight (and he does - a lot!) is icing on the heroic cake. Not exactly perfect, it lacks any true emotional weight during the climax, but with almost everything else, it fires on all cylinders.

  3.  You're a Wizard, Harry. (If it isn't obvious by now.)


    As a not-really fan of Harry Potter, I can say that this is a genuinely exciting finale to the movie franchise. As expected, things get a wee bit darker, with a certain snake stealing scenes (and, wehey, alliteration!) and pushing the 12s rating a little bit for fantasy. The acting has improved from our main trio, and the effects are gobsmacking! If there was anything to let the film down, it's perhaps the slight disservice to certain characters come (x2) the big death-filled showdown and, of course, the silliness involving fat suits and artificial facial hair. But, whatevs.

  4.  It's a movie about robots. Know this.


    People can complain that a certain director ruined their childhood memories, blah blah blah. This movie is an awesome ACTION flick. It is an awesome ROBOT flick. Seriously, the action scenes, especially here, have just the right amount of transformer debris flying at my face. And the story is almost a story here, too. But what let's these films down are its human components. The same goes for this one. It's the same routine over and over. But in terms of explodey goodness, you get that in spades.

  5.  Aye aye, Captain!


    This is a great little BIG action flick. It's more thoughtful and character driven than the majority of Marvel's output, which may put those looking for a quick thrill to sleep, but when the going is good, it's REALLY good. Chris Evans gives a cracking performance, along with everyone else. There's also a really good message throughout the film! Awww!

  6.  No City of Angels...


    This is a very intense film that highlights the extremities of Hood life in Rio. What came as more of a surprise to me is the film's quieter moments, or instances that borderline on fun, which only make the vicious crimes that much worse when juxtaposed with one another. The central performances are excellent and the director carries a flare and swiftness that keeps you glued and never bored. Highly recommended!

  7.  Vamps suck, but this movie doesn't!


    The Road meets 28 Days Later meets Zombieland, Stake Land is a bleak, bleaky film, with awesomely scary vampires and even scarier human cults. It has no problem taking the long route, the back road, if you will, when exploring vampires, but it's totally worth it. Dark, compelling, and with some great action scenes, this is one of the best vamp flicks going at the moment.

  8.  Zombie Nation


    It's movies like this that kinda make you wish that the entire world go to **** and be overrun by zombies PURELY so you can beat the crap out of them with baseball bats and make up silly rules. This movie is pure class. It's funny, smart and just one great way to kill a few undead hours.

  9.  Prepare for a few sleepless nights.


    I think the novelty has worn off a little bit, and I can't imagine this film being as fun as it was in the cinema on DVD, BUT, the series does still have enough of that paranormal juice (?) to offer up a thrill or three. The finale is a little all over the place, but when the scares do come, they're awesome. Definitely a film to watch with friends. Or else in the dark in a locked room with your favourite teddy.

  10.  Braaaaiiiiinnns! Omnom!


    An ambitious, beautiful looking series, when it comes to gore, carnage and the kind of sticky, red stuff that you're meant to wear on the inside of your meat suit, The Walking Dead nails it. Totally nails it. Unfortunately, it loses a star due to some underdeveloped characters and a few pacing issues. But, really, if it's an awesome amount of zombies you're after with some of the best looking zombie effects, well, EVER, this purchase is a no-brainer!