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  1.  X


    This is good

    I have been watching Xmen Evolution and my brother has been watching this. The first that put me off about this was it is called "Wolverine and the Xmen" but in the first episode you can see why.
    The animation is good, some characters look a little different (Cyclops)
    This focus on Wolverine trying to put together the Xmen again due an explosion blowing up the house and making Jean Grey disappear and Xavier into a coma. Some of the characters are: Wolverine, Xavier,Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beats, Iceman, Shadowcat, NightCrawler, Rogue, Magneto, Pyro, Juggernaut, Gambit as well as a few others.
    The stories are good and welcome a new generation to watch the Xmen

  2.  some good some bad


    Some of the films are good some, i found to be boring (Deathly w.e. prt 1) The best ones I found were 3 and 4.
    Acting. . . THE MAIN THREE, I dont think dan radcliffe is that good to be honest. Emma Watson can act but sometimes gets on my nerves...sorry....The best one out of the three is rupert grint. However, all the actors are overshone by the performance of Alan Rickman. Everytime he is n he steals the show.
    Picture quality is good. sound, could be a little better, had to turn it up slightly.

  3.  Doctor BOO


    I was looking forward to this series mainly due to Stephen Moffat writing some of the best episodes but I was wrong.
    The episodes are boring....They are not Doctor Who.They just seem like hes running around forward and backwards and then "finds" something and defeats the enemies.
    The acting...Karen Gillian who plays amy pond and the actor who plays rory in the show are good, maybe they should be the doctor and the companion because him who is currently the doctor is one of the worst actors on television. . . all he does is look gormless and can not do sad and sympathy. His voice is nearly all the same throughout even in the happy and sad times...
    Make him regenerate soon....He says he wants to be a legend. in my eyes HE WILL NEVER BE A LEGEND and THE WORST DOCTOR

  4.  classic disney


    Classic Disney.....Fantastic animation saying it was done in the 40s. Fantastic film
    itll make you
    laugh, cry and feel good

  5.  Good watch


    This is a good film to watch. At the start you start off with chekov/kirk and scotty. Some mistakes were made here, but that is mainly due to scotty and chekov was meant to be bones n spock.
    This is were the story throughout the story start so I wont tell you abou it (SPOILER)
    aFTER THIS YOU JUMP FORWARD TO TNG era, there are some laugh along the way from here.

    Well acted throughout the film. ok special effects.

  6.  Its ok... :|


    Ok, I ama fan of Family GUy I have all the Family Guy DVDs, and was lookign forward to this.
    I wacthed it and was disappointed to be honest.

    Firstly, in the yellow writing it stats that they didnt want to do it etc but I just took it as a joke. Some parts are funny. Its nowhere near as good as the others.
    Its only arounf an hour long and there are some scenes when I watched were I expected a joke but there wasnt one.
    1 bit would be in "Return of the Jedi" Lando knocks the dish off the Falcon. In this it doesnt happen, I thought they couldve made a good joke there.

    I think if you havent got the other 2 and are going to get this, save up and get the boxset to be honest.

  7.  2 CONCERTS OF QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great gift for any queen fan or rock fan :) well worth the money with the special features

  8.  READY FREDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is a fantastic concert!!!!!! Must have for any queen fan and rock fans

    R.i.p. Freddie



    Yeah, i didnt really like this series due to seeing alot of them on bbc3 but i enjoyed the new scenes



    Brilliant, very funny

    Classic 90s film, basically kevin gets left at home when his family goes on holiday and some robbers try to rob things so he defends the house.

    Very very superb film