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  1.  perfect film


    This film was brilliant, lots of action and a brilliant story line to it. i would recommend it but if you are a person who doesnt like reading subtitles then don't buy it. just as good as crouching tiger and house of flying daggers.

  2.  Its alrite


    It was a good film and it does deserve them 3 stars but no more not a war classic at all a very good story to about the famous russian sniper.
    It is a good film to watch and have in your collection but it is one of those movies you watch once and then about a year later you might get it back out.

  3.  let down


    complete let down in my opinion i had high hopes because the original flashpoint was the best war game ever just brilliant. this was nothing like the original if you think this game is realistic play operation flashpoint 1 you will think differently.

    terrible terrible game failed attempt, also they tryed to make this game like call of duty 4 witch is also a bad game.

  4.  Best war film


    Amazing war film, it may be long but it is the best great actors and the story is great. some people say it is a wierd film i understand why but you cant take away the fact this film is just the best war film and that this created 5.1 dolby digital. if any one thinks differently about this film they should watch the extra fetures and learn abit more about this film because it is just a caulity film and capola is just so talented at making films. it does show in this film. : )

    Just brilliant ; )

  5.  good war film


    good war its good the whole way through i would recommend it if you like apocalypse now.

  6. Rage



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     An exicting book


    i got into this book staight away, though i was quite disapointed at the ending. This book has alot of twists and is exciting to read worth a look.

  7.  Such a good gangsta film


    this film shows what it was like in south central l.a. in the 80's/90's good film if you havent seen it you should watch it if you like gta sanadreas or just music like eazy-e, n.w.a. ; )

  8.  great film


    so funny this film, use to have it vidio years ago saw it on t.v the other day thought i have to get it again : )

  9. Recoil



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     lovin this book


    great book havent finished it yet but not far of. its great and i will be getting crossfire because i think andy mcnab is just a great writer plus he was in the sas.

  10.  fantastic trilogy


    i love the die hard films my favourite action one reason is because i saw the first one when i was about 6-7 with my brother lol : ) my favourite is the 3rd but the first 2 are just as good i love all these die hard films and the trilogy is good with what its got in it. anoyingly me and my bro have lost die hard 2 disc 1hehe : (.