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  1.  Shock horror or horrible shock?


    Bad, bad bad....i had to watch to the end even though it was awful...cliched and tires to be "instsnt cult classic" even though it just deserves to go straight to bargain bucket.
    Avoid at all costs otherwise like me...that will be 105 minutes of your life you can never claim back !!!

  2.  Funny Games or pointless viewing?


    Having read the "arty" reviews at length i decided to watch this thinking this may offer something different. And on that scale it did not dissapoint.
    The only problem was it offered extreme dissapointment. It's unbelievably slow, the conversation between charachters is stilted at best.. The early exchanges between Naomi Watts and another character over borrowing eggs is cringworthy to watch and would never happen (the guy would not be one foot in the door).
    So to all of those who decide my review is harsh please be courteous to read it and respect my opinion as i did yours before i watched the film.
    I would not buy this if it was in a bargain bucket and cannot recommend it to anyone as it was not shocking because of what if left to your imagination or the numerous "off screen action shots" but shocking that it was remade at all..

  3.  I'd rather meet the Munsters on a dark night!


    The trouble is with critics that it's one persons opinion. However with this film and such a low rating 67 people is quite a good canvas.
    So tagline........"from the guys who watched 300". Well i did too but i didn't go out and waste valuable video footage creating something so genuinely unfunny. The jokes are poor at best, all this "send-up comedy" peaked witht he Naked Gun movies and should have ended there.
    Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans honestly guys please get an original idea rather than making a quick buck from someone else brainchild.
    So avoid at all costs..........especially £12.99 & when it's in the bargain bucket at Christmas just remember why it got there so fast !

  4.  "show me the funny".........


    Well. this is going to be hard not to oversell how great this film is..but here goes.
    Tom Cruise?..........Love him or hate him is outstanding & Cuba Gooding Jr not only won an "Oscar" for his role but proved to be a damned fine actor with brilliant comedic timing too. Renee (pre Bridget Jones) Zellweger proved to be excellent as the quiet and un-assuming "never noticed before" secretary whose loyalty to Jerry is so blind it's endearing.
    Oh the film is wonderful.i just can't hold it in any longer.... it's a feel good movie, great humour....very very funny at times, sad in parts and because unlike so many films today it isn't over the top it's very believable.
    Buy this movie and you'll not regret it......it's a gem that whenever you watch it you'll laugh, smile, wipe a tear away then think all is right with the world 2 hours later.
    Definately what i would call "one to see before you die"
    Enjoy the sheer brilliance of Jerry Maguire

  5.  Zoolander. The Male Model who'll never go out of Fashion!


    Ben Stiller.you either love him or hate him....but i do urge everyone to give this film a chance.
    I watched it and was holding my sides at parts..........hilariously funny jibe at the modelling industry.......the vacant "blue steel" look is seen on just about every Magazine on the High Street shelves.
    There are some brilliant supporting roles, his old buddy Owen Wilson, His dad playing the unscrupulous agent. And a big "shout-out" to John Voight who's dead-pan style of the disapproving father is wonderful.
    So if you want to watch at film that pokes fun at itself and every pretty boy who has ever adorned our mags watch this movie.
    And i double dare anyone not to laugh at Zoolander's "Eulogy".
    Just sit back ........watch.............and let the tea do it's magic (you'll see what i mean when you watch it)

  6.  Does bad mean good? In this case no.just BAD !


    Having read both rave reviews for how bad this is i just watched it on Zone Horror. Nothing can quite come close enough to saying how bad this movie is. In a league with Meet the Spartans & Dracula 3000 i really have started questioning if tighter checks and controls should be put on people who are allowed to buy "movie making material".
    So when someone says to you "it's so bad you have to watch it because it's good" i would suggest one of the following two options:
    1. Avoid speaking to this person ever again because they really do not like you by encouraging you to waste valuable minutes of your life.
    2. Kick them in the shins and then repeat "I was being bad then was it good for you?"
    So i know this review will make you even more curious but please do not blame me when i say i really, honestly, truly and pray you take my advice and avoid it like the plague!