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  1.  Good game


    I like many others have played nearly all what the need for speed series has offered, and like many had my reservations about this game coming away from the street racing to the circuit. However, I love all types of racing games so I thought I would give it a go.

    Great grahics and amazing sense of speed.
    A cockpit view that works and looks great.
    Long engaging career mode with plenty of reply value - STARS system and medal system in my opinion is excellent.
    I personally like the AI. Its aggressive and makes realistc mistakes. Its great when they take each other out.
    Challenging racing game.
    Great car upgrades. The works cars look excellent.
    Runs smooth online with plenty of players to compete against.
    Plenty of settings to tinker with if you want to.
    Runs smooth for best part, however, the frame rate is not locked and it shows on certain tracks probably dipping into single figures at times on certain corners.

    Long loading times
    Handling takes some getting use too.
    You will be frequently restarting races if you want to get first place.
    If you want to change your car settings you have to go back to the main screen then reload the track again - guess what, another loading screen.
    DRIFT is a pain. Its does not feel right and over sensitive. However, on the rare occasion you get it right, its very satisfying.

    The game is not perfect but I have been unable to stop playing it. I have completed the NFS challenge and I have to say that I enjoyed this game very much. Dirt 2 has been put to one side. If you love racing games like me its worth playing until at least Forza 3 comes out.

  2.  Griff


    First strengths and weaknesses.

    Long world tour
    Good mini games

    Too easy
    The CPU opponents in world tour all look the same
    Annoying music
    Core gameplay very basic and lacks any depth
    Not point in having lines on the court, impossible to hit the ball out, unless you are serving.
    No risk/reward in the gameply.
    Limit character creation tools.
    TopSpin 3 is much better.
    No character development in world tour.

    First off my main problem with this game is there is no risk/reward. You can easier hit a screamer everytime and you know the ball will stay in. During the time I played it, (approximately 4 hours before I traded it in) I did not hit the ball out once. Thats not because I am a great player, far from it. I actually tried it, its impossible.

    I understand that virtua tennis is all about player position and lining up the shot early, but come on. The line gudges in virtua tennis have an easy job. Moreover the drop shot is pointless. Again there is no risk of you hiting the ball into the night, no matter how hard you try the ball always lands about half way between the net and base line making it quite easy for the other player to get to it, rendering the drop shot pointless.

    I have played other virtua tennis games, and i have to admit this was a big dissappointment. The CPU players in the world tour mode look poor, and all the same. Also the character creation tools are very limit.

    There is some fun in be had 4 player with your mates, but again it grew old quick.

    I expected a lot more from this game, lets hope next years will provide a more challenging, more realistic experience.

  3.  Good but Far too Repetitive


    Firstly some pros and unfortunately some glaring cons

    Great graphics and special effects
    Excellent presentation
    Quite lengthy story
    Amazing cut scenes
    Dante/Nero cool characters with excellent choice of moves.
    Rewarding and deep gameplay mechanics

    Music too repetitive, really annoyed me, same music with Nero every fight scene
    POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Gamelay, too repetitive, fighting some bosses three times!
    Once you have played the first ten or so missions you have really seen everything the game has too offer in terms of locations. You then go almost backwards through the locations with Dante.

    Too start with I really enjoyed the game, three quarters of the way through I just wanted to finish it for the sake of it rather than enjoying the game. I can understand why people would really enjoy the game, (replaying missions/high scores), but for me, game is just too repetitive.

  4.  Great Card


    Going to keep this realtively brief and too the point.

    Relatively cheap
    Very fast
    Very easy to install
    Excellent value
    Runs everything great.
    Excellent service as ever from play. Del, 2 days and free.
    Good packaging.
    HDMI adapter included

    No free game included.
    Poor instructions

    I had a ati 2900 xt in my rig, (duo core 2.66, 3 Gb of ram), asus P5W deluxe board 700Watt power supply. I am getting approx 18 FPS improvement on Crysis, 40 FPS COD 4, 20 FPS Unreal 3. Also with Crysis there is little or no pop up, which was really bad with the ati no matter what the object detail was set too. This card is a great buy, its friendly on your power supply and quite quiet, highly recommended. Furthermore, the service from play was GREAT.