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  1.  Nice surprise!


    I was also a bit sceptical about this having read some of the reviews here and elsewhere. However, I stuck with it and it turned out to be a nice surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is not scary but it is good fun and certainly not awful as others have described. Well worth a watch.

  2.  Timeless Classic!


    This album is a flawless example of the song writers art. I have had the privilege of owning a copy since its original release and I am still amazed every time I listen to it. It is a consummate masterpiece. The original recording is also the best (ignore the remastered version as the levels are all wrong) the sound being excellently recorded. Overall, an amazing album!

  3.  Great little thing!


    What a great little gizmo this is. Easy to set up and works like a dream. If your ethernet ready TV is too far away from your router this is the answer. Brilliant!

  4.  Superb!


    This is one of my all-time favourite sci-fi/horror films and this transfer onto blu-ray is excellent. Colours are more vivid than the original in my opinion which makes it all the more scary. Also, a massive bargain that you can't miss!

  5.  Was it needed?


    As a big fan of Alien and Aliens I enjoyed watching this film. The revelation is Fassbender. Very Ian Holm-like (the Android in Alien) but a little less sinister. However, I just can't help but wonder if this film was really necessary. Was an explanation of how the Aliens made it onto LV necessary - I'm not convinced. However,that doesn't detract from an enjoyable film so I guess I'll let you decide!

  6.  Trejo is wasted!


    This is a bizarre film and the plot is largely incomprehensible. I got to the end but was none the wiser. Unclear who the 'mercenary' was and why Trejo seemed to be 'in limbo' for most of the film.

    He should have stuck with Sons of Anarchy. At least he has some dialogue in that!

    Get machete instead!!

  7.  Fab, simple and cute!


    Having searched for a while for an mp3 player I finally plumped for this. The price and the added convenience of bluetooth were the deciding factor. I've been very impressed with it. Once you've set it up to suit your preferences (yes the dog is annoying!) it is a fabulous little unit. Sound quality is great, even with more expensive Sennheiser headphones and file management is a breeze. Videos need to be converted into .svi format but the software included does that easily. In short, fab and highly recommended.

  8.  Good for me too!


    I'd read the previous advice on this PCI as well as the 'read me' file on the installation disc. Turns out that on XP SP2 you just slot it in and it works. No trouble at all. For this price, a bargain.

  9.  Fabulous!


    Don't miss this film at this price. This is an understated classic. A hugely enjoyable film and one of the best from the Coen brothers. The acting is superb. No serious collection should be without it!

  10.  Mad about Rome...this is for you!


    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a fascinating account of Rome's most famous generals and a must for anyone interested in military history. I was constantly surprised by the brutality of the Roman regime, not only towards its enemies but towards its own subjects and soldiers. The single-mindedness of some of the generals, the most famous arguably Julius Caesar, is absolutely staggering! Well worth a read and for £6.99 you can't go wrong!