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  1. Mayhem


    Imelda May - CD

    17 New from  £4.82  Free delivery

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     Unleash the Mayhem!


    I wanted to get this album for a while, and on purchase I was not dissapointed! A very good album and it's such a breath of fresh air to hear these mix of styles by a current artist, a very talented singer / song writer and every track is fantastic, I'm on my 3rd and a bit listen through, on the first day I owned it!

  2.  I'm Caught In The Mass Effect Field!


    I have waited a long time to play this game, Mass Effect was the only game that Xbox tempted me with, yet at long last ( thank you Bioware ) this classic has come to the PS3! Obviously the first hasn't but my PC is capable of playing that.
    Was it worth the wait? Is this game worth the hype? I have to be honest, what hype? Hype is something built up to sell a game, Mass Effect doesn't have hype because the game is such of a high quality everyone in their right mind who plays it, will be blown away. One of the best gaming experiences of my entire life of gaming, and I'm not even joking, easily my favourite game of this generation and one of my favourite games of all time. It is one of the rare games that you crave to play, and upon completing feel really sad that there is no more, well until the Third game is out, though then it will be even worse I'm sure.

    If you love Bioware and RPGs then you'd already have this game, but if you love a deep story, and love games that pull you into their world and make you care about the characters and the story then you really should treat yourself to this! Us PS3 users have been given a great gift, now we need to show Bioware that we appriciate it!

  3.  The end of the cursed Spidey Games?


    I'm not going to dissmiss the other Spidey games, I'm a hardcore fan and I've bought and really enjoyed all of them, though saying that I can admit they havent been great. I was interested in this game since it was annouced there was a new Spidey game in the making. I feel the actual idea of the game it was a really good one, the four different dimensions not only lends itself well with keeping the gameplay fresh, but it also gives the team at Beenox to display just how beautiful they have made the character models and environments. It is a very pretty looking game and certainly a Huge step for the Spidey franchise.

    Though I am enjoying the game in it's fullest, I would say in my opnion the only thing that lets it down is it's lack of a storyline. It is pretty much boss level based. These can be very creative and really good fun, I would personally however like a deep rich story to tie them into.

    Saying that Shattered Dimensions has some really nice voice acting from former spidey cast members, a really nice visual appeal, fun gameplay and over all a very good enjoyable game!

  4.  Brilliant!


    I have been told to watch this film by a few people, but I already wanted to see it and bought it, and I can honestly say, Money Well Spent. This film is fantastic, great story, great dialogue, great directing. It's a brilliantly cast, set and framed film with such an incredible atmosphere blended with the perfect soundtrack.
    It's a Western at the core, with a gruff, tattered, violent theme.

    Fantastic film.

  5.  Suprisingly Good!!!


    I wouldn't have thought Watchmen really leant itself to a game, I still feel it doesn't, and that it stands alone as a Novel. But given the movie a game was bound to be made. But not only does it have cut scenes in the style of the novel, its actual graphics are great, and game play though it is just beat em up, is amazingly good fun. I agree with the other comment, just think new versions of Streets, only your Rorshach and NiteOwl!!! Can't get much better!