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  1.  Great game


    Despite never playing MK I gambled and picked it up soon after it's release. I must say it is a brilliant game. A very well made story allows newcomers to the MK series understand who's who and each chapter focuses on a different character allowing you to experience multiple fighters.

    The challenge tower offers 300 challenges ranging from killing x amount of enemies before they reach you, defeating an opponent within a time limit, having to 'test your might' and many more.

    Online is enjoyable, especially king of the hill allowing you to watch and rate matches until your time to fight arrives. There are tons of unlocks to be had using 'Kurrency' and the classic arcade ladder mode ensures plenty to do.

  2.  Great game


    I enjoyed every minute of the campaign. Taking me around 7-8hrs on the veteran difficulty i found the AI to be responsive and the maps varied. It goes without saying that the graphics is by far the best seen on the 360, top that with the quality sound and fitting music it offers an immersive experience. There are a variety of weapons which you are able to fit with scopes, under barrel shotguns and silencers and the ability to upgrade your suit powers gives you the feel of customization.

    I have given Crysis 2 only 4 stars due to two reasons. The first being I have no real interest in multiplayer so i cannot rate that aspect of the game. Second is the feeling that you are missing out just a tad if you did not have the nuclear powered computer to play Crysis 1. At times i found myself wondering how the story got to where it was, although Crysis 2 does fill in some of the more relevant blanks.