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  1.  PES Back on Form....but could still be better


    After being unexpectedly impressed by the Fifa 09 demo and after the disappointing PES 2008, its safe to say that Konami have to deliver this year, and they have...to an extent.

    - No more jerkovision replays.
    - Looks significantly better than last year. The player models are head and shoulders over Fifa 09, if you want proof of that look at Frank Lampard in both games.
    - It plays a different game of football to Fifa. I'm not going to say better or worse as thats down to personal preference. The game is much more free flowing. Although it is alot harder to beat a man now with pace and tricks, it is still possible. Hence if you want to play slow tactical build up, possession, longball, down the wing, its up to you wheras Fifa forces you to play a passing game (one reason being its nigh on impossible to beat a man!!).
    - Each player feels like an individual. Although this aspect of Fifas game has improved this year, PES still leads in this department. For example, try beating a man down the wing with Rio Ferdinand...not going to happen. Try it again with Ronaldo....you get the idea.

    - THE GOALKEEPERS. Some aspects of the keepers have been improved (ie they no longer parry the ball into their own net from free kicks) but STILL the keepers opt to parry relatively harmless shots/crosses rather than catching them, quite often into the arms of the opposition striker.
    - Even less licenses than last year, although the edit mode goes some way into making up for this.
    - Master League. As has been said in many other reviews, how long as this been left untouched for? Think Konami need to pull their finger out and think of something new here.

    After playing both games in all honest I would say its a tie game this year, and down to personal preference. Licenses aside, if you want a faster, more fluid, free flowing game of football then go for PES, if you want a slower more tactical simulation of the beautiful game, go for Fifa.

    PES is back on form this year, although its not the 'radical overhaul' promised my Konami, and in all honesty, this is what PES2008 should have been.

    However, I must note, I am giving this game a four on the basis that the online play is functional this time. If this proves not to be the case then I shall be changing the review to a three and recommending Fifa 09 over this.

  2.  Best Fifa Yet........But Not Without its Flaws


    Before I start I will declare my allegiances. I have been pro evo through and through until 2008, where I actually part exchanged pro evo 08 for fifa 08, as I though PES had too many flaws. This year going into it with an open mind.

    - Very slick visuals and presentation. But its EA sports, and you would expect nothing less.
    - Much smoother framerate than Fifa 08.
    - Very nice realistic touches, such as the players pointing to where they want the ball to be played.
    - Be a pro mode, nuff said.
    - Shooting has improved tenfold.
    - Difficulty curve seems to have been altered. Last year, on world class, playing Real Madrid felt no different than playing Accrington Stanley. From what I have played of the demo, it felt significantly easier playing against Toronto than it did Real Madrid.

    - Gameplay still feels a bit more scripted than that of PES.
    - Controls still are not as responsive as they could be, which is annoying as they have had 12 months to fix this from 08. Very frustrating when you try to time a run with a through-ball and press triangle, yet by the time the player has hit the through-ball, your winger/striker is a country mile offside.
    - Still very difficult to beat a man in a normal game, even with the likes of Kaka or Ronaldiniho up agains a left back from some pub team. As a result of this, I have found most of the goals come through the middle and not many at all are scored from crosses.


    A definite improvement over Fifa 08. Seems like EA have definately listened regarding the flaws from 08. Although not without its flaws, a solid update, and it will take something pretty special from PES 2009 to beat this (although early reviews for both have been good, they have been favouring PES slightly).