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  1. Fuel


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £3.98



    there is nothing at all the matter with this game ... i mean how good of graphics can you put into a map that takes you over 5 hours to drive from corner to corner , i really dont understand why people are sayin its a bad game .. its a blast and if you ask me if you like variaty , big games and nice graphics on the surroundings and cars and that then buy it ....

  2.  awesome


    by far the best one yet .... graphics=awesome , gameplay=awesome and replays awesome . it has the best customization yet ..... so all in all 2 words ... buy it !!!!!!!!

  3.  not bad


    this game bought back some great memories but to be totally honest the games should have stayed on the mega drive , this gets really boring if your a 21st century gamer but if you grew up with these games then maybe its worth a buy.

  4.  very good


    this is a very good game , the graphics havent changed much since the first one but who cares its got brilliant game play . the only one thing is i wouldnt really rate the online play ...

  5.  not bad at all


    Ok yea the graphics are not awesome but you have to take into mind the size of the game ... I had trouble trying to work it out to start with as i have just got in to these games but its very good and when i start playin it i cant seem to draw my self away from it. Its got a massive world and i think its gonna take me hours to complete , id say for a tenner get it .

  6.  awesome


    i dunno why people are being harsh on this game , i dont like role playing games as a rule but i bought this to pass time ans its awesome but like someone else said , if your young dont buy it and if your thick dont buy it but well worth buying .

  7.  awesome


    the was my best liked game for a very lon time , havent played it in a while but is awesome , but like the person below me said it is a bit too short

  8.  not bad


    not bad but as far as the need for speed franchise goes its crud , if it was the 1st one i could cut it some slack but its not so i cant

  9.  not bad


    thi game starts off good when you have never played it ..... however after a while you notice its the same thing ver and over but it starts off cool so if ya into zombie 1st person shooters buy it

  10.  not bad


    not a bad if you think of it as quite an old 360 game , the physics of the cars and bikes arent great but othr than that its good