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  1.  EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now this is what u call fun! I mean the games these days can never beat the games back in the day. I mean ok graphics might but overall game play u cant even touch it, i mean seriously see these days its all about realistic gaming, okeay giv them credit but what happend to jus plain old having some fun when playing. Now most games u may notice are 1players but look at streets of rage 1,2,3 thats a 2 player and trust me its soooooo dam fun! Even the old golden axe is miles better than the new 1. This is a defo must buy!!!!!! The only thing that could make this better could be if it had online gaming!

  2.  average


    I bought this game thinking "ok this is going to be a different type of racing game" but straight up this, nfs they are all the same, this has realy realy put me off racing games i mean the last good racing game i played was need for speed undergroun(the 1st one for ps2), this game is complicated and gets boring, i am not jus exagerating but realy i was falling asleep while playng this game so thats y i hav traded it in for cod5 so if anyone is looking to buy a racing game dont buy nothing yet because there is nothing that has been diffrent. All the racing games are the same being it formula 1, nfs pro street, midnight club and even grid all these games i have owned and put me right of racing games and people go on about gran turismo i bet thats the same because i aint spending another £40 on a pointless game so thats y i aint gona buy another racing game!!!!!

    P.s the new nfs speed looks the same concept aswell, pathetic!!!!

  3.  this or gta?


    hi can any1 tell me the diffrence between this game and gta? i mean wat makes this diffrent to gta?

  4.  the worst game ever!!!!!!!


    I totaly agree with the other comments!!!!! I mean this game is like the quest mode from the mortal kombat armageddon for which was out for the ps2! Seriously!!!! I dont get it! Y bring out such a pointless game! I had alot of expectations for this game but i am let down! The graphics are rubbish and the game play is not that great! I mean the only thing u can hav fun in is jus doing repetative things which gets boring trust me!!!!! This game would definetly be 1/10 for me!