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  1.  One Of Her Best


    If you love Jodi Picoult and her typical style, then you will love this book. It addresses another ethical dilema, in her typical sensitive and sophisticated style, which makes it another emotional read.
    You get to see this issue from the point of view of all involved, which enables her to fully address the entire entity of this issue. Some points of view are more heart-wrenching than others, and highlights the underlying issus that other authors would pass by without notice.
    The end of this book was quite a shock to me, and shows just how cruel life can be, regardless of disability or difficulty.
    My advice; you will not be disappointed with this read.

  2.  A Good Film


    This film started off a bit slow, but after the first 20-25 minutes, it picks up dramatically. There are some good twists to this film, a fair amount of suspense, and some good acting. However, what made this film for me was the ending. I won't say too much as i wouldn't want to give it away to those who want to see it, but it was quite a shock, and really kept me wondering for hours after i had watched the film. Also, i definatley think there is scope for a sequal.
    Overall, a good and exciting film.
    My advice; worth a watch, especially if you the psychological horror.

  3.  Not Bad


    I am a little bit unure about thi film, as some aspects of it i really liked and others i didn't. To start with the bits that i didn't like; Mr Brooks' alter-ego/unconscious. He got really annoying and i just felt like screaming at him to shut up. He just seemed to state the obvious and add unnecessary commentary. Secondly, i didn't really think the ending did the film justice. It doesn't seem to finish off the storyline, and you are left thinking 'well what happened next then?'
    However, the actual storyline was good, even if it didn't seem to finish. Also, the characters are good and realistic, with some very good acting. I particualy liked Demi Moore in this film, and i thought the daughter of Mr Brooks added something a bit extra.
    Overall, this was a good film with a good and slightly unusual storyline, but i do think that they could have made a bit more of it, particually when it came to the ending.
    My advice; worth a watch.

  4.  Not Bad


    I thought that this film made a good horror movie, in the fact that there was a lot of blood and guts, and not so much of a great story line behind it. The characters were very basic and lacked any great personality, and the ending could have being elaborated on more as you are left wondering what happened.
    I only gave this film 3 stars because i think they could have done so much more with it. The storyline was there in a basic horror form, but it could have being elaborated on and deepened. Also, by doing this i think the characters would have evolved much more. The film basically cenrtred around the here and now, and that left you wondering about the past history. They have left this film open for a sequal, but i am not sure i would buy it.
    Overall, a good basic horror film with lots of gore, but nothing more.
    My advice; one for horror fans.

  5.  Brilliant Ending


    I absolutley love Prison Break and i am gutted that there will be no more, but i definatley think that they ended it well and at the right time. They sure did quit when they were ahead.
    I won't say too much because i wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone, but what i will say is that it has another great storyline with lots of twists and turns that keep you glued to your seat in suspense. They characters are brilliant, with a few old favorites returning to the scene, as well as a couple of new ones.
    Overall, a brilliant series and a brilliant ending. I cannot recomend Prison Break enough to anyone, but you must see the previous series first, otherwise this will make very little sense.
    My advice: watch it!

  6.  Great Fun


    I really found this film enjoyable, and it had a great story behind it, of which i am sure many teenagers can relate to. It was really funny in some places, yet still managed to carry a serious message. I think it would be enjoyed by women of all ages, but i don't really think it is one for the men.
    Overall, this is a great, light-hearted comedy that can cheer you up and make you laugh, without being silly and random.
    My advice; one for the girls.

  7.  Lacked Detail


    I had already read the book by the time i watched this film, so i did know what was going on, and did know a lot about the background of the characters. I do feel that if i had not previously read the book i would have felt slightly out of the loop. The film seemed to go straight into the killings and downfall of Leigh, and did not seem to give much information on how she got there. I know that would have made the film much longer, but it would have being worth it. Also, the film only really focused on the men she killed. What it fails to let you know is that she actually saw many men in between the killings. The film leads you to believe she killed the first man and then continued to kill immediatley. The book tells differently and lets you know the fuller picture.
    However, the acting in the film was very good and deserves very high praise. Both main actors were brilliant and made the characters seem very realistic. Charlie Theron does a very good job of playing Leigh, and portrays her just as she was. It is hard to describe, but she makes her seem like a psychopathci killer as well as making you sympathise with her.
    Overall, a good film with good acting, but i would recomend reading the book first as it gives you a much clearer picture. However, the film is good in its own right.
    My advice; book first and then film!

  8.  Interesting Read


    I really enjoyed reading this book. It tells the story of Natascha Kampusch, who was kidnapped as a child and kept prisoner for 8 years. She went on to escape and developed a successful career through her ordeal.
    This book raises many questions that people just do not know the answers to, especially surrounding her relationship with her kidnapper. This ensures you are kept gripped and intrigued, and i could not read it quick enough. Unfortunatley, there are still many questions left unanswered at the end of the book.
    I also found this book particually interesting as it leaves you with mixed feelings for Natascha. Obviously you feel sympathetic that she endured such an ordeal, but the ways she portrays herself after her escape leads you to believe she may not have had such a bad time with it after all. Also, it makes you question why she has chose to go down the path of fame!
    The only bad point about this book is that it is sometimes hard to follow. The chapters are quite long, and it seems to jump backwards and forwards to different people at times, which can lead to a bit of confusion.
    Overall; a very interesting read that is well worth reading.
    My advice; have a read!

  9.  Not Impressed


    I really did not enjoy this film at all. It lacked the basics of a good story line, and to me the whole film seemed pointless. Some parts didnt seem to make sense, and i often wondered 'why is this happening because they dont know about that?!' (I wont give true examples because it will ruin the film for those who are going to watch it after reading this). Also, some of the acting was very poor. The only person i can give true credit to is Vinnie Jones. He is the reason i gave this film three stars instead of two. He did a good job of playing a sick and very weird serial killer. He really did make you shiver at some points, and i thought he was very chilling and creepy, which is just what you want for that kind of character. The only other good point about this film was it's ulmost unpredictable ending, which did add a good twist, even though the rest of the film wasn't good.
    Overall, this film was typical of any other run-of-the-mill slasher movie. It didnt really make much sense and didnt really have a good plot. Also, it didnt leave you in suspense or horror, or anything else really, other than boredem. However, credit must be given to Vinnie Jones.
    My advice; if you like slasher films then its for you, but if not i would stay clear.

  10.  Excellent Read


    I thought this book was wonderful. It had a great story which is nothing like anything i can remember reading before. Not only is it gripping and interesting, but it is also quite informative. The story is based in an Amish community, which is something not many people know the ins and outs of. It was great to learn so much about that way of life, as well as enjoying the story. The book also uses the taboo subject of neonanticide. It was also good to learn so much about this phenomenon.
    I really did enjoy reading this, and cannot at all fault it. It was written in the true Jodi Picoult manner that never fails to impress. This is one of my favorite novels she has written so far.
    Overall, this is absolutley fantastic, and would recomend it to anyone who likes to read something slightly different to the norm.
    My adivce: read it.