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  1.  Out of this world!!!


    I dont often write reviews but this definatly deserved one
    due to my preorder i got this a whole day before its relese and i cannot put it down
    although the games i ordered didnt arrive today too the AR cards are simply amazing fun and will entertain you for hours, it has a adjustable 3D setting so you can customise its 3D to suit your own taste and the games look fantastic im really looking forward to the Nintendo 64 3d Remakes
    I would love to write more about how awesome the 3DS is but well there is something wrong....... its stitting there in front of me and im not playing it..... bye lol XD

  2.  Its alright


    Well i heared alot about this game but in my opinion its just overhyped by fanboys

    Its good with the graphics as are most ps3 games but again its just another fps

    When you play these games there all the same just get the biggest gun and own everyone

    Its kinda one sided and most people online spend way to much time playing it so that they cannot be beaten

    So it only gets a 3 from me and i must contine my search for a fps that stands out and has that great feel of a great fps just like goldeneye and perfect dark on th 64 still have

  3.  Still deserves a 5 star


    Well i have a wii but i do not use it as much as i used too

    Dont get me wrong tho it still is the best of the next generation consoles and gets a 5 star rating

    I love the wii its slim and easy to put anywere on your tv table it looks good its glowing blue disk tray everytime you get mail is beutiful

    Its controls only have one problem and thats batteries lol i used to spend abit on them until i got a battery pack and station

    Its games are abit limited but thats fine because when you have smash bros brawl and twighlight princess you never need to buy another game again there that good

    The price is great too and playing this console will also get you some excersie which you will not get from any other games console

    So yes you may let it collect dust after a while but still
    It is much better than the severly overprised ps3 although ps3 is supirior in power and graphics nintendo's wii is still my prefered console
    And waaaayyyyy better than microsofts copycat piece of rubbish 360 that focuses on stealing all of playstations titles
    I mean come on microsoft get/make some exclusicives please or do the world a favour and dont make another piece of crap xbox

  4.  Epic Win


    I absolutely love this game

    I've been a fan from the first ever smash bros on 64

    Its newest additions are amasing but if i would ask for one thing i will ask for more characters

    I love the smash bros series but i'd love it more if it had a stupidly high amount of characters :) im thinking about 150 will do haha

    But seriously great game well done nintendo

  5.  Good but completely differant


    Ok i dont know why people are saying they follow closely with the games because they have only few simularities

    Resident evil 1 started with the mansion yes true but the hive was never featured in the game and since thats where most of the film was done then its kinda not the same
    For the record the reserch facility in resident evil one (game) was not the hive it was a completely differant area (note) they left out the forest, catacombs, shark reserch facility, giant spider and snake, and not to mention the tyrant... Also the licker did not appier in resident evil 1 (game) so its quite far off
    Still it was a great movie

    Resident evil 2 again a great film and some familier characters for those who have played resident evil 2 and nemesis
    I liked this one quite alot

    Resident evil 3 was real good there was alot of emptyness in it which was abit dull but when you saw action you got action ^^
    I liked this film alot and am looking forward to the next one although rumour has it that its going to be a cg movie so im not getting my hopes up

  6.  Epic


    Omg i love guildwars it has been my fav pc game since i first played it 3 years ago
    I cant play much atm but im itching to get back online

    Its a free game which makes it possibly the best mmorpg out there its graphically stunning and the community is very helpful and polite 90% of the time so you dont get any of that noob you suck attitude

    These games are at least 10/10 lol and if you like online games this is deffo a must get game

  7.  its ok


    I was looking forward to this

    Hmm what can i say

    Bad points are story mostly
    Its just a repeat of the classic stadium games

    The best part of this game is trading your pokemon over from your ds and battling online
    And tbh i find that makes the game worth playing

    The graphics and addition of a announcer is brilliant and playing radomly online was its best addition
    But apart from that its just simply a ok game

  8.  I want more


    I want more pokemon games lol im a hardcore pokemon fan and I have been since the first games
    and at 21 im still playing and I dont care who says im sad :P

    I loved Diamond and pearl and I cant wait for platinum
    the new pokemon are hmm 50/50 some look really good and others dont
    the story is much better and longer than the others the ability to capture all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of pokemon puts your pokedex past 400 which guarenties you alot of playtime and fun
    online battling and trading is a brilliant abillity that alot of die hard players have been wanting since silver and gold

    i'd give this game a 9/10 and recomend it to anyone

  9.  What have they done


    Oh no *cries* they've lost it

    Final fantasy is getting more dissapointing

    There changing to much and ruening the game franchise

    Ok yes this is a good game but it is not a final fantasy they have changed too much to keep the final fantasy name
    You just cant change practically 80% of final fantasys gameplay and good ideas
    Ya know thats like mario going war sim or something
    Super mario war simulation lol it just doesnt quite work

    Sorry square but im a hardcore ff fan but lately your losing it
    :( Bring back the old ways there way better

    And if final fantasy 7 the remake is anything like 12 then i'll officially denounce my fandom and never buy a final fantasy again
    And neither will alot of people

  10.  Shocking


    When i first heared about this movie i wasnt too keen to see it but i was persuaded to see it in the cinema.

    I am very glad i went because this is one of the best fantasy films i have seen in a long time. The creatures were brilliantly designed and the special effects were amazing.
    I will gladly recomend this movie to anyone