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  1.  Best Move Launch Title


    Sports Champions is the must buy Move launch game. If your picking up Move you need this game or be disappointed with other lack luster titles.
    The main reason sports champions is so good is that it uses the hardware properly, when set up right it works a dream and you feel you have full control.
    Their are 6 sports and they range in quality, the best of the bunch being Gladiator Duel, Table Tennis, Archery. Disc Golf, boules and volley ball can be fun but very dull at points. Gladiator Duel is bags of fun and you feel right in the action and breaking a sweat a few fights in. The worst game boules its just too boring and the creators really missed a trick by not including bowling and boxing.
    The downsides of this game are that its a very bare bones package, their is little variety and seems fairly generic. At least 10 sports should have been included but will most likely be added with DLC.

    A perfect use of the Move controller and alot of fun to be had, but don't expect a game packed with content.


  2.  Another Rockstar Classic!


    Rockstar have created the best open world game ever, with Red Dead Redemption.
    This game takes a formula that was mastered with the GTA series and takes it too a whole new level.
    Setting the game in the wild west was a master stroke, giving access to a dark and brutal world which has been rarely seen in gaming. Only Rockstar could have done such a world justice showing both its beauty and harsh reality.
    Graphically the game is the best of its kind, by far overshadowing anything before it (GTA4, Fallout 3). The world is massive in scale, but doesnt lack any detail. You can see far into the distance, and all the land is covered with dense foilage (grass, trees etc). Character models are great and look realistic, with the addition once again of the Euphoria physics characters take on life like reactions to every action.
    The main story is dark and gritty, with plenty of action to be had. But the characters you will meet can be very funny to, from slimey salesmen to irish drunks. All have their own charm, brought to life by some of the best voice acting in any game. Your character is a real cowboy, with a dark past who is trying to get on the right path. A tale of revenge not to be missed.
    But outside the main story there is land packed with things to do, and its this which makes RDR the best of its kind. From mini-games (poker, dice, five finger fillet to name a few) to herding cattle and breaking horses or how about take on the wild life with hunting (wolves, deer, bears and even cougars) then sell their meat and skins for money. You can collect herbs and flowers, or complete challenges in your journal.
    A great feature which brings the wild west to life is the random events, you could be just travelling suddenly you see a robbery taking place or a man about to hanged and you can choose to get invloved or just pass on by. Im still being suprised by what I see in RDR, from saving kidnapped women to having duels in the middle of town. All outside the main story. No review could cover the immense world of RDR, there is just so much to do but most of all its all damn fun!

    Multiplayer is a whole diffrent beast, allowing freeroam which sees up to 16 players do whatever they like in the world. Want to take on a pack of wolves with your friends? or take on rival players? its all possible. Outside freeroam is the competive multiplayer which pits teams against each other in shoot-outs and diffrent game modes. All start off with a mexican stand off (plenty of fun!) adding a wild west flare to the MP.
    Keeping up with the best games its MP comes with a ranking system and various unlockables (guns, horses, characters etc). R* have added intergrated with its online social club giving players access to the a dedicated website offering new challenges and unique cheats.

    Overall RDR is the best gaming experience to be had this year, offering more for your money than any game on the market. Do not miss this game!

  3.  Fantastic Headset!


    This is the best headset I have used with my PS3.
    - Slick design.
    - Great audio quality.
    - On-screen display.
    - Mute and volume buttons.
    - Charging dock.

    - Muting the Mic, causes a beeping every 20 seconds or so. This is a poor design choice by sony. But its not a deal breaker.

  4.  The Best Multiplayer Experience on a console.


    Forget Call of Duty, Forget Halo 3 this is the best Multiplayer experience to be had on a console game.

    DICE has finally brought the Battlefield series to the consoles...successfully.
    The maps are large and diverse from snow capped mountains to dense jungle environments, and most importantly well balanced. The gunplay is top notch with the guns and explosions feeling just right.
    Vehicle based combat is what really puts this game a head and shoulders above the competition: Tanks, APC, UAV, Jeeps, Jet Ski's to name a few. Picture your friend piloting an transport helicopter while you rain death from above with the side mounted gatling gun...dodging incoming missiles then bailing out to parachute to safety. How about rushing down into enemy lines on a quad, to take out enemies from their own base. Why not plant C4 around a bulding and wait for enemies to arrive and bring the whole structure down on them.

    Its all possible in battlefield Bad Company 2. Its the variety which makes this game so good, you can be assult/ medic/ engineer/ recon all offering diffrenty play styles which you can customise with ranking and unlock system.

    There are so many features which are small but just make the game so much better, for example spawning on squad mates to get right back into the action.

    If you want a new Multiplayer game on your console, you can not miss BF:BC2.

  5.  Very Fun but has some issues.


    Champions Online from the creators of coh, but this time in terms of design they really knocked it out of the park. You are no longer limited to small cities but sprawling open environments which are alot of fun to explore, the character creation as you would expect is the best aspect of the game with alot of options and built in webfeatures allow you to show off your hero. But this game has alot of probelms and I would reccomend you go read the offical forums first before buying...but if you want to be a super hero nothing can beat Champions Online.

  6.  Lord Of The Rings Conquest Demo Impressions


    The team at pandemic have taken the batllefront formula and added it to the LOTR universe, but im not sure if the final product will do the licence the justice it deserves. Firstly the visuals arent up to the same caliber as most new "next gen" releases, this is probably due to them using the old Battlefront engine. The environments seem very barren, and they use low resolution animated images in the distance but its very noticable, the character models however are decent. The gameplay is where a game such as Conquest should shine, but it left me feeling dissapointed if you like fast paced arcadey style games then you may love it, but for a player looking for skillful gameplay you wont find it here. Most melee battles are just button spams, and even the archers fire in a straight line without the need to adjust for height and so forth. Another big issue here is the lack of that "epic" feel, maps feel small and cramped and the max 16 player limit doesnt help that either. Despite these glaring issues, the game itself can be quite fun and is good for a quick 20 min blast if your bored.
    I will be renting the game first on release, as this was a demo and maybe things were limited who knows. But my advice rent or download the demo...and do not buy for the PC, after hearing the game was 100 percent designed for console who knows what mess the pc version will be.