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  1.  Lunatics Unite!


    Okay, so heres a review of the game. Not the demo the full game in all its glory. I got a review disc early and have been playing it for a day now and am 3/4 to completion, so i think ive earned the right to critisise.
    First up are the negatives -
    The soundtrack sucks. plain and simple. i liked the first one because of its anarchy and fast driving tunes, they got your aggresion going for the race, but now sony have taken over the soundtrack is more what id call "BACKGROUND MUSIC", its too slow and there arent a great deal of pumping tunes, and so far no custom soundtracks (hopefully added later).
    Also there are glitches, but these are rare, (again an update should sort them) such as tearing up a ramp in a bike and suddenly crashing, and everyones car seems to weigh 5 times more than yours, no matter what your in.

    But these are small things that can be fixed, and dont take that much away from the gameplay value, cos its stonkingly good!
    Th vehicles themselves read of a petrol heads dream garage, including oddities such as the tourist jeeps from jurassic park, a monster truck based on a dinosaur skull, a pikes peak rally racer and even a supersized Tonka Toy!
    Speaking of garages, the loading times in this have been dramatically reduced, thanks to the new garage system, which allows you to "favourite" your best car so you can race instantly, no 3d loading screen taking forever, however you can view them if need be by pressing square. Also new is a Driver, which you can choose to represent yourself in your car.
    The thing tha really makes this game though is the tracks, and they are brilliant. People who played the demo are in for a surprise at just how well the rain god looks, and thats one of the smaller tracks. sme of the larger ones can take around 2 minutes a lap, and thats flat out! Night and day return, but are preselcted times, but brand new is weather, some of the tracks get a tropical storm now and then, whilst it looks good its also quite tame, i was hoping for near zero visibility for a real callenge! oh well...

    So to sumarise the game, id be happy to rate it to any racer fan, as replay value is huge with trophies (new) time attack (8 categories on 16 tracks) split screen and of course online, to prove once more you are a motorstorm God!