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  1.  Amazing, mind blowing and utterly spectacular!


    Peter Jackson proves here that he is the ultimate director/writer/producer of fantasy epics, this is his masterpiece, the three films equal in superiority and brilliance.
    The first, the fellowhip of the ring, sees the forming of the fellowship and the very first stages in taking the one ring back to the fiery depths of mordor to be destroyed. The acting is top notch and the cast speaks for itself, Ian mckellen, Elijah wood, viggo mortensen, liv tyler, john ryhs davies and orlando bloom are among the most famous, all however give towering performances. The renwoned special effects and scenery and utterly absorbing and the best i have ever seen in a movie. The script and storyline has been datracted well from the book, keeping much of the scenes and character develpoment, which is rare in a movie. A brilliant start to the trilogy.
    The second, the two towers is again superior in all aspects, now seeing the continuing journey but a smaller fellowship who accompany the ring to its destruction. This movie seems much more action packed than the first, boasting amazing battle sequences and more stunningly imaginative creatures this only betters the first and continues the amazing trilogy. As in the first the acting, cast, script and scenery are all utterly mind blowing, i will say no more but this is a thoroughly engaging depiction of the second book.
    The third, return of the king, is perhaps the best of them all, again boasting more amazing battle sequences and stunning scenery and sets. As in the first two the story follows frodo, sam and now gollum as they still cotinue on their quest to mordor, with more hardhips the face, more creatures to battle and more obstacles to conquer it seems peter jackson was going for gold when he made this final instalment. As before the acting and sets and special effects are truly awe inspiring, a brilliant finale to the best series of movies ever made.

    Now a quick word on this boxset, i was truly excited when i recieved this, brilliant extended and brand new footage, unmissable special features and brilliant boxset, make this the ultimate addition to any Lord Of The Rings fan, or if you've never seen it before this is perfect, as a recent fan myself i can assure you, these are the best movies that have ever been made and perhaps will ever be made. Each movie is utterly flawless i dont think anybody, not even Peter Jackson could have made them any better. Brilliant!

  2.  Brilliantly tense and deeply disturbing !


    This movie starts out by feeding the audience a fifteen minute spectacular of the views across the australian outback after this it plunges straight into the actual movie. Rhada Mitchell leads the cast as does Micheal vartan both are equally great in their roles, they were faced with a difficult movie, but they act out against the tension and interact with the CGI crocodile very well.
    Its only a shame that we dont see much of the crocodile till the last half an hour or so of the movie as it is done very well i would say almost flawlessly. The death scenes are handled well despite the fact there isnt a tremendous amount of gore and guts.
    Its the last half hour of this movie which makes it the ultimate croc movie, the tense scene inside the crocodiles den is unbelievably frightening, the way its so confined and the crocodile is so big makes it almost hard to believe that- well i wont reveal anything!
    All thats left to say is this movie is excellent i feel disturbed which is good, because i most certainly wont be going to australia and taking a swim. The acting and special effects are awesome as is the excellent scenery, my only concern is the movie falters with a bit of a poor script at one point, other than that its damned near perfect.

  3.  What a waste of a fantastic opportunity!


    I went to see this hoping it would be the first in a series of five movies, as the books are split into five chronicles, what i got was an hour and a half of slapdash, miserably trying to condense all five books into a meager hour and half.
    The title is very misleading, calling it the spiderwick chronicles gives me the impression its the first in a movie series, no its not its even a chronicle, its a single sequeless movie.
    I read the books when they first came out in the UK and thoroughly enjoyed them, if a little simplistic they were fantastic escapes from reality into a world that was hardly believeable but ultimately satisfying and unique. On watching the movie i came to be very angry indeed, a shoddy american accent from freddie highmore and a lack of epic scale left me feeling somewhat bored.
    The movie itself was put together very badly, throwing together vague plot lines from only 3 of the 5 books, this left the movie looking rushed and only made for the purpose of publiscising the dwindling success of the books themselves.
    The two stars iv'e awarded go to the fantastic special effects that were very much wasted on this movie, as well as this the addition of mary louise parker and Nick Nolte did liven the movie, but they seemed lost and floundering in a movie which left little to work with.
    It seems that Holly Black and Tony diterlizzi (authors of the books) cared little of what fans thought, if they really cared they would wait till an offer was made to make all five books into seperate movies or at least split them into three parts or even two, then at least they could have been a possible rival for the worsening harry potter movies.
    Im sorry for the harshness and truth in my review but please read the books first then if you must, watch the movie, but don't go comapring them because the books are far more superior than this under whelming mess of a movie.

  4.  Really well executed remake of a classic sci-fi show


    I caught the pilot episode for this show when sky did their free weekend pass, and i'm very glad i did, this remake of the cult sci fi show is a huge improvement. First rate special effects and brilliant actors make this a pleasure and a joy to watch. Although the pilot did seem rushed and as though they were trying to fit a lot in this did not detract from the storyline and overall plot of the show.
    ELizabeth mitchell (juliet from LOST) does very well as an FBI agent trying her best to figure out the intentions of the sinister visitors, along with a select few who try to help her. I have seen previews for the rest of teh season and i think it looks very exciting and thoroughly entertaining.
    Brilliant remake with top class acting and hollywood style special effects.

  5.  Exciting and action packed


    I only caught this during the christmas holidays when it was on channel five, after being gripped from, i think it was the second episode i continued to watch thoroughly engrossed. With an all star cast and brilliant, action packed episodes this was an absolute pleasure to watch.
    I nice change from the usual so so daniel defoe book this series taked the story and changes and stretches it, in a very good way. Sam Neill is fantastic as are the other cast members, a must buy for any fan of the show and any fan of good old fashioned swashbuckle.

  6.  Mind blowing excitement, but not all there


    Yes i have to agree this movie is a mind blowing extravaganza, the special effects, scenery and props are all very well executed, perhaps the best executed special effects ever. On the other hand the acting from the humans, not avatars, is suprisingly mediocre, at times wooden and even cheesy, the story isn't the greatest and it lacks in a scale of complexity, being very simple and a little boring. At 2 hour 45 the run time is a tad overlong, but the amazing special effects and imagination is so overwhelming it doesn't really matter.
    A great film but just missed the five star rating.

  7.  Hilarious


    I love the cheaper by the dozen movies, the first was very good, steve martin and Bonnie hunt's comedic timing is right on spot. This carries on in number 2 even more so with the additon of eugene levy, this is a brilliant feel good, summer comedy flick with a great cast, witty one liners and hilarious slapstick this knocks socks off the first, a must buy and very much worth the money.

  8.  intriguing but not perfect


    This film had a lot to offer,a great cast, good plot, twists and excitement. It had all of the above, cameron diaz and james marsden were good as a couple, although they didnt seem sympathetic of each other, frank langella was very creepy in his role and i thought he did well. The plot, although at times confusing was ultimatley great. The only thing that refrains this movie from getting that desired five star rating, is the fact that it left various things unanswered, i dont know if this was supposed to be the idea, but i would have liked it if my questions would have been answered.

    Overall, very good, i dont understand all the negative reviews, yes its silly, but its very good also.

  9.  Beautifully written fantasy...


    I first heard about this book through the trailer (its being made into an animated movie, which looks stunning). I didnt think this would be of any interest to me, but i purchased it anyway, and i am very pleased i did.
    The first chapter emerses you in the magical world Lasky has created, the owls seem almost human but without that horrible human beastliness. The landscapes and plot are well thought out and unfold at brilliant and pleasing pace. The way she has binded this tale of an underlying evil and a band of owls known as the Guardians of Ga'hoole is astounding.
    No wonder this has sold more than 4 million copies, a brilliant start to a thoroughly engaging and emersing series of fantasy books.

  10.  very very very funny


    there are many great american sitcoms, everybody loves raymond, friends, frasier. And this definitley has to be one of the best, its neck and neck with everybody loves raymond. Witty one liners and a very funny cast make this a great series to just sit and enjoy, i thoroughly enjoyed every episode, its a shame only series 1-4 is available in the uk on region 2.