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  1.  Too realistic.


    I bought this t-shirt thinking it would be cool to pretend to be Batman. But apparently, you can't pretend to be Batman. This t-shirt is just too like the real thing.

    As soon as this t-shirt arrived my voice started getting a lot deeper, at first I thought it was puberty, until I realised I was already 21. After my voice dropped I got a phone call from a man claiming to be my "reckoning". He's been following me around for three weeks now and he keeps flexing with his shirt off.

    I'm not saying the t-shirt isn't awesome, because it is. But you need to be sure you're ready to be Batman.

  2.  Not finished yet,


    This game could have been amazing, the best from mercenaries mode combined with the choice to shoot Leon Kennedy in his smug, perfectly chisled face.

    But alas no, the character move like geriatrics on a freshly mopped floor. The combat is sub-par at best and the elements of previous resident evil games feel forced to the point you can imagine a graphic designer was simply given an umbrella logo and told to plaster it anywhere that wasn't taken up with poorly rendered zombies.

    Buy if you're a fan, but don't pay full price.

  3.  I think they fixed it.


    Do you remember all that stuff people used to complain about? "noob tubers", "quick sniping" and "camping", well in this game they fixed all that. Which of course means people are still trying to do it, which is adorable. I would highly advise anyone playing this game to play it with surround sound, as to truly feel as though the thirteen year old at the other end is sat next to you. Speaking of which don't worry about that 18 rating, I have heard so many kids playing this game, it is apparently very popular with children with learning difficulties from what I have seen. I heard there is a story mode on it, but I seem unable to select it because I'm always online.