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  1.  A Long Wait


    Picture and sound is very good .
    special features are very sparce when compared with john carpenters The Thing Bluray.
    The film itself was very good but they should have went all out and made an 18 certificate version.
    The ending was neat and made me want to watch John carpenters The Thing again. ( I have lost count how many times I have seen it )
    On a final note I have waited thirty years for this film and hope I dont have to wait another 30 for the next one.

  2.  Xcellent


    Great movie from start to finish.
    Michael Fassbender as Magneto steals the film.
    Sound and picture are faultless and the Soundtrack really lifts the film.
    Nothing more to say just buy it.



    Decided to watch this on Bluray since it was ruined by adverts on the telly every 10 minutes.
    Have to say its pretty damn good even though I do not usually like american tv series as they are too long winded.
    The first episode stands out as being classic Zombie material
    The picture quality is grainy in the long shots.
    Looking forward to season two ( 13 episodes - hope its not long winded )

  4.  classic


    Saw this at the cinema when it was released and it scared the hell out of me. Owned it on VHS and on DVD and now on Bluray which offers the best picture and sound without a doubt.
    Looking forward to the Prequel ( I have waited a long long time ).

  5.  Lacks bite


    This is too awfull to put into words.
    Just avoid It.

  6.  Viva la Zombies


    Thees zombies are great, the action scenes are great.
    There is a english dub to select on the disk but I preffer to listen to the actors real voices.
    The film is on the short side and cries out for sequel.
    The director did great things on a limeted budjet and I hope he is rewarded with more cash to make a follow up.

  7.  Compelling


    Classic vampires have the ability to hypontise you and this film does the same, its not a blockbuster or a Teeny Bopper pleaser,
    but you just keep watching.
    There no changing into bats or wolves, its back to basics and has a raw feel about it. It is certainly a way above the current glut of hyped up foreign horrors. .

  8.  Why a triple play


    Why a triple play, I just want blu ray because thats where I spent my cash upgrading to.
    Anyway an average film, not nearly as good as the first.
    There are two very good action peices, one with whiplash nea r the begginning and at the end with war machine, all the other bits were boring.
    Needless to say the first film was a supprise hit and they just cash ed in with this sequel, even Downey looked scrawny compared to his physique in the first film.

  9.  Amatuer night


    I read the reviews and looked forward to watching this.
    But although I have no problems with foreign films, I found the spanish language that is delivered at such speed in this film to be distracting from the subtitles.
    Overall the film felt cheap, the story was poor to say the least.
    The only winners were the studios who have made a killing through clever marketing.

  10.  needs a bit more effort


    Quite enjoyable, if your of a certain age you will want to watch this.
    It has its problems, wafer thin plot, limited acting except for Mickey Rourke, and some dodgy editing.
    But when the finale of the movie arrives its very very good,one of the best screen fights for stallone against steve austin.
    I will buy this mainly for the nostalgia.
    If they make a follow up, please leave arnie out, the mighty oak has not aged well , unlike Stallone who looks awsome.