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  1.  Wow just wow


    Saw him live at MEN last night and it was outstanding wish I wouldve bought a ticket to see it every night, utterly brilliant

  2.  Could watch it again and again


    This film is amazing i never thought there was going to be a film that is better than superbad but here it is outstanding lets just hope they make a second one haha. My sources tell me that they are filming the second one as we speak.

  3.  Unreal


    I absolutely love scrubs but this series has got to be the best series yet its a must buy for all scrubs fans every episode got me dying of laughter, RECOGNISE!!!!!!!!! haha ted is a legend

  4. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    7 New from  £2.94  Free delivery

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    I havent yet played the demo but i have seen my mates have a match on it and my words for the gameplay compared to fifa 09 is outstanding and brilliant. The graphics have been improved even though i believed that they couldnt get better from fifa 10 and there are new modes of gameplay where you can create a player and instead of just be a pro season mode, you can set him up in any gameplay mode that you please of and build his stats on them

  5.  Too good for words


    I played this game at my mates house the other night, we had an amazing night in all with playing this. Unlike the fourth guitar hero (guitar hero: world tour) it is more prescise when hitting the notes so you have to hit them more perfect. You can now play as many guitars, drums or bass as you please which is good when competing against your friends and this becomes more fair. There are loads of different battle modes instead of just pro faceoff etc. To me the songs wernt that good because i didnt know half of them but on the other hand i got to know the others and loved them. The menus and new updates on the game are outstanding and i've got to say i would make love with a camel just to get this game.

    This game is a must have for all guitar hero addicts like myself

  6.  Gonna wait


    Im gonna wait till it drops at least to £20 before i get it, the only reason i will buy this is to play a couple of the songs on drums etc, so many songs haven't been put on i agree with the first review aswell it should be lyk an update that u can purchase but itd be better just to sell them as small game packs or as singles so you can choose which ones you want to buy and which ones you don't want.

  7.  very good...............but


    this game has had me thinking about it all day just waiting to get home from college and play on it for the rest of the night. Im Tyson and im a guitar heroholic. I couldn't stop playing on it, i even bought extra content for it i never wanted it to end then i started to have trouble with the guitar, the strum bar wouldn't work, theres only a 6 month warranty on the product so i opened it because the warranty was void fixed it and a day or two later it did it again so again i opened it and tried to fix it but this time it stopped working and every so often the strum bar would give it for a few notes or play two instead of one. When i bought it, i pre-ordered it which meant i got an extra guitar with until tht also failed on me and i cannot fully fix tht one either. So it ended with 6 months of complete happiness and i can't play on it much anymore because the guitars are faulty and they cannot be replaced so the addiction to guitar hero has now ended with me until i have the money to pay for another guitar which could be christmas now.

  8.  Oh please no


    Hopefully this one will be better than the first cause the first has got to be one of the worst films i have ever seen. My brother bought it and when we watched it, it was the cheesiest zombie film we had ever seen. Stick to dawn of the dead and resident evil if you're looking for a good zombie film.

  9.  Definately the best demo but prob not the best game


    It is deffinately going to be better than resi 4 and is set in the same sort of style but i recon they should bring back the zombies, its not really resident evil without zombies

  10.  Brilliant


    Iv not finished this game yet but cutomisation of cars is brilliant, you can do the interior aswell as the outside of the car, the set out is pretty good but the graphics arnt the best overall better than the new need for speed (undercover) and pro street brill game n deffinately worth the price payed